Krogeroil spill at fred meyer fuel #390

T Nov 15, 2017

While pumping gas at oil spill at Fred Meyer Fuel #390 on 11/15/17 @ approx. 9:38am I slipped on extremely slick "oil/gas" spill at pump #12. Then bottom of sperry topsiders (shoes) saturated with oil residue. Attempted to drive car - stopped car approx. 20 feet from pump as I could not drive vehicle because of slick shoe soles slipping off foot brakes and gas petal and floor mats of 2017 Jeep Rubicon. Immediately informed FM teller of oil spill and potential dangers to other customers. Noticed heavy oil (colored) liquid mixed with rain approx. 30 ' feet in length running down water drainage coverts- expanding throughout frontage of most pumps. I used northface jacket to wipe all shoes, rug interior and petals after inability to drive car . Interior smells of heavy chemicals, jacket probably ruined. Slipped again while exiting vehicle at work location at 610 N. Fife and twisted knee from slippery shoes on saturated pavement.
Seeking immediate remedy to all clothing items involved and car interior. May seek medical attention and other possible legal advice for further information and monitor injury . Tom Gallucci


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