KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad)the attitude service by worker (counter)


19 October 2017, Evening 21.14pm, KTM, Sunway Setia Jaya station.
I would like to throw your attention to a malay worker.
I was going to buy token at counter due to I am an OKU.
the worker (adult Malay man) straight away given me a normal token( none of OKU) I realised it and I told him I am an OKU.
He suddenly get upset and said some bad words to assume people who are OKU. Like,
"OKU doesn't deserve to be given half prices"
"OKU doesn't have to life at this world they all should disappear"
I was quiet, look at him with a look like"excuse me? "
His terrible attitudes made me so upset.
I does not give any respond to him and tried to calm down myself.
So, here I am decided to write a complaint letter.
This man (the malay worker) does not respect OKU.

I truly hope that he would get punishment.

Your faithfully.
Jasper Kuan.

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