KrogerI am suspicious that my location's assistant manager is about to fire me for no reason.

I am a transgender woman, and a bagger at Kroger. I am afraid to disclose which store it is because I am suspicious that my store's assistant manager is looking for a reason to fire me for no reason at all. Front end is severely understaffed, the assistant manager only hired two people in the span of three months. He expects me to do everything as if I am taking care of West Minster Abbey, He expects me to be so quick at carts, that I keel over with severe chest pains, which I have warned several staff members about Several baggers quit due to this, I also feel unapreciated, as if I am a sponge for rude [censored], and [censored]. I also feel severely underpaid. What should I do?

Oct 11, 2019

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