KIA Motorskia cerato car


I bought my car (Kia Cerato 2017) from Kuwait agency after i saw one of my friends bought the same car and I like it.

after I bought that car and went back to my home, i found that there is no salon light (Internal light), then I called the sales man to inform him, but he told me that cars was bought same like this for one company and they refused to receive it, so we are selling as it is. I told him that is totally not accepted from me.
Then I processed one complain to the agency here in Kuwait (Al Mattawa Co.) but no response till today and they didn't take any action.
I am very upset from what happened with me, and as i know that KIA Company policy can't accept that and Agency should make the customer totally satisfied.
Please I am waiting for a fast action to be done to solve my problem.

Please note that i already has all the documents which proof my message and the complaint paper is available also if you need it.
and no resond from the company until now

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