JustFlybeyond ridiculous!!!


I have ordered two tickets for me and my wife via JustFly website. When I received the tickets I saw that they were incorrect, not only the time was wrong but the departure date was also incorrect. I immediately called JustFly customer service and explained the situation. Since it was not my fault I expected to get everything fixed, but they said that it was not possible. The first person I spoke to was terrible and did not want to do anything. After several calls I finally spoke to someone who seemed more adequate. The person said that they can fix everything in a moment but I have to pay some extra money for the service. When he told me how much it will cost I was shocked! It would cost me more than I paid for the tickets!
I said that I'm not paying anything and demanded my money back. They just hang up on me and that was the end of our so called conversation.
Not only we had to buy new tickets from another company but we also lost our money thanks to these scammers!

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