Krogerloss prevention

S Aug 04, 2018

the asian security at the Klamath falls location whom wears a tanish baseball cap all the time harasses customers. That Mab has followed me and my family around the store every single time we go in. I made the morning store manager aware and he said they target how people act. I get that. Also many of my friends have been targeted. The one thing I have to express is that there are a few hundred people in my community that are in recovery from drugs and alcohol like myself that have done enough to have a natural twitch or act a certain way sober because of the damage we have done to ourselves. What is really [censored]ed up is because I have a permanent ailment like many is the fact that [censored]er targets me and follows close enough and makes himself so obvious that I am going to just ask if he wants to escort me around and hand him a pen and paper to document my basket. Anyway its to the point all 4000 of my Facebook friends know, a few are now following him as a joke and are acting weird to mess with him. I personally find it to be highly harassing that he does this and the store manager I think is more judgmental than anyone. The only reason I have gone back to the store is the rewards for gas. That's it! I have talked to multiple store associates and getting nowhere. I feel singled out threatened and beyond highly harassed by the store that I will not go by myself there EVER AGAIN!!!


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    Proof from a few friends and how they feel

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