Krogerunethical behaviour and being cussed and threatened by 3rd shift manager!!


To whom it may concern: this happened on 10/24/17 at aproximately 1:30 am... I have been a loyal customer at madisonville, ky krogers for yrs and the way my work goes I always shop in the morning hours as krogers stays open all night, on the date and time I stated up top of this complaint I went to do my normal shopping as usual. Upon getting to the front doors I went to go in but the doors wouldnt open, all the lights were on, no signs that said closed anywhere, there were a couple of boys I could see stocking shelves so I was like whats going on with the door so I proceeded to look on both sets of door of anything that may of said they was closed and the only thing I saw was a paper that said as of nov. 5 2017 (Now again the date of this is incident was october 24, 2017) the pharmacy would be closing at 12 oclock starting on nov. 5th. That didnt make since as the pharmacy has always closed way before 12 midnight so I was like whats going on so upon seeing the lights on and the stock boys working I assumed the doors was just messed up and I barely took my finger to pull the door (Noting that if the store was closed then the doors should of been locked as not to have an incident like this happen) and it automatically opened up about half way open so I went on in, as I got just inside the other set of automatic doors opened by them selves letting me in, I didnt get a cart an proceeded in to ask if they was open, when doing so I saw another woman wearing a pink shirt and pink pants with a cart coming around one of the rows by one of the stock boys and it looked like she was shopping so I told myself well heck there open and the door was just messed up so I turned around and went back and got a shopping cart and proceeded back into store with my cart ready to shop, im still wondering so I got close to a stock boy and still being the good samaritan I am I asked if they was open cause of the door not working. The boy informed me that "no they closed at 12 oclock" I reply "wow when did they start this as I was just there about a week and a half ago with my son later than what time it was at this time" he said that they started this back in september he thought, and I said again me and my son was here after 12 just a week and a half ago in october probly around the 12th or 13th so it couldnt of been in september when he started this went into effet and brought it to his attention that the doors was not locked and there were no closed signs or anything to instruct someone that they were closed, but nevertheless me and this boy was just kindly talking about this and I said sorry for the mishap and then I went ahead and was going to leave but I informed him that I saw the lady in pink shopping so there was someone else in there shopping as well so he needed to tell her also, I told him thx and sorry again and smiled and he smiled and said its ok and told me to have a good night and sorry for the confusion and he took off towards where the lady in pink was to I guess tell her they was closed as well, so in all no harm, no foul, honest mistake as the store did not have any signs they was closed and the doors was not locked... This is where the problem begins, as I am leaving I get just about to the doors and I hear a man from all the way on the other side of the store yelling at the top of his lungs stop man< hey you stop, I turned around and looked and he is looking and pointing at me, he is yelling and coming at me like a raging bull like he is fixing to fight me and this freaks me out cause im like who is this dude coming at me like this as he did not have a kroger badge on nor a kroger shirt so I dint know who this person was or what was going on as he never said he worked there or anything pertaining he was an employee so as he got right upon me I was ready to defend myself as I thought he was fixing to beat me up, so I imediately told him to stop yelling at me and who did he think he was as I thought it was another person just like me, he then replied im the man around here and that I needed to get the hell out of here or he was calling the cops, so I said do you work here and he said I sure in the hell do so I then said well if you do I want to see the manager right away as to his threating and yelling and cussing me, he then said I am the [censor] manager as he was continuing to get closer in my face spitting on me from yelling so loud right in my face that I took all I could take and told him if he got any closer to me I was going to defend myself (I really thought this dude was fixing to hit me) and he said thats it im calling the cops, I told him to go ahead and call the cops that I would get them to look at the store tapes and the cops would see his unprofessional threating approach as he come up to me and that they would see his actions and help me in this situation, he then told me again to get the hell out of the store and to keep me from loosing my cool I turned around to leave, he then followed me all the way to the door as I was then outside and said again that he was calling the cops and was gonna get my liscense plate number, at that time I have had enough of this guy acting like this to me and yelling at the top of his lungs at me (I would bet that every worker in the store could of heard him yelling he was so loud) I then said come one out and get my liscense plate number cause when ya come out here im gonna teach you not to yell and cuss me like you have, but he stayed and proceeded to lock the doors to the store still cussing at me behind the doors (If the store was closed then the doors should of been locked over an hour and a half before at 12 oclock when they closed but they was not locked at 12 as thats what he was doing at that time I was outside proceeding to cuss at me as he locked the doors at almost 2:00 am) I was completely devastated that this happened and that this man threatened me and cussed me like he did, I assume he was third shift manager but had nothing on to verify that he was and have no idea what his name is but I came home and got on the web to find this page and make a complaint... I am also going to go there tomorrow and talk to the main store manager about this incident and if something isnt done about this guy I will never shop there again and im going to tell everyone I know what my experience was that happened on this date and also im going to put an artical in the news paper and let all of madisonville read about it and expose the threatening and vulger cussing manager that they have working there 3rd shift... I was completely scared for my well-being and thought this guy was going to accualy hit me or start fighting me... He never once asked me what was going on or wouldnt stop yelling long enough for me to tell him I just got done talking to one of the stock boys and that he informed me they was closed and all was well that I was on my way out, he was way past professional acting and if he has before or was to act like he did to me to anyone else in the future not only will he be getting more complaints, more people will not shop there and he is also giving krogers a bad name as far as employees go, I have been in management positions for a few different places in my life as management is my thing as well and when you have something happen you absolutly dont go running and cussing towards a customer as it is not professional at all and you never dare threaten a customer even if the customer is in the wrong... I want something done about this imeadiately as all you guys have to do is look at the store replay tapes and then you can see me talking to the nice stock boy and finding out they was closed and me leaving in good spirits and then you will see this dude coming up aggresively to me and see that he is screaming at me, matter of fact if something isnt done about him tomorrow I may go to the police station and file a law suite against him and krogers tomorrow! I am a very disgusted customer and I also know that im just one person and most of the time the upper people say oh well if he dont shop here again big deal but if this dude continues to act like he does im sure there will be future complaints or if he ever hits someone future law suites. Im am not looking for coupons or money or hand outs of any kind, what im looking for is that this person be responsible of his actions for the way he is treating your customers and punished or fired for his actions... Im still gonna think on this but I may just go to the police instead of tying to tell the main store manager tomorrow about the situation as im half way scared to go back and him happen to be there and try to hurt or cuss me again, very very disgusted and frightened customer!!!

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