KIA Motors Corporationboot release switch for 2019 cerato sports +.

The switch failed on August 14. Despite being told a replacement would be in Bendigo on September 4, it failed to arrive. I made numerous calls to the dealer and head office and nobody could/would tell me what was going on. Finally, today I'm told the part has been redesigned and will be in Bendigo by October 17. Why wasn't I told earlier? Very unprofessional! Why wasn't I given the option of a temporary replacement using the old version? It might have got me through until the new one became available. It's quick and easy to fit and not a safety issue, so I would have jumped at the opportunity. Instead of which, I've effectively had no boot for two months and when I was asked, I'd tell people I had no idea when it would be corrected. Very unsatisfactory and not a good image for Kia!

Oct 11, 2019

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