KIA Motors Corporationnot honoring warranty and unethical service ordered by shop forman at rusty wallace kia, airport motor mile, alcoa, tennessee

H Nov 23, 2018

We purchased a 2014 Kia Sedona Van from Rusty Wallace Kia on the Airport Motor Mile in Alcoa, Tennessee. The warranty states 10 years or 100, 000 miles warranty. My Kia only has 80, 000 miles(Less than 100, 000 and is only 4 years old not 10. I took it in for a routine oil change and a bad rubbing sound that sounded like the axle shaft which is part of the power train WHICH IS SUPPOSE TO STILL BE UNDER WARRANTY), but they called and claimed and recommended to replace the control arms and bushings on the drivers side and they recommended to replace the control arm on passengers side for a big fat charge of over $800.00. They did not know that we had already taken it to a local mechanic because it felt like the bottom was going to fall off of the vehicle and the KIA dealership was over an hour drive away. We wanted to make sure we could get it to the dealership without killing ourselves or anyone else. The local Mechanic had already checked both sides of the control arms and informed us that both control arms and bushings were in good shape and he was sure it was the axle Shaft which is part of the power train and was under warranty and assured us that we could make it to the dealership to get it fixed without any charge. We picked up our KIA and told them NO that wasn't the problem and they just did not want to HONOR the warranty. We ask the KIA dealership which mechanic stated that it was the bushings and control arms and he informed us it was the SHOP FOREMAN and refused to give us his name. We took the KIA Van back to our local mechanic gave him a copy of what KIA stated it was and he said no they are wrong we checked those we are sure that it is the Axle shaft which is part of the drive train which is still under warranty. Our local mechanic was so sure that was the problem that he would put it in and if it was not the problem he would put the old one back in at no charge to us. We ask our local mechanic to replace the axle shaft and we were only charged $381.48 NOT the over $800.00 the KIA dealership wanted, and guess what the problem has been resolved so we know our local mechanic was right NOT THE KIA SHOP FOREMAN.
We would like the following an immediate refund of the $381.48 for what we paid which was under warranty that Rusty Wallace KIA on Airport Motor Mile in Alcoa, Tennessee was responsible for and did NOT HONOR. Also an apology and a letter stating that our 100, 000 mile warranty will still be honored, $34.00 for the tank of gas to go back and forth to get our Vehicle and a dismissal of the supposedly shop foreman, for his incompetence and putting peoples lives in danger just for the almighty dollar. We DO NOT WANT ANYONE ELSE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THIS SO CALLED MECHANIC. How many other people have been ripped off and put in danger only because this mechanic cares more about money than by doing a good job or did the KIA dealership inform him he was behind in filling a quoto and he had to make up for it or be fired or was it just his incompentence. We would like some answers as to which it was the mechanic or the dealership and our refund as soon as possible. This is the first time we think we have been done this way so we think it must be the mechanic just don't know. If you have any questions you can reach us on Monday November 26, 2018 at [protected]. We wait anxiously to hear from you regarding this issue.

Mr & Mrs. Harold E Parris, Jr.

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