KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad)customer service by one of the staff


22/8/17 (kepong sentral station)
Around 6:20+a. M in the morning I wanted to take train to kl sentral, but due to disruption there was no train. I only knew about it after this happen - when I went to buy the token one of the staff just said "tengok" and "baca" such rude attitude, so I just look around for any infomation then I looked at him confused then he started hitting the glass hard saying "baca". I really hated it he could have just said "baca notis di counter glass" or something like that not just rage, I mean like the first issue of the media release said that there would still be train but with a delay of 30 mins of every train, but the new notis was there would be no train. I really thing that is his attitude is intolerable especially speaking to customer. When he spoke to a malay he spoke nicely. He os not only treating me badly with a rude attitude, I could also say that he is being raicis. Ktmb you can check the (cctv) it is the counter at the "platform going to sungai buluh direction" the station is "kepong sentral". I wish I get a follow up from ktmb.

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