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D Nov 24, 2018
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I was accused of stealing by a so called manager at the oak Grove Fred Meyer at approximately 9pm November 24th. I came in to return a few items for in-store credit and they refused the transaction. I asked to speak to a manager and some arrogant unprofessional frumpy little man told me I had stolen the items and took them from my possession and told me to leave. I responded with the fact that the items were undiubtedly mine and there was absolutely no proof to the contrary. He said that the woman I was with had taken the items and met me outside and I was bringing them back as a scam. I demanded to see any video of the incident and he said I had no right and the sherrif would be waiting. I happily requested he contact law enforcement and that hed be wise to put my items back on the counter, considering he was the actual their. He also commented on the fact that I have a tattoo on my hand, implying myself as a substandard example of a Fred Meyer cconsumer. As an honarably discharged Veteran of the US Armed Forces I am disgusted at the arrogant and ignorant behaviour of your "managerial representative". He refused to give his name so I took a photo if him and the items he attempted to steal. This is the Worste experience I've ever had in 25 years of going to Fred Meyer for my everyday shopping. From now on I will be using Walmart down the street and will be Sharing my experience with my brothers in arms.

fred meyer
fred meyer

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