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And now I'm reading all these reviews that say that you guys are nothing but a rip off and I don't know what the heck to do. Also I need capital NEED to access a post that with that I posted Accidentally because it has so much personal information. I clicked the wrong button by mistake. And like a freakin robot I followed your directions to the letter by giving as much detail as possible regarding these accounts but now they're on public forum and I can't find it to edit it you've got to get meet you either take that down it's under and Fisher you either take that down or let me edit it because if I get all kinds of like stalkers or anything like that it's gonna be on you. Just like the account's being hijacked in the 1st place is on you. Not me II tried to stop it from the jump. That's it

  • Updated by Annie Fisher, Oct 02, 2019

    I report I reported to Google customer service back in March or April 2019 about my accounts having been hijacked. I had a lot of evidence I gave them his name I told them how they could find him I told them how they could how he was using my emails for Facebook etc and they did absolutely nothing about it at the time period then he ended up getting me locked out of my Facebook accounts I don't know how I lost a lot of information old memories pictures of my best girlfriend that was murdered on 09/11/2018. Then I get locked out of at least 45 accounts due to the fact that he stole the major accounts that others are linked through I can't read my can't get into pay pal I have money in their I can't get in to AOI can't remember right now but a lot it's affected everything I can't get into my outlook account. So I think it's all you guys fault because you didn't follow up when I gave when I 1st alerted you to this fact I didn't know what to do. And now I've been trying for since then to recover my accounts and it is become a beyond a nuisance it is critical that I get my account back and I keep having to jump through all these hoops? Why didn't he have to jump through hoops in order to steal it in the 1st place? How was he able to change my my passcode? He wasn't leaving have to go through all this nonsense he just got him that's it you pass them over to him or something I don't know how he did I tell you what period but he did and you were warned and I told you exactly where to find [protected]@thatmomentintimeperiodsogivemebackmyfreakinaccountsnowimnotjumpingtoanymorehoopsivegivenyoueverybitofinformationipossiblycantheremyaccountstheirmyaccountsifyoulookthroughtheaccountsyouseeanycorrespondencefromanyonenamemiguelperezexceptformaybeintueni19alltherestofitismyinformationmypeoplemycontactsmyeverything.[protected] is the backup for my outlook account frugal 1393 and I need that account that's a critical account that's my major account for business for job hunting for everything is my food to my outlook I only have one outlook I only had 1 outlook I've now had to set up several. I am so angry I just can't even get over it net. Now you decide you decide to get tight on the reins on on my account's you 2 are tied on the reins when he took Them. Please respond ASAP!!! My phone number is [protected]. My email address recovered thankfully because it's a backup for the you are next 62 account is [protected] you can email me there that the only email riginal email I have left I can't get into their all new all the other ones are new brand new it's sickening I'm pistol off.

Oct 02, 2019

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