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they closed my acount

STAY AWAY FROM KEYBANK!!! I opened up a keybank account over a month ago, due to a good promo that they were running.Out of no where, my debit card wasn't working so I decided to give them a call. They told me that my and my wife's account is being closed .After a few days of trying to get through to the fraud department, I spoke to the women who actually closed my account her name was "Sara". She said "Keybank has a right to close my account with out providing any reason or notice". She was extremely rude and didn't want to give me any info.When I called again she said she doesn't feel conformable talking to me as I sound like a different person. Additionally they can't send me a check for my account balance, and that I have to go down to the nearest keybank branch which is 3 and a half hours away from me. I opened this account online since there was no branch near me. I find this absolutely ridicules, All I did was open and account and I deposited my money in there- no fraud whats so ever as I have never done anything like that. I used so many banks and no has ever done this to me. I can't even check my account balance online as they cancelled it without notice. I've never experienced dealing with someone this ruthless. I don't plan on dealing with keybank again but now i basically don't know what to do as I cant travel 3-4 hours to the bank.

Fees and Holds

I am 18 years old. I opened my first checking account with Key Bank in July of 2010. It is October so it has been 3 months. In these 3 months I have never been so pissed. They charge me with overdraft fees every chance they get and hold MY checks as if it is theirs. When I withdraw money from my account it seems every time my check is on hold and they charge me with more over draft fees. I called costumer service and explain to them multiple problems I have been having and he said he would call my back to take a hold off one of my recent checks. He called me back at work saying that I would be able to access my funds that day. I withdraw $300 and use my debit card at Walgreens. They still charged me $116 in over draft fees even when a rep from Key Bank told me it was alright to access my funds. I'm paying my fees tomorrow and I am canceling my debit card. I am never putting my money any where near Key Bank again. I am going back to my credit union, wher
e I never had any problems. But I am not what so ever done with fighting Key Bank. I know other banks are doing it too. Please join my FACEBOOK page "Throw away the key" to make notice of these unfair actions banks are doing to Americans

Mistake hits my pocket

On March 2 I logged onto Key Bank online to manage my bill pay for March. I established 7 bills to be pulled from my checking account on March 5th. After confirming, I realized that Feb. was a short month and our direct deposit would hit the following week. So I immediately changed the dates, pushing back the payments to the 15th to be safe.

On March 9 I logged onto online banking for find my account overdrawn 1, 200 dollars. The online system has attempted to pull my payments on Mon. March, 8th. I called online banking and had an associate research who was able to using my confirmation codes log in and see the payments were indeed scheduled for the 15th. He apologized and said there was nothing he could do to stop the payments now, they would be reversed in 2 business days and he would notated the accounts so we wouldn't receive overdraft fees. He could not do anything today and to call Friday to resolve the issue.

On March 12 I had the call elevated to a supervisor in online banking after the associate I received at random read the call notes. The Supervisor, Darin stated he would resolve it by the end of Saturday. My hands were tied over the weekend. I watched my paycheck land in my overdrawn account and was not able to even put gas in my car because of the $245 in overdraft fees. On Monday I was accessed "reoccurring" overdraft fees for each charge because it has been a week and this isn't resolved, $22 per original overdraft another $154 dollars in fees.

On Monday, March 15, I called again to find out why this hasn't be resolved, Darin stated he couldn't "refund" the account without his manager approval.

Today, March 16 I called customer retention directly. The supervisor pulled the account and saw the notes detailing everything. The $399 in wrongful fees can take 7 to 11 business days to resolve based on my call today. Taking the entire 11 business days would bring my account a total of $770 in reoccurring and excessive overdraft fees. But The account will be automatically closed before the end of 5 business days.

Unfortunately she states she will not be able to refund the fees until the bill pay is contested and returned. I still want to pay the bills. Yesterday was the date they were supposed to be pulled, why return them? It turns out Darin cannot refund me the fees, only reverse the bill pay. I just want the fees that were accessed because of Key Bank removed. I had the money in my account for the bills to be paid on the date I established not a week before.


People are stupid. The policies -- the "theft" -- is clearly spelled out in our literature to new customers. Key Corp is only active to make money and we are successful at it. Even though the national unemployment rate is about 10% we still managed to make over $900 million dollars off the American public last year alone. In a down economy! If you want your money from ATM's you have to pay for it. Its that simple. If you over-draft we have pages of policies to make it legal to take your money. We are only after your money. That is it. Nothing we do is to help you. Everything we do is to improve our profit for the share holders such as myself since I am a majority share holder in Key Bank.


Henry Meyer

CEO Key Bank

  • Hb
    hba22 Jun 21, 2010

    They closed my account after I comlained to the BBB. The BBB doesn't want to do anything because Key has been a member for 80 years or so. They are not a good bank. I am so much happier at my local credit union. Drop them.

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Worst bank

I've had one terrible problem after another with Key. Some background: I started banking with them almost a decade ago when I was in college since they were right around the corner from my school. I was young and stupid. They started off by being just plain rude to me. It was common for me to go to the bank, deposit money, ask for my total balance, and then be told by the teller that I would have to check that at the ATM (for $2). Yes they charged a college student $2 to check her balance. Key hasn't gotten any better as the years hav progressed. Last year, for example, they reissued my debit card AND SENT IT TO AN ADDRESS I HAVE NEVER LIVED AT! They called me to ask me why I had yet to use th card they sent and that is the only way I found out what they did. When I asked why on earth they could make such a reckless mistake, they blamed it on outsourcing and offered no apology. Lately, I've had to deal with their horrible online banking system. It locks up contantly and whenever this happens, it necessitates a call to their customer service call center which is understaffed with long waits on the line for assistance. Earlier this week I could not get in my online account and called them. After some time I was informed that I "unenrolled from online banking" so that why it wasn't working. NOT TRUE. No one else has access to my account and I know I didn't unenroll myself! I reenrolled with a new account username. This morning I went in to check my account and guess what? That isn't working either! Even though this account is tied to so many things, I plan to untangle my assets and finally cancel ally accounts with them TODAY. Yes I am that angry. They are completely incompetant, rude, unhelpful, and their frequent mess ups indicate that they can't be trusted with much of anything, let alone my money. I've been spreading the word about this among my friends and colleagues and I hope this post also serves as a warning. Key is a terrible bank and with so many other options out there, nobody should ever have to bank with them. Don't do it!

  • El
    Elmer Bear Jul 01, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I call them fee bank

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  • Me
    Me to; Sep 03, 2019

    I agree same when I had to have them reissue my I got it a month later and it was the one that had been canceled

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Resolved Overcharged

Once again I have been charged an overdraft fee on an amount that was not causing an overdraft until Keybank changed the way they presented checks to come up with the most overdraft fees to charge me. I had a direct deposit made to our account on friday, that evening I used my debit card for only $90.00 the amount was subtracted from my available balance, on Monday I made a deposit of $600 with only $100 be available until the next day, on Tuesday morning I was charged two overdraft fees for two checks that were presented to keybank that evening, on Wednesday I was charged another $38.00 for the $90.00 debit transaction which took place on Friday.

When I spoke to the bank they once again said they present deposits and withdrawals on 'Real time' i said, you did not since I made the withdraw of $90 on Friday and the second deposit on Monday, whose real time are you using, the rep then asked if I would prefer they pay the larger item first, I said no, you should pay them how they are presented that way you won't charge me overdraft fees. They were rude, would not budge on any refund, they told me I was wrong and they were not going to refund me any money I was not reading their availability policy correctly. How do I file a class action law suit, it looks like they have been using this practice with several people. Help please!

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Fraudulent Check

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Resolved Rip off

Not only does Key Bank rape you of your money with all of their fees they like to hit on there customers when I told the district manager that his teller was flirting with my Husband the district manager did nothing they do not have a policy against that. We closed our account and credit card and will let everyone know what horrible management Key Bank has... We went to a different bank which has a policy to keep business professional and mature it is money we are dealing with not strip clubs!!! The employee stills works for the bank unprofessional do not bank at Key Bank.

Rude receptionist lady

I totally agree with you. I called in today "Beaveton Keybank" in Oregon.. to just check what my...

Resolved They don't check ID when withdrawing

Key Bank in Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t even check ID's when people take money out of their savings account. I walk in and filled out a withdraw slip. Handed the teller the withdraw slip and placed my ID on the counter. The teller gave me $500 cash and never looked at my ID. I then asked the teller what my name was and she stated that she didn't know. My questions are:

What would happen if I made a mistake and wrote a wrong digit down and it turned out to be your account number. The teller would have given me $500 out of your account. How would you feel?

What would happen if a bad guy got your bank statement out of your mailbox and used the account number on the bank statement to withdraw money from your account? Since Key Bank doesn’t check a person’s ID when they take money out, who knows who is taking money out of your key Bank account.

I ask, why do people put their money in the bank, for safe keeping.

I am going to take my money out of both my checking and savings account the first thing in the morning.

There is more security at a gas station – you can’t pump gas until you pay for it, but Key Bank is giving away money to people who they don’t know what their names are.

  • Dl
    D. Laster Jul 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Keybank stinks. If they haven't screwed you out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars consider yourself lucky. They got me for several thousands of dollars in overdraft fees when my account wasn't overdrawn. The sad part is that I got 3 different explanations from 3 different people, which tells me that they are wrong. Smart move getting your money out.

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  • Sa
    sallon May 18, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I found the offer of KeyBank Dayton and decided to open account in their bank. I needed to open account and made more than 1000 transaction within 90 days. I spoke with the agent, who really helped me and explained the rules, and I hoped to get Kindle fire as a gift. But after 90 days, it turned out that I wouldn’t get anything from them, because they changed the rules and everyone knew about it, except me. So I searched for this info on their website, but nothing was there. So they scam people and don’t provide free gifts. Don’t believe them and don’t open accounts in their banks.

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Resolved Rude branch manager in Beaverton, OR

I actually had a branch manager from the Beaverton Key Bank on Hall curse at me in the parking lot today. I was parked in their parking lot early in the morning with no one around. I walked across the street to the coffee shop and she yelled at me to move my car, because bank customers needed it. Seriously, the bank wasn't open and their were 20 open spaces. When I politely pointed this out, she yelled. "Fine leave it and I'll tow the *** thing." Totally uncalled for and very unprofessional. There is no reason to treat someone this way.

  • Te
    Team4Power sucks Aug 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you. I called in today "Beaveton Keybank" in Oregon.. to just check what my checking account balance was and this rude lady named Cheryl answered the phone. She was giving me this attitude and it was not professional at all. She said "may i have your name", I said "my name" then she said "yeah, "my name" what" in a rude tone. Then that is not all, she asked me when was my last deposit...and I told her I don't know (how the hell am I suppose to remember the exact amount). Then she told me "well, that is not the right amount without that i am afraid I can't tell you". So I said, "well, can't you check my social security ### to make sure its me?". Then she said "yeah" and gave me a false checking account balance afterwards. How did I know? I called a different branch afterwards to make sure, and ended up with two different checking account balance. So, I called back "Beaverton Keybank" again (same lady picked up) and complained to her how she has given me false checking account balance and told her how their service sucks. Then she went on about some bull ### excuse blah blah blah. Anyways, don't go here...rude people and their service sucks.

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Ineptitude, uncaring, illegal procedures

My business account was defrauded...reported it and the simple process of correctly sending a fax with correct numbers to the correct department was sent wrongly three (3) times!! This meant my money was held for month and I had to make many, many phone calls on my business time to get to the bottom of the mess created by their incompetence. They did not care much until I got hold of some supervisors out of state and mentioned I had lost business and reputation...and, through Clark Howard found out about the Comptroller of the Currency (regulates banks and investigates complaints about banks). One should call their 800 number ! Key Bank is awful, in a word. Then, they send me checks and try to bill me!! I returned them, of course...just one more hassle. Also, they have grossly mishandled the fraud investigation. Don't go to Key Bank....go to a credit union or bank online.

  • Ba
    balaban May 04, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i can not create a pin for 3 weeks ...

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  • La
    Lashawne williams May 04, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had 597.00 fraud on my check acct at my c union went to keybank explain during covid asked to change check acct stated I need 10 i did not have it in order to change I need 10
    U can close your acct showed no emphanty yrs being a mbr how I was treated left out crying across street M&T open check told story no worry when u get 25 just deposit

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