KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayuunethical behaviour at ktm padang jawa

M Jan 08, 2019
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Last Sunday on 6/1/2019, I went to KTM Padang Jawa at about 10 am and when my car entered, the gate was opened and and I do not see any people there guarding. Hence, I just entered thinking maybe it was weekend so the parking was free. Plus, it was my first time being there. However, when I came back to my car that night, my car was clamped and there was a note with a phone number written on it. So I called the number and two guys were coming, Helmi and his friend. I asked him why he clamped my car because obviously the gate was opened when I entered and he was not there to pass me the parking ticket. But he simply said he was there. I doubted him because I do not see anyone in there the moment I entered. So I asked him if he was there why he did not tell or come to me to inform about the parking ticket. I was there waiting for quite a while. Obviously, he purposely let me entered the gate without the ticket and made it as an excuse to clamp my car and get money out of it. They started to be rude when I refused to pay since it was not my fault at all. They gave a lot of nonsense excuses and talking rubbish to me and my friend. They treated us like [censored] because we are helpless women and no one else at the scene that night. They told me to pay RM50, and then RM45, and then RM60. I felt that something was fishy due to the unfixed amount they told me and again I refused to pay. They started to get angry and and blackmailed me if I did not pay them, they will leave me and my car locked. And they even said they felt like shouting at my friend. I felt like my safety jeopardized and reluctantly paid them RM30 to unlocked my car and asked for a receipt. Then, they left and I went to the ticket counter and told the officers there what was happened to me. Those two officers said and confirmed that the receipt Helmi gave me was not an official receipt and they should not clamped my car because obviously I did nothing wrong. They were the one who careless on duty and simply put the blame on me and even blackmailed me to get the money. Their unethical behaviour was simply unacceptable and I was traumatized with this incident. Those two officers at the counter already helped me to lodge a complaint to Helmi's supervisor but until now no action was taken. Even if I cannot get my money back, I really hope that the authorities will take serious action into this matter.

unethical behaviour at ktm padang jawa

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