Kogan Australiakogan vacuum t7

I Oct 10, 2019

I bought the T7 vacuum cleaner on the 11th of August 2019. After using it for a short while I noticed that after about 20 seconds the motor would slow down a bit and there would be less suction but when I turned it back on it would then go back to it original motor sound which has more suction and then slowly get weaker again.
This is with a fully charged battery with cleanee and washed filters.
I then tried to find the 'Boost" feature of the T7 but couldn't find that.

What should I do next as I am not satisfied that the vacuum I got is working as it should and is missing an advertised feature.

David Hallmann

  • Updated by i minabrons · Oct 10, 2019

    See original complaint. For some reason this box appeared but I am still at th first stage of submitting my problems.
    David Hallmann

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