Justansweryou hijacked my credit card!!

W Oct 05, 2019

You are a company that pretends to be, part of everything on the earth!
This is a total scam !! I noticed a Trial charge of $1, July 1, 2019, then weeks later, $28 charges started to happen. Unfortunately, 3 months have past, before I realized the charges on my statement & just acted upon it. I was promised a full refund for all 3 within 7biz days.
However, the CC that was used, has since expired. I can't wait to see how this is going to unfold !! I was told, that you will contact the CC bank to see how I get credited. Giving you a new card #, is simply, out of the question !
Not sure how this complaint form is going to help...

I do not have an acct# .
I do not have any past emails to be found, from July until now. Nothing, . until today after my call.
The Agent, had to use my email, to find me, during this inquiry.
ref# on My statement, 24692166G2XLQPAQF TRANS DATE 7/27/19

Now, I have received the following ref# ~ in a cancellation email.
Transaction ID: [protected]
I'm sending this along, for your Manager to follow up on, to be sure my refunds happen.

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