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Kenmore - kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, model# 106.5113

I'm writing on behalf of my elderly Mother, Mrs. Roxie Falconer. Would like a replacement refrigerator based on the following:

Purchased refrigerator on or about Jan/Feb 2018 from Sears
24 Jan 19 replaced refrigerator motor
20 Feb 19 replaced ice maker motor
8 Mar 19 replaced ice maker dispenser motor

This is a defective product and should be replaced. Parents are elderly. Please call to discuss at 360.475.5082. I'm Marquita Hooks (daughter).

Kenmore - 600 series vacuum

I purchased a 600 series canister about a year ago and it is TRASH! It was a waste of 260.00 plus bucks! The suction is good but the maneuverability of the canister is a ZERO. The wheels WILL NOT ROLL OVER THE CORD! When you pull it too hard to get over the cords it then tips over - it will NOT go around corners easily so you HAVE TO STOP vacuuming and go get it. For many years I purchased the Magic Blue but you no longer make the best machine you ever made! Go Figure. I have a 4 year old fridge Elite 3400.00 that has been down more than up...I have spent 1000's on repairs! Do you really think I will buy again? NOPE! I am DONE with wonder Sears is struggling! Your product sucks! I feel duped by Kenmore so I will no longer purchase the product

Kenmore - elite refrigerator

Purchase this $3300 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in August, 2015. Within one year need new computer board replaced. September 2018 new compressor replaced. Now refrigerator not working again. Alway...

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Kenmore - bad odor coming from refrigerator

To the complaints department :
Sears/ kenmore elite french door refrigertaor

I purchased this refrigerator two years ago. I bought the home protection service as well. I have called over 10 times complaining about the issue with the bad odor smell that is coming from the fridge . It literally smells like a dead rate. The smell comes and goes. Beside the smell we keep having issues with the ice maker. They have sent out a technician now over 10 times now, .They can not figure where the smell is coming from.

At this point we are fed up and we do not want to continue to deal with this. If you bought a new fridge you want it to work properly and with no issues. I even bought the extra protection plan so if there is any issues they can get taken care of.

I keep getting the runaround from customer service and the supervisors.

At this point I want my fridge replaced and not with the same model because I do not want the same issue to occur .. I want a full credit to be able to purchase new one.


I can forward all the complaints I have from online as well as all the tickets for the service calls.


Hi Elisa.

I understand we've assisted you and you are happy with the results.

Thank you so much for your continued loyalty.


Hi Elisa.

Appreciated hearing about your concerns.

Your service coverage insures the functioning of the unit. It doesn't cover issues involved with look or smells. If it is coming from previous spoiled food, that isn't covered. If it's not cooling correctly and spoiling food, then it should be covered.

The second issue involves your ice maker, but you haven't provided enough information about it.

Please notify us if there is something that isn't being covered that otherwise should. We'd like to help.

There was no spoiled food that caused the smell. You guys have sent out a service tech several times that can vouch the refrigerator has been clean every time. You can read all the past complaints that had the same issue. Not only do we have a problem now with a the smell and ice not working . The produce is getting frozen in the fridge. This has been the worst purchase ever. I'm wasting money on food, wasting time calling every week and no one wants to step up to fix this problem that I'm having.

I need this refrigerator replaced. We are having way to many issues.

Kenmore - kenmore #72372 refrigerator

Purchased 9/16/14 with 5 year master protection agreement. Sales check # [protected]. Phone #[protected] & [protected] called 800-4myhome on 2/9/19 to request repair since it stopped cooling. Earliest appt was 2/15/19 but since this was considered an "emergency" I would receive a call with a sooner date. Never received the call. I called again on 2/12 and was told there wasn't anything else that could be done. On 2/15 repairman came and said it's the compressor (which is what I said it was) and he'd order the part. Soonest they would be back to replace the part is 2/25. Another 10 days!!! He even said that this brand has a known problem with the compressor going out. And you don't have one on the van? Thankfully we are in michigan were we have snow and cold so we can have a cooler outside for milk and a few things. What if it happened in summer? What if it happened to you? This is your customer service? We bought all of our appliances from you. Will not do it again! Will not recommend ever again. I worked for kmart for almost 37 years and never treated a customer like this. What would be considered an emergency? You need to put yourself in the customers shoes and make some drastic changes. I'm just in shock over this. Another week of living out of a cooler.

Kenmore - sears neglected to properly assess a loud noise prior to warranty expiry 10-2018

We purchased the Kenmore Refrigerator 11/2014, immediately we had several issues with the left door, service attempted to replacement attempts 2 times before correct part shipped and installed. On...

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Kenmore - microwave/convection oven model # 790.[protected]

January, 2017 I made a purchase of all my appliances for my new home in Texas, one of which was a Kenmore Microwave/Convection Oven Model # 790.[protected]. The unit was installed mid March, 2017 in my...

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Kenmore - washer

The washer stains our clothes. After numerous calls to Sears and several detergents used, still the washer continues to stain clothes. Sears recommended I contact Kenmore directly. I need something...

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Kenmore - kenmore elite microwave

I purchase a Refrigerator, stove and over the stove Kenmore Elite more in Sept 2018. In October 2018 it is now not working and throw all my kitchen appliance off. When calling sear regarding the I...

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Kenmore - kenmore elite washer

I purchased a Kenmore Elite Washer in 11/2012 that has extreme rusting around the bleach dispenser to the point that the dispenser is barely attached. Rust is getting into the machine when washing...

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Kenmore - double oven

I purchased a double oven around 16 months ago. I have used the bottom oven about 3 times. One week ago I used the self clean on the top and bottom for the first time. After I did the bottom, it broke. When I called to set up a repair I was told I needed to buy the warranty- by many people. The repair man came out and told us it got to hot. I followed the instructions in the Manuel. I now have to pay over $300.00 to have it fixed. Very poor customer service and I feel it is an obvious faulty product.

Kenmore - wait time/ broken speaker

In the past I have been very happy with this particular location in Buffalo NY (may be listed at Kenmore NY) store # 6181 intersection of military and sheridan, but something as gone terribly wrong.
1) one of the speaker screens has been broken for a very long time. Why cant they just invest some money and fix it! this screen allows us to be sure our order is right before we get to the window)
2) the wait time has gotten very bad. Yes its a slightly busy location, but just waiting from one car to the next has been horrible.
3) they have 2 speakers to place orders, that merge into one to pick up order. This location constantly takes orders at one speakers for up to 3 cars before they move to the other speaker. This is unfair and very annoying. why cant they just go back and forth, as common sense would say, or perhaps invest money to hire more people so that 2 people can work the speakers.

Kenmore - waiting for the piece I ordered to come. need the oven for thanksgiving

I called sears to schedule a repairman to see what was wrong g with my oven. He was very nice and diagnosed the problem and ordered the part. I told him I needed the oven to be working properly for thanksgiving. I've spoke to numerous associates in regards to the part and no one knows when it will get here. How can this part be so hard to get when sears is still selling the same exact oven in their stores??!!

Kenmore - top loading washing machine

I bought my washer and dryer two years ago when I moved into the home in which I now live. I've been unhappy for most of that time. My machine's performance continues to get worse. After a few month...

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Kenmore - 500 series does not clean clothes

NO matter how small my load of clothing or how long a cycle I put this washer on my cloths DO NOT come out clean. Cloths always smell dirty and visible dirt are left on the cloths. Per the repair technician this is a known problem. It is supposed to be caused by the machine being designed with no agitator. I personally can not wait for this machine to brake so I can buy a different machine.

Kenmore - kenmore model [protected] washing machine

I purchased the washer new from Sears in Sandusky Ohio when they were closing the store. The washer just 2 years old. After the fist 14 months it started to get louder during the spin cycle. Now it is so loud that you can't be in the same room with it while its spinning. Sears delivered it, set it up, and leveled it. With the laundry room door closed it is so loud you can't hear the television two rooms over. I have contacted Sears. They want to send a tech out for $100 to diagnose the problem. I can spin the drum by hand and here the same noise only quitter. I have been told I would have to pay for the service call to diagnose, the service call to repair, and the parts. This would cost more than the washer was new. This is the second Kenmore washing machine I purchases in my adult life. The first one lasted 14 months and the motor went out, then it went out 3 more times until I finally pitched it. Swore I would never buy another. Several years later I let the sales people talk me into buying this hunk of crap. I will never buy another Kenmore product again. Called Whirlpool also. they would not help me in any way. I believe it is a bad drum bearing or something of that nature. An appliance repair man tole me I would have to buy a new gearcase for it. The part alone is $270. I wish we could buy good, ole fashioned washers that last again.

Kenmore - above stove microwave

When I moved into my house it had a new appliances the Kenmore microwave lasted about 3 years then it died, so I purchased the same time again so it would fit the spot above the lasted about the same amount of time and it stoped working. I thought Kenmore was a good brand name but apparently not. Microwaves anyway. So I have to replace again, not right they should last longer than that, there not cheap to buy .don't think I will be buying another Kenmore.

Kenmore - service repair date and fee

My 6 year old Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator has a faulty compressor and is in need of repair via Kenmore's 10 year warranty for faulty compressors free of charge to me. When I called to...

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Kenmore - series 500 washer

Since we purchased our Kenmore Series 500 washer, we fear that it is going to come apart during spinning mode. Many time we must force stop and try to rebalance the load. In the attached video, thi...

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Kenmore - elite washer rusting at bleach tray, dryer cause black stains on clothing

Elite Washer Rusting at Bleach Tray, Dryer Cause Black Stains on Clothing I have just started seeing rust around the bleach tray and rust bubbling up under paint at tray where else I do not know...

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