Kogan Australiafalse information making me buy the incorrect tv - kogan tv

S Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

CAN A MANAGER reply to me

I will file a case to ACCC if this isnt resolve

To my knowledge you had many issue upon false advertising and false information according to accc

So please respond back and resolve my issue as this is your fault and misguidance

No i was advised by him this one is better
When i asked for agora - i wanted to know which one has google app in the tv

He said both!

I wanted a tv without screencast and your screencast doesnt work

I want an exchange And i want a tv where i can browse directly from the tv itself

If you read through he said both have the tv app

I requested more info which one is better and have google app in the tv he said the one i purchase but its totally wrong and false information

I want this rectified asap!

This is false advertising !!! I will let media and consumer affairs know about how dodgy your company is

I am going to lodge a complaint to ACCC and media now



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    Tony Cuda Aug 16, 2018

    I have recently lodged a complaint with ACCC due to the poor communication from Kogan and I'm yet to receive a refund for the TV I returned. It has now been over a month ago.

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    Jennifer Jane Oct 24, 2018

    We too are victims of KOGAN'S false advertising scams. Purchased a supposed 4K HDR television and ended up with one that does NOT display as such. Inflated prices for poor quality. Their answer is that the TV will SOMETIMES display at 4K HDR if it likes the device it is talking to. Bloody grubs. Registered complaint with ACCC

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