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you have charged my bank card with $71.41 for membership which I did not agree to or request. You previously charged me for answering a question which was paid by me but I did not agree to a membership. Please reverse this charge .
You answered my problem at the time which was very helpful and you were paid for the information so I cannot understand why you would assume that I would like a membership of you site.
I look forward to receiving a credit for $71, 41 immediately.
Peter McNeil
364 McCulloch Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Apr 29, 2019
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  • Jo
      May 11, 2019

    I also am having a similar situation. They charged me for a question and said I had a 7 day trial. They then charged me $46. I emailed the support and asked for a refund. They told me that they reviewed my account and said they couldn't issue me a refund for whatever reason. I haven't used the service since the initial question I asked. I only agreed to the trial not membership. I'm going to be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau because I see on there website that they are accredited and since I see so many fraud claims on this website, I am just going to tell my bank that the purchase was fraudulent and have them refund me the money.

    Joe Lahey

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  • Cr
      May 14, 2019

    Today you charged me $28.00 for what? I did not authorize this. Refund this money or I will have my bank refund this amount. I paid 5.00 for a question about a small engine question. It took over 48 hours for answer that was not even relevant to the situation. At that time I told you to cancel my subscription. if you do not refund my money I will have the cancel your fee and call the Attorney Generals Office. Fraud claims seem to be a major part of your business model.

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  • Ro
      22h ago

    Same here! So far the worst experience I have ever had with a company. I have never posted a bad review in my life. But JustAnswer is that one scamming company that's taken me there. I'm completely disgusted with this company.
    I had paid $5 to have one question answered, this was an offer on their website. I got answer and was billed $5 immediately. A whole month later, I see new charge on my account, they took $46 out of my account without notifications! I immediately called as I was horrified. I was told that this was a membership fee that was coming with the $5 question I had asked a month prior. What?!? At no point they clearly stated I would also be enrolling in such scam. They're offering you the opportunity to pay for a one time question at $5 but on top of that you're paying a secret membership? it makes no sense! Anyone with a brain who then pay for the membership alone and ask as many questions as they'd like. I spent 20 minutes over the phone with the supervisor who was very determined to hold on my $46 as if her life depended on it. They made me want to vomit. They stole my money and never sent me a heads up either.
    Gross company, do not recommend. You will be met with nasty surprises like this one.

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