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KitchenAid refrigerator Model KRFC704FBS03, Serial # KX2916457

Purchased on 9/20/2020. Installed in my home mid November of that year, when my remodel was complete. Noticed a few weeks ago that items didn’t seem as cold as they should be, so I put a digital thermometer inside and the temperature hovered in the mid 50’s. Called a repairman, he took all shelves and drawers out and then chipped ice build up off the bottom of the compartment. Then he reset and told me it should start to cool down. $195. I called the. Back that afternoon and said the frig was still at 50 degrees. So he came back on The next afternoon and took the codes out of the bottom of the frig and proceeded to go thru the control panel. Then he told me I needed a new control panel for a price of $457 installed, I assuming. So I called another company out and he was here for 2 hours and I told him he was the 2nd person I had out. When he left it was cooling properly and when I went to bed that night it was at 37 degrees. But this morning it was at 45 and it still going up. He indicated that it could be the control panel and noted that KitchenAid has had problems with this particular model. This model cost me a total of $4:054. I expected better from KitchenAid. I did not purchase an extended warranty.

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Mar 01, 2022 3:31 pm EST

Hi Mary.

Very sorry to hear of your frustrations with your refrigerator. This particular model is highly rated. It's received five star ratings by many consumers. You're wise in checking it the way you did.

If you believe the service you require falls under manufacturer warranty guidelines, please contact Kitchenaid directly at [protected] Mon–Tue: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST, Wed–Fri: 9 a.m.–7 p.m. EST.

A simple reset could resolve your issue. Unplug and defrost the entire unit. Make sure you've removed everything from the unit. After plugging it back in, give it time to cycle back and check your temperatures. Hopefully the problem will be resolved.


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