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Yesterday and went to shop at the K-Mart in McKinleyville, California ...a store I shop in a least once a week and have shopped there since they opened years ago. The parking lot was so full of garbage...not trash, GARBAGE...and baskets. Baskets full of garbage, clothes...bags of garbage that animals had gotten into and strewn about. It really stunk and I was so grossed out I almost didn't go inside. But I did and when I got inside, workers that could have been cleaning up the mess and bringing baskets to the front, were just yacking. There are homeless that camp out in the woods adjacent to the store, which is a lot of the problem...but those same baskets and garbage were there 2 days prior! There's simply no excuse. There IS room inside the store for the why not eliminate a lot of the problem and keep them inside so the homeless don't keep taking them...they are all over the place up in the tree area, upside down and turned over. Workers at the store need to kick in and clean up the parking area...especially to the left side of the store. Also, people camp out in their cars, homeless people...and they beg for money as you walk in. I even had a guy come up to my truck window and tap on it so he could ask for handouts. It's not the clean friendly happy experience like it used to's a gross, disgusting and even scary place anymore. I hope something's done about it soon, or I won't be back. I'm 66 years old, so not just some kid trying to start trouble! I'll take pictures next time, wish I had thought to do that, you wouldn't believe it. Thanks for listening


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      Aug 04, 2018

    Unfortunately when a store becomes surrounded by homeless the only thing that can be done is to close the store. Bringing the baskets inside only brings them inside the stores to retrieve the baskets, then while inside they steal other stuff while at it. You can't just go out and clean it up cause the homeless attack you when messing with their stuff. The state could step in but being in California which has become a democratic cesspool means the homeless have more rights then you do. I wouldn't predict this store to be one staying open with the high number of closures Sears is doing.

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