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A Nov 18, 2017

On September 19, 2017, I called the service department of Bert Ogden Kia in Mission, Texas, to have my car checked for a problem that it was having. The car was making a rocking sound whenever I entered it, and a flapping sound underneath during driving. Iwas told that there would be a diagnosis fee of about $90.00, but that if I authorized repair by them, the fee would be waived.

The following day, I took the car to the service department and told them again about the problem. I left the car with them and came back in the evening to pick it up. During the day, I received a call from the service department that the problem was caused by a loose tensioner assembly, and that to replace it with a new belt would cost $369.72 (labor and parts). I gave them a go-ahead to repair the car. I was told that the job would not be completed until the next day. On September 20, 2017, the second day, I went to pick up the car and paid for the repair. The moment I turned on the ignition key and drove a few yards in their lot, the car was still making the same noise and having the same problem. I immediately informed the service department. The service clerk, in turn, informed the service manager who came to speak with me. He told me that the service technician found that my car's struts mount and suspension were bad. He added that this would cost an additional $718.11, but that he was willing to give me a 15% discount on this additional repair, which would come to about $620. He also promised that if these were not the cause of the car's problems, the department would find and fix whatever was causing the problem in the car. I told him that I didn't have money at that time for the additional repair, and that I would bring the car back when I do.

On November 8, 2017, I called the service department again to tell them that I was ready to bring the car. I was told that they would have to order the parts and that it could take a week to have them in stock. On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, I received a call from the service department that the parts had arrived and to bring my car the second day, which I did. I left the car with them for most of the day. Around 5 pm, when I called to check if the was was ready, I received another shocking and unbelievable news. I was told that that the problem was not the struts mount and suspension again; that it was the struts, and that I would have to change them for about $1, 500. This was from the service manager who had told me that the problem was due to faulty struts mounts and suspension, and who had promised me that the department would fix whatever problem was causing the noise if their diagnosis proved to be wrong. When I reminded him of this offer and the possibility that they might come back again with a new problem diagnosis, he had nothing to say other than that I would have to pay to have the struts replaced. I just told him to not do anything to the car again, and that I was coming to pick it up. Which I did.

I took my car to the dealership because I felt that since they sell and repair Kia automobiles, they, more than any outside technicians, would have highly skilled technicians to diagnose and repair my car. But what I experienced was incompetency, lies, and unprofessionalism by the service department, and especially from the service manager. What is even more annoying now is discovering later that the tension assembly that service department initially said was the cause of my car's problem, and for which I paid $369.72, had been replaced a year earlier by my regular repair shop in Dallas.

I am filing this report against the dealership for the way I was treated, and most importantly for their incompetency and deceptive trade practices.

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