On Thursday October 19 2017 @ roughly 1:30. I went to Kroger, on Frederick street owensboro Ky, to exchange a wrong product that I had accidentally picked up the day before. While in the line at customer service I seen who was running counter and I nee immediately that I was going to have problems. I'm not sure why but there is a lady who does not lie me and always gives me dirty looks and smirks at me when I come in. Anyway I put the product up on counter and receipt and simply said I'm sorry but I was in hurry and grabbed wrong one can I please exchange for right one. She said we can't exchange that. I said look I'm not a drinker I have hashimotos disease but my husband had requested that I pick some up for him for the weekend and I accidentally picked up wrong one. Before I even got that out of my mouth she had phone in hand and was dialing. Next thing I new she said yeh no I was correct we don't exchange alcohol. I said I want to see a manager. She said that was head of security. I said okay fine I want to speak to him please. She called him back after sighing. Then a few seconds later I recongnized the manager I had seen in there the day before. I went over to him and told him exactly what happened he looked at the product and said which one did u need I told him he went back got right one and we went to service counter the whole time Cindy was raging pacing back and forth while there was a line of people up there to be waited on. She was looking for security manager. Then they were whispering and kept looking at me. I felt extremely uncomfortable. But the manager (Lorenzo) swapped them out for me. I explained I was sorry. And told him I had more to purchase he put a sticker on it and allowed me to get the other things I needed. It only took a few minutes as I was checking out Cindy came over and was telling Maria the lady over u scan about what happened and was pointing and laughing then the head of security came out of a room and joined them my son who is 17 was with me and just comforted me. I had just found out the day before I also have 2 small tumors on my left frontal lobe. So I have been extremely emotional. But this isn't the first time I have been treated bad by her. My husband bought me miniature roses a month ago and after a week as they stared to wilt it was in planter and soil looked great I had fed them and was not in direct sun lite. So I tried to exchange them after talking to lady in flower Dept. But Cindy was up there and said we don't exchange flowers especially after 7 days. So I just threw them away. She is very unfriendly to me. I'm sure if it had been just my husband she would have done it. Anyway I love Kroger and you have some fantastic managers and upbeat people that work there but that lady is just rude for no reason.

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