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yesterday the 17th June 2019 I went into the Kmart store in Innaloo, Perth, WA.
I was walking alongside a male and female who were making their way to the front of the store. I overheard them talking about how the female was going to distract the person at the front entrance to the store, whilst the male was going to take goods clearly in his pockets out with out paying, obviously stealing!
I followed them to the front and watched as the female clearly distracted the lady working for Kmart, whilst her offsider laughed all the way out the door with his stolen items.
I fronted the staff member whilst the thieves were only ten feet away, stating what they had done! I was completely appalled at her response, which was, "good luck to them"!!! I looked at the staff member and asked her to repeat what she had said, as
I really couldn't believe that would have been her response! She repeated it again and in doing so I claimed that in the end we as customers paid for her obvious complacency and her attitude was not acceptable! I was very annoyed and complained to another staff member who said they'd speak to her. I'm sure that this didn't go any further!
I would be interested to see if Kmart agreed with her comments and if not, what they would do to train people to answer in a way that would alleviate concerns of those customers who paid for their goods and in situations I found myself in yesterday!
I shop at Kmart often and find the way the registers are situated in the centre of the store are ridiculous and only fosters more stealing! I'm certain that who ever thought this up no longer works in security for Kmart!
I'd like a reply to my complaint please.
Denise Clements

Jun 17, 2019
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  • Km
      Jun 18, 2019

    Though the staff members response was inappropriate there is nothing the staff member could have done. Today's civil rights laws means if the staff member did anything beyond thanking them for coming in today, then not only could kmart face a civil rights lawsuit but the associate could face lawsuits themselves. The only time an associate can stop a customer for shoplifting is they have to 1st see the customer pickup the items, 2nd keep an eye on them without losing contact, 3rd see them exit the store without paying. By your statement the only thing that associate saw was the customer leave the store, which is not enough to get out of facing a civil rights lawsuit from the shoplifters. There is something you could have done though. If you immediately called the police personally and reported it then something could have been done.

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