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D Jan 09, 2019
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I started out using your pick up service but changed to delivery not too long ago because my husband had major surgery & I needed all the help I could get & time I could save. At pick ups I used my coupons but upon my first delivery, the instacart shopper apologized & said that they could not take my coupons. Who knew!!??!
I also had a reward check for $25 she could not take (makes sense on the check it was from & payable to kroger.)
This all may seem like simple logic to you, but I don't work at a grocery store nor have I studied the way coupons are utilized/transacted... I bet there's a very good reason why things from your end have to be done this way. But... Just to make sure... I called after that delivery, hoping the information from instancart was wrong because I use quite a few coupons - I actually need the savings & if I really couldn't use paper coupons on deliveries I would need to rethink delivery service & go back to pick up or shopping myself.
I hate grocery shopping & boy was I happy when the representative I spoke to at kroger said that instancart was wrong - that they could, in fact, take paper coupons. It was no real loss that first time because I would've only saved a few dollars &, the check could be used anytime.
Today, I thought it would be wise to just double check on that information because I had almost $20 in savings with paper coupons & if I was told different than before I wasn't going to give up that amount of savings. I called to get a back up "yes" (better 2 people telling me the coupons could be used) before I placed my large order.
Today I called kroger & spoke to "carolyn" (number on the website where I was ordering) & I said "carolyn I want to verify the policy on using paper coupons for delivery because i've had 2 different answers... One from kroger & one from instagram." I told her the story & she assured me that yes I can use my coupons on deliveries. She said the last person that delivered was wrong & that, the kroger rep was right & she emphatically said yes you can use your paper coupons..."I asked her name & if she was positive." I told her I did have a $25 gift card & I realized that I could not use that but I did not want to place my order for delivery if I could not use the coupons because I did not want to lose almost $20 in savings. She said "absolutely they will take them & they will also take the gift card."
So... What are we going to do about all these issues... One after another??
Obviously instancart & kroger are not on the same page & your representatives are apparently the party in the wrong?! I am paying you... Kroger... You're getting my money & at this point i've lost quite a bit.
Both women who delivered to my home were delightful, caring, friendly, & they seem to know their jobs & are very conscientious. Today (meagan felt awful about this but she couldn't do anything about it.) I didn't take this out on her & I told her the story. This was not the first time she's heard this same story!
Today, I ordered almost $200 worth of groceries & expected to use my $25 gift card & the paper coupons. I can always use the gift card, but I purchased items because I had coupons & was told absolutely they would be accepted but this time it's quite a bit more than the last.
I don't know if you value my business but look me up with my plus card or whatever, & take a look at how often I shop & how much I spend in in your stores. Life is busy, problems are frustrating & my time is limited. I'm okay with mistakes but I did my due diligence & double checked on the information I had & was told yes they must take your coupons & your "check/gift card" not just once but twice!!!
I am the only caretaker for my husband. I'm 64 years old & if something has to be done, taken care of... I'm the one who has to do it. I don't have this kind of time or money to waste. I pay extra for service because its supposed to save me time & energy! These experiences with (not instancart) but with kroger are frustrating, stressful, expensive, & major time wasters!!
How about stepping up & correcting this - I know you're a giant & making money is your business... But must it be done in a way that causes individuals like myself to go through all this nonsense?
I live on the westside of cincinnati - parts of it are seedy & parts are middle class. We have a wal-mart (with the highest crime rate of all the wal-marts in the u.S.) & there's an aldi & a target. The kroger store that is closest to me makes me want to scream!!! There's no assistance, the self checkout lines are ridiculous... It's a lucky day if there are 2 human cashiers but well... No, because the food in your cart could spoil before you get out of the store!
Then what...??? I stand there thinking about leaving my cart but then again... Stuck!! I've spend lot of time shopping & if I leave, at some point in the near future, i'll have to come back & do it again.
I'm ranting - & this time you're it!!! I apologize if you're just as frustrated working there as I am with being a customer.
Customer service has generally become a oxymoron - everyone I talk to agrees. I held out hope for amazon & kroger & lands end - too bad lands end doesn't sell groceries because they are the lone ranger when it comes to customer service these days.
If I were you & I read this email I would laugh. I know... I know. But i'm not nuts... I'm a fairly normal person who has ran out of patience. I choose not to remain meek & mild right now because this is insanity...
It's like that movie years ago with the famous line, "i'm mad as hell & i'm not going to take it anymore!"
Make it right, kroger... I've heard this & other stories anyone & everyone when this subject comes up.

If this is actually instancart rather than kroger, please respond so I can chew out the right person/place/entity!!! I don't want this book to go to waste...

Btw this is the third time i've sent this terribly long message. The first time it went to instancart - the second time I sent it through the link... Now i'm sending it via email...
Is someone going to respond &/or do anything about this mess??
Thank you...

Debi o'dell

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