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C Dec 17, 2018

I had a refrigerator, 1 1/2 years old, break (motherboard x 2, motor and fan) in the past 2 months. Kitchenaid customer service was cordial and professional. They decided to replace the entire refrigerator because our model (KRFC704FBS) was notorious for poor quality. I was told it had been discontinued for some time while it was redesigned and was recently (~2 months ago/fall of 2018) re-introduced to the market under the same model number.

My complaint is with the "PECS" team (Product Exchange team). After Customer Service discussed our situation and told us they will replace the refrigerator, they handed the process over to this "team" (I assume it's a contracted company). They filed the paperwork and told us the "PECS" team will contact us in 24 to 72 hours. For reference, I was given their phone number as [protected]. As promised, they did contact us and leave voicemail as we were not home at the time. Since then, I've phoned them 7 times trying to re-connect. Each time, per the recorded message, I typed in our home number and was put on hold. There is music playing but no message telling me how long my estimated wait will be - just music. Each time I sat on the phone for an hour before having to hang up. The last time I sat on hold for 3 hours and 48 minutes with nobody answering!!!

I called Kitchenaid Customer Service and asked if they could help and was told they cannot. The only way I can contact the PECS team is through the phone number provided (that's what makes me think it's a separate company contracted to manage Kitchenaid replacements). I also used the Kitchenaid Customer Service Live Chat and received the same response.

In short - I am getting nowhere with this replacement. I can only assume it is part of Kitchenaid's strategic planning; hoping customers will give up on the replacement, thus saving them money.

If they call again, I've instructed my wife to ask 2 questions before proceeding with any conversation: (1) what is your direct phone number (not the 877 number), (2) what is your manager's direct office or cell phone number.

  • Updated by cwillyrun · Dec 17, 2018

    Please note (missing from original complaint), the refrigerator has broken 4 times in the past two months. We have lost approximately $700 in food each time.

  • Updated by cwillyrun · Dec 17, 2018

    Sorry, but one more note. Each time the refrigerator broke, it took a week to get the replacement part in.

    Also - I FINALLY got in touch with someone at the PECS team. Of course she said the 877 phone number is their only phone number. When asked for a manager, I got the old, "oh, we are all senior level and the highest level persons you have access to". Ridiculous. Luckily, they offer a complete buy-back instead of a replacement. We will opt for that and never touch Kitchenaid or any Whirlpool product again. My wife reminds me that I said that 15 years ago when I had to deal with similar frustrations over a Whirlpool clothes washer. This was just a good reminder, I guess. Good-bye Whirlpool and all of your subsidiary products!

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