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trees at ktm land near bukit gita bayu

Dear Sir/Ms, Good morning. Refer to tha above matter, we have notice that there is a tree already tilted...

poor service

Incident happened at KTM Seremban around 1400hrs on 23rd Dec 2018. There is no top up machine for touch n go...

not receive refund on my unsuccessful transaction on 5-nov-2018 until now

My 2 unsuccessful transactions for 3 tickets with value RM186 on 5-Nov-2018 via maybank2u payment platform...

permintaan untuk memulangkan wang

Pukul 12 petang, saya membeli dua tiket dalam online ktmb untuk 18Dicember dari kampar pergi ke sentral kl.Akaun bank sudak tolak wang tapi tiket QR code tidak menghantar alamat e-mel saya.
Kemudian saya memanggil untuk bertanya, anda hanya memberi saya nombor aduan untuk mengadu, sekarang saya membeli tiket kereta api dari tempat lain, jadi saya harap anda boleh mengembalikan wang itu kepada saya.

  • Updated by Siew Pin Leong · Dec 13, 2018

    akaun bank sudah tolak wang…



I need to report about my problem in ktm train. I took ktm from Sungai Buloh to Kepong station at 3.04 p.m. and I seat at wanita coach. But then a Indian man seat opposite me, he took his phone shooting me. I turn around my head. Just because I am scary, so when KTM reach Kepong Sentral, I change my seat place to front, it is also wanita coach, there was another Indian man sitting at another coach. He took his phone out and shooting me too. After KTM reach Kepong, I get out from KTM and ran quickly.

I hope this type of problem will not happened again on me and other women who are taking KTM alone.


  • Su
    Sulizah Dec 12, 2018

    Around 18.00
    I dh lme xnaik train n xth ape2 psl perkembangan KTM nie.. hari nie adk i dr kmpg dtg n sje2 i nk dia rse naik KTM.. i dr TBS nk ke kepong sentral so i pown p lh kaunter ticket nk beli ticket.. xberatur pown sbb xde org pown ms 2 tp jmpe lh staff lelaki badan besar pkai bju pink.. i pown ckp dgn dia kepong sentral 2org abg.. dgn nada mcm xpuas hati dgn i ckp RM20.. i pown rse pelik dl bru brpe je knpe skrg mahal sgt smpai RM20.. i pown kasi lh Rm100 n dia pown bgi balance n kad.. kad rse pelik knpe kasi kad dkt i.. pown tnye dia i nk p sehala je n kad nie bole pkai smpai bila?? Dia jwb dgn nada xpuas hati lg 10THN.. i pown ambk n ckp dkt dia THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE.. pd i lh kn kalau u nmpk someone like blur what u do.. better u explain lh sikit skrg nie KTM dh canggih xde jual ticket lg.. kalau u explain dkt i gaji u xkena potong pown.. dgn bangsa u pown u very rude.. i xth lh kalau bangsa lain mcm mne..
    Attn KTM: tlg lh ajar u all pnye staff spye hormat sikit org lain.. u all bgi service so bgi lh service sbaik mgkin n kje 2 biar lh ikhlas sikit..
    kalau my mum dr kmpg dtg n first time nk naik ktm xth lh layanan staff u mcm mne..

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aduan tidak dapat servis aircond

Aduan tentang aircond no koc semasa: t9217; tarikh 09/dec/2018; pada jam0840; ktm dari sskl menuju ke sg...

staff refuse to issue receipt at ktm serdang parking lot

I drive in my car to ktm Serdang parking about 10am today and pay for RM4 for the parking fees. Usually I...

service scan kad ktm

Saya telah menggunakan kad pelajar ktm. Tempoh hari saya sudah scan kad saya untuk keluar dari KTM Serdang. Hari ini, bila saya ingin gunakan kad ktm tersebut, kad sy tertulis sebagai bermasalah. Saya pergi ke kaunter dan staff mengatakan saya tidak scan kad saya semasa keluar tempoh hari. Dan saya dikenakan penalti rm10. Jika saya tidak scan keluar pada hari tersebut, macam mana saya boleh keluar dan melalui scanner tersebut. Harap maklum sebab rm10 bukan jumlah yang sedikit bagi pelajar seperti saya.

cleanliness of ets train

I'm a frequent user for taking ETS from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur and I was enjoying the convenient and the comfortable, but I noticed that the toilet very smelly in the cabin after departure, the window area also dusty and the tray behind the seat are sticky, there's a small rubbish dropped between the seat also sometimes, wish that ETS may take note on this issued, thank you and I really enjoy my journey always with the polite service from the staff.

leaving station early

The Maps showed that the train was leaving at 6:16pm, but it was already gone when I arrived the station at 6:12pm. I have checked multiple times and the tike on my phone follows that of the station's. This is not the first time such case happened, please be on time and not leave early, it causes a lot of problems given that there are only two trains per hour. My journey could've taken 20 minutes but in the end it took an hour. Please take immediate actions, waiting for another few more minutes will not hurt, not mention it's the destined departing time.

very nice behaviour

Time: 05 Dec 2018 2.00pm.


他是站在kl sentral 守 KTM 的人员。昨天下午两点,不知为什么,我要ktm scan 出来的时候, 已经看到了他视乎在只是很大声一点地关心着前面的一些搭客。然后我因为scan不到过不到,就去到他面前跟他说: "Bro, I kad tidak valid" 这时候他一脸没有不耐烦地说 betul kah? u pergi baca betul betul dia cakap apa? 好的既然他如此关心我的眼睛 我就走回去读了一边 ,再走回来对他说 国语的: kad tidak disahkan. 然后他就非常极度很客气地说 Ya la next time baca betul betul. apa tu tak valid? 然后我就 好好的和他说, bro saya cakap tidak valid itu English (有国语的 tidak disahkan, 下面有英文的 not validated) 。

之后印度佬大哥 他带我到机器面前 说: 哪里有 tidak valid? 明明是 card had been not validated. 你会不会看的?? 啊原来 传达card 不能用的意思 并不重要,而是我们要好好地看一遍那个机器上的字然后一字不漏的读给他听才可以, 说 tidak valid 是不可以的。对不起老师我错了。

这时候也有一个马来人 scan 不过 也跟他说,他叫她 再 scan, 她只是scan ler 两三次 也非常极度很客气 一点点很大声地 说: Cik saya cakap sudah la, jgn scan lagi~ tak dengar ke?? 她的耳朵也被印度佬关心了。

当他继续要以一大便很舒畅的脸 和笔者仔细教导不可以说 tidak valid 要说card had been not validated才对的时候,这时候笔者就不再和他 继续了,最后和他笑了笑说it's ok走开了。走之前他还在问候笔者。这时候后面也有一堆群众都在看着他。走之前笔者也听到有人说:‘ 做么他这样的?' 可能是在说他那么好还会细心教导别人英文和只有一点点地关心问候他人吧。

#不要怪他哦多多包容, 至少他他会细心教导他人英文和国语,也会关心他人眼睛和耳朵

[Google translate and edit a little words only, please dont mind my broken English]

Please pity to this ktm Indian brother, maybe he gone wrong recently.

He is a guy standing at kl sentral KTM. At 2pm ytd, I don't know why, when I just coming out from ktm, I saw he seems scolding about some of the passengers in front of him. Then, because I couldn't get the scan, I went to him and said to him: "Bro, I kad tidak valid" At this time, he behsyiok reply: yakah? u pergi baca betul betul dia cakap apa? Since he cares so much about my eyes, I walked back to read one more time, and then walked back to speak in Malay: kad tidak disahkan. Then he said very very politely: Ya la next time baca betul betul. apa tu tak valid. Then I just said to him, bro saya cakap tidak valid itu English (the machine stated tidak disahkan in the first row, the following row stated card is not validated in English).

After then, he took me to the machine and said: mana ada tidak valid? It is stated: card had been not validated. u tak nampak kah? ? Ah, rupa-rupanya!!! it doesn't matter to let him know what i mean (my card cant scan through) as it's not important, but we must look at the word on that machine and read it to him carefully without missing one word. It is not acceptable to say only "tidak valid" . Sorry teacher, I am wrong. so sorry.

At the same time there are also a Malay girl cannot scan through it, he told her to scan again, she was just scan about two or three times and she kena scold by him: Cik saya cakap sudah la, jgn scan lagi~ tak dengar Ke?? Her ears are also cared by him nicely.

When he continues to teach me that cannot say that tidak valid but must say card had been not validated, then I prefer rather not to continue talking with him, and finally walk away with smile. At this time, there were a lot of people watching him behind. Before I left, I heard someone say: ‘kenapa dia macam ni? Maybe they r saying he is so good because he patiently teach people English carefully and also care to ppl eyes and ears.

# 05/12/2018
# First encounter with this ktm service attitude
# Today, there must be a lot of people who are dealing about his attitude
# Maybe he owed a lot of money by lot of people, so that have that face emotion
# Do not blame him for being too tolerant, at least he will carefully teach others English and Malay, and will also care about other people's eyes and ears.

very nice behaviour
very nice behaviour

train cafe closure on ets 9025 at 10.10 am

Staff on duty refused to serve me coffee 50 minutes before arriving at KL Sentral on ETS train 9025... I am sure you can check who was on duty albeit I believe his name was Razli? I am a foreigner albeit a Malaysian PR living in Ipoh and I travel regularly to and fro Ipoh and KL for the last 8 years and this has never happened before. The staff also told me to " Go away it's alright). Not sure why he is so rude or what training he received? If he treats tourists like this or anyone else it will reflect badly on KTM and Malaysia

tidak lapor jelas keretapi number

Saya dengan keluarga sampai keretapi station 8.35am
Tiket masa 8.59
Tunggu lama, sudah ada orang naik, sampai kita, staff cakap keretapi sudah lepas, tidak lapor jelas, tunggu pun tak ada 5minit, sudah berjalan. Tidak bersambung kedua kali, masa papan tidak ambil balik, ingin keretapi masih tunggu ge, saya beli return tiket, sudah rugi, sangat geram😡

tidak lapor jelas keretapi number

perkhidmatan jualan tiket

Pada 3hb Dis. 2018 sekitar jam 8.00 pagi saya membeli tiket dikaunter tiket KL Sentral.
1. Tiket KL Sentral ke Tanjung Malim jam 8.35 dan return utk 3hb Dis. 14.15.
2. Tiket utk 4hb Dis . Juga KL sentral ke Tanjung Malim jam 8.35 dan return jam 19.45.

Pada 4hb Dis, saya tak dibenarkan naiki ETS 9022 jam 8.35 kerana tiket saya tercatat perjalan pd 4hb Dis dari Tanjung Malim ke KL Sentral jam 20.55.
Dan satu lagi tiket juga pd 4hb Dis. dari Tanjung Malim ke KL Sentral jam 19.45.

Saya diminta beli tiket lain di kaunter tiket. Dan tiket yg dibeli dan KESILAPAN STAFF KTM di letakkan kpd saya kerana saya yg cuai tidak menyemak tiket saya. Saya sungguh Kesal dan kecewa sikap kerja sambil lewa tanpa menyemak dulu tiket atau menyebutkan dulu jadual perjalanan sebelum diberikan kpd customer. Dan Customer yang disalahkan. Logoknya mustahil saya nak beli 2 tiket utk perjalanan ke distinasi sama, dan beza waktu 19.45 dan 20.55.

Infuture saya harap staff amalkan sikap menyemak setiap tiket, sebelum issue kpd customer.

perkhidmatan jualan tiket

behaviour of the staff in counter

This is the second time happening to me . It's about I'm gave the counter ladies rm10 and asked her topup rm5...


Cleanliness in the train for ETS needs to be enhanced. Refer to photo 1 & 2, I believe the dust needs at least a week to accumulate as shown in the photo. The dust problems also apply to other corners as well. The train is used by many people, it is extremely important to make sure the train is clean all the time. Passengers will not feel comfortable seeing the dust is everywhere in the train. Please improve. Thanks.



1) tiada informasi dalam sistem online menyatakan sistem online ktm bermasalah
2) Tiket tak dapat diperolehi selepas pembayaran online kerana sistem telah bermasalah sejak semalam (rujuk no 1)
3) pergi kaunter ktm ipoh pukul 6pm kaunter 4, staf suruh call centre sendiri dan buat aduan kerana ramai yang buat aduan. jika semua call, entah sampai bila akan berjawab dan akan merumitkan staf di hq. sepatutnya pihak ktm di cawangan masing-masing ambil maklum dan selesaikan masalah pengguna.

tng reload service offline!

Before the earlier, TNG reload systems are available at every station .It is very convenient to evetybody...

Klang Tax Services

pegawai penjaga pintu masuk ets 10.38am,20/11/2018 di stesen sungai buloh - bersikap kasar

Saya menghantar dan menemani bapa (60 tahun), ibu (57 tahun), ibu saudari (50 tahun) dan anak kakak (2 tahun) di stesen KTM Sungai Buloh. Mereka akan menaiki ETS 10.38 pagi dari Stesen Sungai Buloh ke Taiping.
Kami tiba di stesen 10.00 pagi, saya perlu menjaga dan menemani anak kecil itu sementara menunggu ETS.
Kali ini adalah kali pertama kami menaiki ETS di stesen Sungai Buloh dan bila saya menemani mereka masuk pintu masuk, pegawai penjaga pintu dengan nada dan suara yang amat tidak bersopan santun memarahi saya bahawa saya bukan pelanggan dan tidak dibenarkan masuk.
Saya pun memohon maaf dan menyatakan bahawa sebab ada anak kecil perlu ada orang jaga sedangkan pelanggan 3 orang lagi adalah warga tuan. Walaupun saya sudah mohon maaf, Pegawai tersebut masih menunjukkan ketidakpuasannya kepada saya.
Namun, saya menelitinya caranya bercakap dengan pelanggan berbangsa Melayu sememangnya bersopan santun.
Kalau disebabkan saya berbangsa cina, saya menerima perkhidmatan sebegini, saya amat sedih hati, kerana kita anak Malaysia.
Sekian terima kasih.

pegawai penjaga pintu masuk ets 10.38am,20/11/2018 di stesen sungai buloh - bersikap kasar

ets staff attitude

20 Nov 2018 departure from KL Sentral with ETS 9204 at 18:00. Few senior citizens (except for 1 young lady) put their bags at F&B push cart trolley area. When F&B male staff (the other staff is a lady just quite) arrived with the cart, he rudely asked the passengers to removed their bags. One aunty asked if she can put the bag behind her seat (beside the cart area), the staff sacartiy said "u baca situ ada tulis untuk F&B trolley, beg you letak atas sana" and continue to say "kena buka mata besar sikit baca". He doesn't even help the senior citizens to lift their heavy bags to the top storage. Throughout the journey, he continuously sing (off tune of course) loudly and occasionally chat nonsense loudly with the lady staff. There's no professionalsm and good manners showed by the male staff

ets staff attitude