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Purchased machine at Sear's Home Store in Mesquite, NV on Dec.19, 2021. Brought home and installed per instructions included w/product. We did not purchase the Sear's extended Home Warranty plan.
Washer performed well until Sept 17, 2021, when it stopped agitating and draining water. In addition, it stopping spinning leaving clothes soaked and still soiled. Called Sear's Appliance Service out of St. George, UT, 48 miles away. Due to our rural location outside Newcastle, Utah, the service only came up this way on Wednesdays.
Repair person (Paul) arrived on Sept. 22, 2021 and after reading diagnostic codes and tilting up washer to see underneath, found that the "clutch" had disconnected from the motor. He reconnected the obviously faulty parts, took a picture of it to show me how to reconnect it if it happened again and left.

PROBLEM 1, Why did it become "disconnected" in the first place?

On or about November 30, 2021, the washer would repeat its "sense and fill" cycle three times before advancing to the next cycle. Ther following is a list of faulty occurrences that we also observed ; Machine would fill, agitate and then fill with more water. All the "cycle" indicator lights would go out at one time, it then proceeded to spin, drain w/ lights going out. Spin would slow, lights would go on and off, and then start spinning again. The worst event occurred near what seemed to be the end of its several "rinse" cycles when it would make pronounced "grinding" noises several times. An Audio/Video was made of this.
Eventually washer was put on "drain and spin" cycle to end the "wash".
Called Sear Service and spoke to a technician on the same day. Technician on phone diagnosed a bad "main board" and "clutch", of which he said would order and have sent to our house for the technician I would make an appointment for the same day.
Due to the time of year, an appointment could not be made until Wednesday, December 22, 2021. I wasn't too concerned that the factory warranty had run out three days earlier because the malfunctions were reported BEFORE December 19th. When the technician arrived (the same person as before) he watch our video and was able to observe AND hear the noises as described earlier. He proceeded to tilt the washer up against the wall to look underneath while putting significant stress on the water hoses connected in back. The technician concluded that the "clutch" and "main board" were the culprits and said he would order them to install when they arrived at our address. When I mentioned the technician from the phone call had already ordered the parts, "Paul", the tech at the house, looked and said he'd didn't know anything about that even though I suspect they are all out of the same office in St. George, UT. When I started asking for a commitment that the repairs would be covered under the factory warranty and that the warranty needed to cover everything until it was fixed, the technician "Paul" started stumbling with his words and, in my opinion, started a line of "double-talk" that didn't make sense OR make any commitment. He also seemed more concerned about us buying a Sear's "Whole House Warranty" than making sure the washer was fixed
As of right now Jan. 2nd. 2022 we have had one part delivered and have been notified those other parts, including a drive belt, would be forthcoming.
I will follow-up on this dilemma as it happens.


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Hi Rick.

I'd like to help.

First, we need to clarify the date of purchase. I believe you meant that you purchased this unit on December 19, 2020 not 2021.

Having not purchased additional warranty coverage on your unit is perfectly fine but you should be willing to own such decision now that it could be relative.

The date of warrantable service should be the equivalent to the date you called for a service technician to perform the repair. This is where the chain of events becomes murky. As long as you have documentation to show you called for service prior to December 19, 2021, you should be okay.

The service performed on unit will generally come with a warranty from the service provider; this is commonly fourteen to thirty days. You'd be wise to get such a warranty in writing from the provider.

If you were to have any issues beyond this, I'd be reluctant to place a great deal of money into servicing the product. Depending on the exact model of washer you've purchased, it wouldn't take much to surpass the overall value of the machine. You might find it advantageous to replace it.


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