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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase / ATM withdrawal limit

Debav on Jan 26, 2017
My son is in the military serving our country. I called chase today to get a small increase on his debit card withdrawal. I was told by Debra and Aria that it couldn't be done unless he called btw they were very rude and non accomdating . I am on his account so that issues like this would...

Chase United Visa / Credit - customer service

Scrooged by Chase on Dec 24, 2016
Scrooged: chase united mileageplus visa scrooged me on christmas eve. We spend a lot of money with chase united visa every month. It turns out that on december 19, we missed a modest payment due. We received no notice from visa, nor any reminder. But, on christmas eve, chase united visa...

Chase / Customer service sucks

Fynz on Dec 8, 2016
Hello, I just want to encourage your company to please hire a nice customer service people. I called today and was just inquiring about the new chase credit card sapphire reserve because I wanted to apply, but that person is really rude and made me think twice if I really want to apply...

Chase Bank / Wire service

MJ hanson on Dec 1, 2016
On 11/29/2016 I went to a chase bank to make a wire transfer of funds to Kazakhstan. My daughter had made the request. She is a PhD candidate at Ohio state university. The money was to cover research costs she had contracted for this fall. The data she needed was to be sent to her upon...

Chase Bank / Customer service

Ken Keck on Nov 29, 2016
Yesterday I went to the chase bank by the mall because I have an account with chase . ( I'm disabled and going through the determination process and I walked about a mile each way my disability is copd with bolus emphazemia and Athsma . When I got there yesterday they had to informed...

Chase Bank / Mortgage refinance

FAdam on Nov 21, 2016
I wish I would have seen all the negative reviews before I started a refinance with Chase. I have my main loan with them and had started working through a refinance with a different company. After they found out they sent a letter stating they would like a chance to match or beat the...

Chase / Complaining for chase bank

Ifeellikealoser on Nov 17, 2016
I made two two payments of $25 on 11-15-16 the next day both payments was already posted to my banking history but chase had to take back a reversal that they gave me on 11-16-16 and i had some funs left in my account for gas so long story short after Chase Bank took the reversal i wa...

Chase Bank / Closing account without any valid reason

Shwaiki on Nov 15, 2016
I received a letter that Chase bank will close all my accounts checking, saving and credit card. I thought this might be a scam. I went to the bank and asked and the manager of the branch confirmed that to me. I asked about the reason and she did not give me any reason. I had these account...

Chase / Refunds

nigel wagner on Nov 13, 2016
I order some stuff from amazon they took the payment out of y checking unit 11/08/16 of $56.49 and refunded the money back on 11/08/16 towards my account but chase put it down as ach credit and never applied it towards the remaining balance of $29.18 I gave them chances after chances to...

Chase / Online banking/closing account

Sarah121 on Oct 28, 2016
I moved from the US to the UK and tried to transfer some of my funds out of my account. Chase seen this and blocked my online banking! When I rang their "customer help line" they asked me to vertify the exact date amount of transactions in and out of my account- how would you know thi...

Chase Bank / Denied fraud claim

1madbitch on Oct 26, 2016
I lost my debit card. It was used by someone and 1200 !!! Dollars was removed from my account!!...chase, to which ive never had a n issue regarding a claim before when these clever con artists and hackers got to work, claimed that " ive taken that kind of money out before so they're...

Chase / Check cashing

Pat WV on Oct 10, 2016
Went to Chase on 10/10/16at Rancho Market Place in Burbank CA to cash a check from my husband business account. As I was catching a plane in 3 hours. I supplied signed check and ID. I informed teller that I didn't have an account at Chase but did tell him I am an officer on the busine...

Chase / Atm/never informed by chase/customer service

Andrea Persaud on Oct 8, 2016
October 8, 2016 I was never informed by Chase by mail or letter that my old ATM would be closed yes I did receive a ATM card. So Chase cancelled my old ATM card without my permission or notification at all. I had an emergency thanks Chase for making life just a bit more stressful. Then I...

Chase Quick Pay / Non chase customer

WFNajat on Oct 5, 2016
On sepotember 30, 2016, I sent a quick pay to a friend through my chase quick pay account. I have a chase checking account as well. The process seemed simple. She is not a chase customer, but quickpay says that all you need is the persons email or mobile number to send/receive the fund...

Chase Bank / Worst branch

AlanS49 on Sep 9, 2016
The Lantana, Florida branch on Lantana Rd. is the worst branch of ANY bank I have ever been in. Not only do they ignore customers waiting on line, with just ONE teller no matter how long the line is, but they make rules up as they go along, nothing in writing and all you can do is steam...

Chase Bank / Check mobile deposit

Karine Parry on Aug 10, 2016
Chase Bank is the bank I have been with the longest. Recently, I set up check mobile deposit so that I could submit checks via the mobile phone check deposit option. It was working great! Then, the bank blocked the feature without my permission. I have since then contacted them variou...

Chase.com / New website august 2016

Virginia Stephens on Aug 7, 2016
The new Chase.com website is a big loser! It's slow to load and hard to navigate, but my biggest concern is that with my Windows 8.1 software and new-ish computer, I had to click the "Pay this Bill" box several times before being directed to the confirmation page to follow. The problem, a...

Jpmorgan Chase / Checking/savings account

mcmath512 on Aug 2, 2016
My accounts have been shut down for an unknown reason. I cannot find out why unless I go to bank with 2 forms of identification or receive a code on a cell phone. Going to the bank is not convenient since they close at 5:00 p.m. and my cell phone is dead right now, not taking a charge...

Jpmorgan Chase / Investment in bonds

P Barratt on Jul 22, 2016
I moved all my retirement money to Chase. I met with an advisor and said I wanted to invest 100K in a safe conservative investment that would make 1% or more PA. I repeated several times that I did not want a lecture on bonds going up and down and I made him promise he would never use the...

Chase Bank / Unreturned funds!!!!

ctheinfamous on Jun 30, 2016
I opened an account with Chase last year. Loved all the features, used my account accordingly, minimal times I over spent or charged an NSF. My boyfriend and I deposit US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS on a regular basis. They are donations for our fund, etc. On Friday, June 10th, I deposited 3, 265...

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