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Complaints & Reviews

Kitchen Aid Crock Pot — cracked crock (inner pot)

This was purchased as a Christmas present 2006 and the inner pot or crock cracked in February - about 6 week...

Kitchen Aid - Slow Cookerreturn policy - no good

I was given a Kitchen Aid slow cooker for Christmas. Sometime after the third time I used it, I noticed debris inside the cooker when I removed the liner. Examination revealed tiny cracks in the ceramic liner. The next few times I used the cooker, the number and size of the cracks increased. Kitchen Aid agreed to replace this with their "Hassle-Free" return policy - However, they continue to tell me that their supply of this cooker is low, even though it is available on their website for purchase. I have been waiting since February for this return to happen. They just keep saying there are supply problems as they get replacement cookers from a different area than the new ones (I find this hard to believe). They have now given me a new date of May 14th. Is anyone else having this same type of problem?

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    KitchenAid poor craftsmanship

    Kitchenaid dishwasher model kds01dlb71, the control panel is made of plastic. A indention is around the cycle panel and hard to keep dirt from getting under the panel.

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      • Ed
        Edward Jones May 29, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        KitchenAid service sucks! The spring in my dishwasher door went, so I booked a service call. The guy came and fixed the door, but anciently punctured a hole in the hose, so it leaked watter. No dishwasher. Said he'd order a part and call. He never called. I called and booked another appointment, arranged for someone to spend the entire day waiting. Serviceman never showed and when I called the service dispatch, I was lied to and told that they have no way of contacting their service people on the road, so I couldn't find out if he was going to come or what happened. I pointed out that this is the 21 century and that no service person hits the road without a cellular telephone. I asked the operator to stop lying to me, she continued. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she refused. I asked to file a complaint and she said I'd have to call back to speak with one of her peers in the same office. I did , and it was a waist of time, that person lied too and also said that their service people do not carry cellular telephones or pagers on the road. The service guy never showed that day and the complaint fell on deaf ears. I booked another appointment because I had no one else to turn to. The service guy showed up that third day, but he brought the wrong part and couldn't fix it, so he said he'd come buy the next day. He didn't and didn't call. So I have now booked the fifth day to repair my kitchen aid product. I have had my time wasted, I have been lied too, I've been ignored by management and the company quite clearly just does not give a hoot about a customer once they've got their money for their product. I encourage all people to avoid Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool products because the service sucks.

        Edward Jones.

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      • Ev
        Evelyn Neal Sep 13, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have been trying for 2 months to get my dishwasher fixed! First guy to come out (who was very rude and kind of creepy) ordered a part....2 weeks later 2nd service person comes out - wrong part was ordered, need to reorder. 1 week later 2nd service person comes but needs yet another part...Called KitchenAid and was told to call different service company,which I did, and told to get part number needed from new company and call them to expedite. Imagine my joy when the new service person comes in....I still don't have right part but he will order. i tell him I will call KitchenAid and they will send out next day...he insists it will be faster if he orders but reluctantly gives me a part number. KitchenAid was true to their word and received part next day. Called Coastline Repair and set up appointment. Guy shows up ....right part number but need 1 more part! AAAAGHHHHHH! Called them following week...part on back order. 3 weeks later and still waiting. By the way, I have received 4 parts to fix this darn thing but it seems none of them are THE part............I figure if I wait a little longer I'll have enough parts to build a new dishwasher!

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      • Da
        Danielle Buckon Sep 19, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        KitchenAid assigned a service provider called Speedy Appliance Service ...not so speedy. They have been to my house three times, have yet to determine what is wrong with my oven and have block four hour time slots (for which I take a day off work to be at the house) and arrive no less that 2 hours late. I have been without an oven since June (purchased in February) and the company has done nothing though I have made numerous calls. Don't buy their stuff - they do not stand behind their products!

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      • Si
        siamak Apr 27, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have a 2 year old KitchenAid refrigrator that its freezer door does not seal. When I contacted them they would not fix it and wanted to charge me for it because it was past gaurantee period. I guess they forget to mention that their inferior refrigrator is good for 2 years only! What a garbage company.

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      • He
        Henry Bykerk Aug 05, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Purchased micowave 3 yrs ago (Model YKHMS155LSS0) for about $1000. What a piece of crap. Already had to replace shrould twice (at a cost of $200 each). Now the door handle fell off. I purchased the "Stainless Steel" model. They wanted $65 for the door handle. It was made out of plastic and looks like some piece of garbage made in China for about 25 cents.

        Trying to install this handle is another challenge. Installation has stumped the local appliance repair man, as well as my most mechanically inclined friends. Tried to contact Kitchenaid by both email (no response) and by phone. (good luck with this endeavour. You get put on hold for at least 30 minutes, and then when you fianlly get a hold of some one, theyrefer you to some one else and the process repeats itself.

        What a disappointment and mistake dealing with this company. Would never buy any appliances from them again.

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      • Ih
        I hate Kitchen Aid Nov 23, 2010

        Kitchen Aid sucks big time. I have an expensive piece of junk Superba dishwasher that worked for a couple of years and then then the control panel broke, had it fixed and it broke again. The door hinges broke, the soap doesn't open, etc. etc. The control buttons underneath the touchpad are made out of the cheapest possible plastic and are designed to break (as I was informed by the first repairman) so that you will have to keep buying the very expensive parts, $400. plus labor. NO THANK YOU.
        I will never again buy Kitchen Aid, the company does not stand behind it's products. From this point on my mission is to spread the word:
        DO NOT BUY KITCHEN AID, unless of course you want to throw out good money and have lots of headache repairs.
        Please join my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-strongly-dislike-my-Kitchen-Aid-appliance/114124661987415

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      • Al
        aloaner2 Dec 29, 2011
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Kitchenaid DISHWASHER has "controls" which can't be changed. The "on line" Kitchenaid "help" seems to have NO clue.

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      Kitchenaid Side - By - Side Refrigiratordented door replacement

      The long sad tale of Donna's dented freezer door:

      If my novel, doesn't sell on Ebay, perhaps I could sell refrigerator doors?
      Of course I'd have to put them in the 'stranger than fiction' category.

      Three times (since march) the stalwart factory service representatives have ordered me (on warranty) a replacement for the freezer side door of my new fridge which arrived dented. Three times a refrigerator side door has been shipped and delivered to my deck.

      Two of the three are still on the deck. The factory service van isn't big enough to cart them away while still boxed up, i'm told.

      The fourth time we placed the order, we got agreement from the warehouse, that some real live person would look in the box before it was shipped and be sure it was not another refrigerator side door. All the parts databases involved agree on the part number for this item. Well, all except that belonging to whoever is building the thing. Today's status would confirm that the one small process improvement worked. Yes, another wrong door was built and packaged, but it didn't get shipped.

      Instead there is a request for a conference call on Saturday, on site here, beside my new side-by-side with the factory service rep, the local office, and the warehouse person who looked in the latest box. 'There seems to be some confusion about the part number.'

      Is the quote in the trouble ticketing system. Eureka! (well, it's a Kitchenaid, but...)

      I've requested they send the service rep with a large enough vehicle to cart away at least one more of the wrong doors. If not, we'll try Ebay.


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        KitchenAid — us refrigerators sucks

        Well, so much for a name brand appliance — the compressor in the Kitchen Aid refrigerator failed after le...

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