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I travel occasionally by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and it was a welcome relief that they started offering online booking service ( However its sad to see that they have absolutely no customer service contact (no telephone number and email id for refunds bounces back!). Recently while booking tickets due to some problems on their server my credit card was charged though the tickets were never booked.

Now the fun of the situation is that there is no way to contact them! Now I am calling my bank to dispute the charge... I hope they wake up when the bank knocks on their doors - maybe that's the way they expect refund requests to be made :)

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Oct 26, 2017 2:22 am EDT

i had booked 4 tickets to Tirupathi well in advance to travel on 20.oct17 by Karnataka sarige. my PNR being [protected]. the departure time was 9.06hrs.
subsequently I received an sms giving the bus registration number as " F9170". we have been waiting for the bus with the said number and it never turned up. we ran helter skelter around KR puram and there was no sign of the said bus. Now let me know what other priority does your inefficient messenger has but to inform the correct bus number. How dare can he SMS a wrong number & cause huge confusion.. I have undergone a heart surgery & your inefficient staff has put me into grave trouble by texting a WRONG/ INCORRECT BUS REGISTRATION NUMBER.
I hereby request you to pull up this inefficient ksrtc staff who is suppose to communicate thro sms the correct registration number of the bus and initiate suitable disciplinary action immediately for causing such chaos for passengers. If such inefficiencies causing hardship to customers are faced, mind you all customers would shift their loyalty to other transporters such as APSRTC, TNRTC, or private operators

Sep 03, 2017 9:35 am EDT

Sir to traveling in your bus from Bangalore to kadur ka17f1782 banglor to sagar root you person avoiding to go kadur bus stand I ask them why not going to busstand he told me it I is left to us we are going or not and told me to get down from bus
Sir it hurts me very much

Aug 04, 2017 5:44 am EDT

To the office of the
chief traffic manager
ksrtc central office bangalore 560027
subject = regarding introduction of service
respected sir
As i named yogananda brings to your kind information that to tirupathi service early morning to tirupathi at round 4.30 two schedules pass here after
up to 8.30 no services of ksrtc to tirupathi as my request is to introduce a regular service to around 5.00am and 5.45 am and 6.30 am 7.30 am regular service this is use full for public as the 6.30 am summer special is cancelled .this is fruitful earning revenue to corporation, please look to matter and kindly ensure a regular service to tirupati for world's famous hills station,
As a services for shirdi is airavatha as kindly introduce a karanataka sarige service to famous shirdi sai baba temple please go through and take a action as this results in use for public,
thankas lot

May 09, 2017 5:10 am EDT
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I am traveling regularly by club class or airavatha before there they are giving water and dropping proper place if I travel to Bangalore they will drop in the road than how will go inside with our luggage and old people can not go also because we have continues journey like to go International airport please read this and do something day by day we are not improving making problem only. We are travelling long distance need some entrainment but now days they will not switch on the TV if ask they says not working if compare private is good

Oct 28, 2012 11:00 pm EDT

I booked seat on a ksrtc bus on 24th oct at 8.30am from pune (swargate) to hubli, I was present at the busstop by 7.50am and waited there till 10.45am but that bus conductor didn't show up at that time and also he didn't even call me to inform that bus has come. so i want you to take action against the conductor or who-ever are responsible for this problem and refund my ticket amount of 403/- as soon as possible
trip code 0800PMRHBL
seat no. 21
pnr no. T32888699

Oct 29, 2012 12:33 am EDT
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May 22, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I was traveling on KSRTC bus (KA01 FA 325) on May 21 at 2 PM when the incident occurred. An old lady boarded the train and asked where the bus was going. The conductor did not answer properly and this perplexed the old lady (over 65 yrs) with heavy load on her head. The bus started moving with the lady on the last step and the door still open causing the old lady to fall with head banging the road. I personally was very angry and shouted to halt the bus else she coming under the wheels. The bus halted and the conductor came charging towards me asking who is siding with the lady. Only when I shouted back that I will file a FIR, the conductor relented or else he wanted to hit me.

I only hope the old lady is fine. This happened under the overbridge outside the KR Puram railway station. I request the authorities take the necessary action.


Jul 23, 2009 5:38 am EDT

I have reserved the ticket from chennai to bangalore on 23-july-09,
i got money didected from my account but i didn't recive any ticket against the reservation.

My bank transaction details below
OB1252478IG09285101 TRANSFER TO [protected]

Please let any one tell me how to get this amount back..
to this e-mail Id

Jul 24, 2009 10:24 am EDT

I want to book a bus trough Online, I selected a Bus &Seat also. Then the website asked to select the id for proof, I selected Driving License & i gave the license No where i have a special character, It didn't except & other thing like pan card I have applied it but not got, My problem is how to put the license No with special character. Or their is any other way

Feb 03, 2012 6:19 pm EST

I tried book my onward journey tickets from coimbatore to mysore through ksrtc online booking system, after collecting my all the bank details, the transaction is got failed. but the amount has been deducted through my bank account, it happend twice, this is happen on 13th jan 2012, immediately i wrote a complaint to ksrtc, and i got a reply by 16th jan 2012 that payment will be refund with in 7 working days, but till now i doesn't recieved my payments.. is there any possibility to get my refund? my transaction nos:OB5280385 & OB5280408
Gayathri sabarish

Apr 11, 2011 6:13 am EDT

I am Anil Gaikwad

On 6th April I tired to book the ticket online for Pune to Bangaluru bus. I tried 7 times in which, first 6 times I received error that booking is not confirmed and hence I tried 7th time and that time booking was successful.
But when I checked on my bank account money got debited two times instead of one time.

Below are the unsuccessful KSRTC OB reference number.

1. OB3527793
2. OB3527932
3. OB3528037
4. OB3528101
5. OB3528184
6. OB3528479

Request you to kindly revert/credit amount for my unsuccessful booking .

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Feb 04, 2011 11:35 am EST
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i have booked ticket on 29.01.2011 but ticket is not booked but from my account money is taken.BUT THE DETAILS ARE IN FAILED BOOKING HISTORY, FOR FAILED BOOKING THEY ARE TAKING MONEY.

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Sep 25, 2016 6:54 am EDT
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While booking tickets due to some problems on their server my card was charged. But the ticket was never booked. Its been more than a month I called customer care regarding the issue.still no action has been taken.

Jul 26, 2015 3:19 pm EDT

KSRTC website is screwed up, unprofessional website. It does not even understand that people are accessing through their laptop or pc. It always brings up the menu for mobile. Gives wrong error messages, assumes source and destination... sh.t. What sort of IT baxtards developed this sh.t?

Oct 14, 2014 7:32 pm EDT

I cancelled my journey ticket. But I don't get my refund in my debit card. After wards mailed to for refund but again me not getting any response by ksrtc. Customer care are not ready talk about redund. And it has been going very long. But I don't get my refund.
Dibyajyoti Sharma
Mobile : [protected]

Oct 28, 2012 11:02 pm EDT

my phone no.[protected]

May 27, 2012 7:50 pm EDT

Hi I am working in Whitefield. Daily i travel from Brook-field to Vydehi, the actual fare for this distance is Rs.7, but, i am charged only 5 rupees and the conductor doesn't give ticket. The money goes to their pocket. Many times i used to demand and ask for ticket. This is happening in every part of the Bangalore city. BMTC should take steps to avoid such fraud by conductors. There should be ticket checking every now and then. Only then such incidents can be avoided.

Jul 18, 2011 11:34 am EDT

Hi all,
I travel occasionally by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), I reserved ticket from Bangalure to Chitradurga on Friday evening in reservation outlet near marath halli bridge .
We reserved bus which departure is at 10 40 from mejestic, we reached there around 9 30 from that time we were waiting in platform no 2 for the bus and from 10 on wards we went to TC, helpline plople but they suggested us to sit for a while, till 10 30 we sat there and went again for enquery no response from those people.
Again we asked more than 40 busses weather the bus is reservation or not, non of the bus were for us.
Finally at 11 we went to TC he screwed us like any thing, telling that the bus left around 10 40, and it was in platform no 4, but in ticket it as platform no 2, even helpline people suggested us to wait in 2 nd platform, we were confused, they were help less he included a statement that its final destination was hagari bammana halli
My question here is why don't they specify bus number or bus route or Final Destination or any thing on the ticket the only unique thing where KSRTC is running on reservation system is based on timings but they fail to do so again around 11 15 we went in some other local bus even though we have reservation we went in a local bus KSRTC has failed to satisfy their customers.

Please ensure to print final destination point on ticket and improve helplines.

Please do the needfull.


Jul 12, 2011 7:47 am EDT

I have been travelling in KSRTC buses from long ; and dint find much complaints compared to other states ...until i got a bad experience on 10/July/2011.I booked a ticket from Kannur to Bangalore on the Special Ultra Deluxe Rajahamsa Bus (KA-01-F-7828) ; on which we paid around Rs.170 Extra than the regular Pvt.Bus Charge..!
The interior of the bus was place for keeping water bottle;bad lights...and the emeergency exit door had scratches and rough edges and worn out (The Person sitting there was commenting on this : he might have to take a TT Injection reaching bangalore ;) )
and while starting itself the lights were dim and was finding hard to light up ; i thought @ the same time that bus is going to stuck somwer...! it was true later...the bus had a bad battery and it got stuck and was not starting near koottupuzha bridge..we pushed the bus with the help of localites and it started... this happened again @ around 1:30 am...many was in deep sleep only few of us tried to push it in the rain and succeded...'Had a sleepless night" on the day...
Atleast the condition of the Bus should be checked before starting the bus on such a long Trip...very Pitty KSRTC :( :P...!
First time ; a Bad impression on KSRTC Bus Service...poor..!

Apr 16, 2011 3:20 pm EDT
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Hi Sir,

My name is Sunil Myageri. From past 4-5 months we do not have transport service to KUSTAGI and GAJENDRAGAD from HYDERABAD. We are facing lot of problems to reach Kustagi or Gajendragd.

Earlier we had a bus services from Hyderabad to Hubli Via Kustagi, now they have stopped the service due to some reason.

Every 2 weeks once my friends and myself are travelling to our native places (Kustagi and Gajendragad). Now we are facing lot of problems to reach our native places. (Need to change 2-3 buses).

Consider this as a serious request and do the needful as early as possible.

We are requesting you to please re start the bus services.

Waiting for the positive reply.

-Sunil Myageri

Feb 11, 2010 11:04 pm EST

on 5th of feb 2010, I travelled with my family in ksrtc airavatha at 23:00 for four seats. I forget my reservation ticket at home. I asked for a duplicate copy or cancellation of that four seats.As I am working in transport department of karnataka state with ID proof had the following information of the tickets-PNR number-J16405113, seat number-13, 14, 19, 20, ticket number-[protected] with ID proof .But still they did not allow us inside the bus.So the conductor suggested to pay the amount for same seats.Again I paid the amount Rs 558*4= Rs 2172/- .Hence I request you to refund the amount of reserved tickets back.
Thanking you

Oct 27, 2009 6:54 am EDT

KSRTC online refunds for failed transactions is handled by the following customer care number [protected] ext 283

Oct 06, 2009 2:37 am EDT

I would like to lodge a complain against the Bus driver and the conductor of KA-01-FA 1572.
I was waiting for a bus to Banshankri from my regular bus stop Jayadeva Flyover but the Bus conductor and driver choose to avoid me as stoping there would have allowed the other bus behind it to overtake.
If anyone from the authority comes across this complain please do the needful. So that such thing are not repeatrd and others don't have to face the similar situation.

Oct 01, 2009 2:05 am EDT

Hi Guys

I was facing problem of refund the of money for which i have Canceled the tickets. But facing difficulty in refund...

I tried No. [protected]/77---- Incorrect

[protected]/77 --- No answer

Sep 22, 2009 1:46 am EDT

Does anyone read all these complaints and take some action? KSRTC is worst in hospitality and the Bangalore Ooty.. route Bus conductors are Cheaters.. i am looking out for some official site where i can mail..

Sep 16, 2009 12:40 pm EDT

I completely agree to the above complaint.I have also observed this and experienced it.I have seen similar type of complaints in the same site from many months.If the action would have been taken this should not have repeated till today.KSRTC people plese take some action on this and give value to the public's hardearned money.

Sep 11, 2009 3:11 am EDT

I am travelling from Indiranagar (Defence Colony) to DELL bus stop (EGL) everey day. Every day I am facing and seeing that the conductors collect exact ticket amount and don't give tickets to passengers. Today (Sep 11th 2009), I have seen that the conductor didn't give tickets for 80% of the people in the bus. I observed in each and every stop. Just he is collecting money from passengers and didn't give any ticket. I asked him somany times for my ticket and he was telling something else. Whle discussing with conductor, my bus stop came. The bus details are as follows.

Bus Number: KA01 FA.1508
Service Number: 201G
From: Didn't see exactly
To: Banisankari
Where I get into the bus: Indiranagar (KFC)
Where I get down: DELL bus stop (EGL)
Time: 11: 20 AM

This is doing not only this conductor, many many. 90% of conductors are doing like this. But no one is taking any action.

Because of this mainly KSRTC is loosing their profits drastically. People please think about this and take necessary actions if any Police office or KSRTC staff will see.


Aug 09, 2009 2:25 pm EDT

Booked a ticket in KSRTC five days in advance to travel to Thalassery from Bangaloreon 9th August 2009.
The scheduled time was 20:05, an hour later at 21:00 a bus to kannur arrived, to our surprise when we approached the conductor he said this ticket is for the earlier bus which is cancled.If you want we will drop you at Mattanur which is our route or you can go and get the ticket canceled. On approaching the Traffic Controller in charge the reply also was the similar, If you want you can travel by this other wise you can cancel the ticket, we are helpless we cannot do anything. This was the decision by our manager to club the service to the earlier bus to this service.I am really surprised this is the kind of service we deserve after paying for it. Imagine the plight getting down 30 to 40 kilometers away in the midnight and take a alternate bus. I cant imagine if it were my family was supposed to travel.The similar expereince in the same route another 10 days back.I was on the same Kannur bus departing at 20:00. Just after Mysore there was some trouble with the clutch, The drive manages to take the bus to gudalur depot workshop. It was around 2:00 in the midnight, and unfortunately the night shift mechanic not available, we had to sleep in the bus untill early morning 7:00AM till the mechanic arrived.
Who is responsible for these kind of services and whom should we reach to complain about these inconvenince.
The conductor and the Traffic controller said we are helpless we cannot do anything. Would they accept the similiar service inconvenince.I tried to reach on the enquiry numbers that were on the back of the ticket of which none are active.
Is this what we deserve for trusting the service.
Anil, Bangalore

Jul 20, 2009 1:19 am EDT

I would like to register a complaint against the conductor of the KSRTC bus FA - 457, KA 01. I was travelling from Residency Road to RMZ Millenia Ulsoor stop. Date of travelling 20/07/2009. I gave Rs.5 to the conductor and asked for the ticket. He refused to give saying that there is no stop near RMZ Millenia and I have to get down at the signal before the stop. I didn't had a problem getting down at the signal but the money which i gave for the ticket went to his pocket. Kindly take necessary action.

Apr 28, 2009 5:11 am EDT

This is how the Customer Care for Government entities

Apr 09, 2009 3:03 am EDT

For KSRTC online booking enquiry,
Earlier numbers [protected] - 7) do not work anymore.

Now, as of 9th April 2009,
KSRTC Care contact number : [protected], [protected]

These numbers should have been provided on KSRTC website. but not available anywhere.
and top-of-that, in Contact Us section, they have provided PDFs ! ? This should be interactive HTML.
So truly government site !

For mail IDs:

Feb 02, 2009 7:27 am EST

KSRTC Playing Bad Game

KSRTC reduced rate of its different services except Rajahamsa and Volvo. this is when petrol price and disel price got reduced. There was no exception while raising the rate when fuel price raised.

What is the rationale of not reducing price of Rajahamsa and Volvo ?

Is these buses uses some other fuel other than petrol and disel.

This is completely an unfair game by KSRTC revealing its greediness and lack of social responsibity by penalising long journey travellers who contribute more to KSRTC revenue.


Jan 12, 2009 3:21 am EST

I had good experience with KSRTC ticket refund.
I tried to book tickets for Rs. 2500 from the KSRTC website on Jan 5th but tickets were not booked and the amount go deducted from credit card.
I got the amount refunded in 7 days. That is on 12th.
Steps you need to follow.

1. Always note down the booking reference no while booking. In case you don't have it, please call KSRTC customer care number - [protected] and get the ref. no. by providing user ID used for booking.
2. Send a mail request to quoting the ref. no. in the subject.
3. You will receive a reply like below

-----"We have received your mail and the same will be verified and necessary action will be taken to refund the amount. You are requested to check up with the bank/statement of account for the refund amount."---

4. Wait for 6-7 days to see the credited amount in your card statement. Sometimes it takes 1-2 days to for the amount to appear in the statement.

5. If not refunded in 7 days call the KSRTC accounts section @ [protected] extension 283 and enquire

Dec 28, 2008 5:15 am EST

Hello Sir,
Im Vineetha PAlankar. i had tried booking online ticket from Bangalore to Karwar, on 23rd of december. it was displayed that the 13th no seat was available and so i selected it and continued the process of reservation and after al steps was completed successfully and even after paying money online, at the last i got a msg saying that, "SORRY THE SELECTED SEAT IS ALREADY BEEN SOLD, FOR REFUND CONTACT KSRTC WITH UR REFERENCE NUMBER." i had given the complaint once but still dint get any reply. I request u to kindly help me to get refunded, my reference no is OB715416, MY EMAIL ID IS "" my user id in ksrtc is "vineetha11". I hav to be refunded by Rs 543 /- I request u to help me refund this amount as soon as possible. My contact no is [protected]

Nov 20, 2008 5:20 am EST

My complaint is towards ksrtc official website. It is not at all friendly website to check for any route or destination.. and it does not pull up any results.. For example.. try checking for tickets for Bangalore to talakadu, somathapura, shivana samudra or even Tirupathi.. it does not pull up any records... its a shame for ksrtc that inspite of being at IT capital of India, they are not able to comeup with a good official site.. wake up KSRTC IT department...!

Nov 15, 2008 1:41 am EST


I did try calling [protected] and the response was to write an e mail to this id, the worst part is I tried to book the tickets online from BNG to CTA on 24th oct but the transaction was not completed but the next day morning i.e on 25th oct money is deducted from my bank account.

The reference given to me was OB595263.

Please note that the tickets were never booked online as the next day morning I did got the tickets booked at the Ksrtc counter in RTNagar for the same seat nmbers that was done online so its cleary understood that the t ickets were booked online.

We cannot pay twice for the same tickets and the same seating twice so please refund the money ASAP.

Nov 11, 2008 3:18 am EST

I booked 2 tickets for Kodai from Bangalore and got an error message, 'Seat(s) selected earlier is already booked or is released',
then amount got deducted.
Now have to find ways to get it back. Its better to go to KSRTC
counter and book the tickets.

Nov 05, 2008 1:17 am EST

I was travelling in express bus on the morning of 3/11/2008 from bangalore to arkalgud with my aged up father. I boarded the bus in yeshwanthpur, I saw that the driver was in a full hurry & in a full speed to pick up passengers in up coming stops before leaving the bangalore city. while doing so he tried to overtake some of the same route busses by taking the bus on to the foot path and to the service roads near jalahalli cross and so on, which was a very dangerous attemp. I suggested him not to drive so rash. He said, we want to pick up seats and maintain time also. He also said there is a competetion to pick seats. Competition is required but it should be a healthy competition. There were 45-50 passengers in the bus & all the lives are in the hands of driver. If he does so careless, It is very dangerous for the passengers. As your say passenger safety is also important. Please take care of these rash driving and competitve driving too. This is in public interest.

Nov 04, 2008 8:38 pm EST


ref. no OB572770 booked on 15 oct 08 ammount has been deducted from my Credit Card but ticket was not conformed.
amount 1238, Credit Card no [protected]


Sep 23, 2008 1:04 am EDT

I have booked my e-ticket From Bangalore to Hyderabad. I have given my Credit card no. for booking my ticket. I have selected my seats and i type the Credit card no. I got the message as the seats are already booked. I want to get back the money from the bank.I dont have reference number also. Nothing has shown in Booked history.

Can U please Help me if any one knows it


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