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Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation [KSRTC] review: Regarding misbehaved and non cooperation of conductor of bus ka21-f0161

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Respected sir,

I am Kaleem, resident of Mysore city. Yesterday dated 23-03-2022 I had traveled from Kushlnagar to Mysore by Bus no KA21-F0161 (Ticket copy attached) I need to down by bus at Gun house (Patashala) bus stop which all KSRTC busses gives stop regularly for people can go easily to city bus stop and Agrahara area. I was stands at bus door from Ramaswamy circle to down off at this Gun house stop and I requested to conductor for Stop at this Gun house bus stop. But conductor not listened my request, instead of stop he started mis behaving with use of vulgar words. I also requested to Bus driver also but not used. They stopped at 6gate bus stop with shouting. I suffered a lot to reach to Agrahara circle from that place.

I said conductor regarding this I will complain against to you then he replies to me“ Go do whatever u want I don’t care to department” Only few passengers were there at that time all are observing conductor rude behavior. This type of conductor gives bad name to KSRTC by non-cooperative behavior.

Here I'm requesting you to take the necessary actions as per norms of KSRTC on this conductor for further awareness with others. I hope this wouldn’t happen with others by this conductor after action taken from your end. Please report me that what kind of action has taken is my requested.

Thank you



Agrahara circle


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