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D May 06, 2018 Review updated:

I have shopped at Kroger as long as Kroger has been in Mt.. Carmel on Cincinnati-Batavia Road - I was very excited when they got Scan-Bag and Go - but I have had trouble with it EVERYTIME I have used it. Today has the last straw - I had all my groceries scanned and bagged - went to the express lane to scan my order into the register and pay for my items and go - when it tells me I have to go to a regular register. I asked the cashier why and she said that it erased my ENITRE order!!! I now have to go to a regular check out lane - take EVERYTHING out of my bags - and go through the regular process. My bread was put on the BOTTOM of one the bags - and I now have more bags to carry in and it is not organized like I originally had it. The store credited me 5 dollars for my trouble ( That doesn't make up for my inconvenience). I was told that this has happened to others this week - so why isn't Kroger FIXING IT!!!


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      Jan 28, 2020

    I have the same kind of issues with Scan/Bag/Go. Employees don't seem to have any idea why the system fails about half the time. I only use it now when I buy many multiples of say 2 litre cokes as the scanner makes easier than lifting them out of the cart again. Very frustrating.

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