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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / atm

Janet Massey on Nov 1, 2017
On 10/30/17 @ 4:46 pm., I deposited $500.00 to the ATM at 1204 E. 53rd St. Chicago, IL. It spitted out $20.00, but kept the 480.00 without crediting to my account. I put in a claim at the bank right after it happened, but I have not heard from Chase as of yet. They told me to give the...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / balance transfer

ElenaGeorge on Oct 29, 2017
Per chases offer, I did a balance transfer on line for 3000 from chase to my citibank account. My account was debited but on money showed in my citibank account. Called chase. They told me that I had a wrong account number entered. They said citibank will return the check and i'll get a...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / individual checking account with disputed charges

Navy Bernard on Oct 24, 2017
I have disputed an amount of $116.for claim #254342697890001 due to a poor salon service with New Look company, I was told to provide information to support my claim, I have explained to them Chase what I have done to resolve my hair when New look salon refused to correct the highlight...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / bad customer service

Elissoy Herard on Oct 23, 2017
On October 11th, 2017 I went to a branch at Santa Barbara in Naples Florida 34104 to open an account, a banker by the name of Martha has refused to open that account, she said her manager by the name of Alejandro told her not to open it. I think it's prejudice because my documents were...

Chase Bank / unauthorized wire transfer

Sandy Pylant Garland on Oct 23, 2017
A few months back, I had someone successfully reverse over $1000 of charges on my Chase checking account. At the time I had around $150 balance in that account. Then they were successful in wire transferring $1000 out of my account. I have been reimbursed the $1000, however I had a balance...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / debit card

Paige Cuffe on Oct 23, 2017
I have tried to get an reissue of my debit card for over a month now, and still have not received one. The first time I submitted for one it took over 5 weeks, when I've constantly called to see what the hold up was, to finally cancel that one and have another one shipped out, and still...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / lack of notification on a transaction mistake.

labasmasok on Oct 23, 2017
There was a deposit made to my savings by mistake and once realized 5 days later was taken out through misc. debit. I did not receive any notification and only found out when I was reviewing my account. Called Chase Customer Service, referred to Loss Prevention and then referred to on Line...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / worst bank. hold customer's deposit for 14 days with no valid reason

Liang-Khoon Koh on Oct 20, 2017
Worst bank I ever deal with. Two days after they accepted and open my new account, they hold my deposit for 14 days. Locked my account. Even though the deposit money was from my other bank account and the money has been cleared, Chase continued to refuse to release my money. They even...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / holding up my insurance proceeds for invalid reasons

CMY on Oct 19, 2017
Chase Insurance claim #7148402 Holding hostage our $28, 000 in escrow while demanding a copy of my contractor's state license for a long time now after our complaint. Provided Chase with the Georgia Statutes that says roofers are EXEMPT from being licensed. Chase still demanding a copy of...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / premier checking and savings

icecream3000 on Oct 18, 2017
Thanks for choosing to go paperless. This email confirms your change from US Mail to paperless delivery for these account(s): PREMIER PLUS CKG...3076 PREMIER SAVINGS...9238 I opened a Premier Checking and Savings Account via military program on October 7, 2017. I completed all of the...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase bank account

Rizzorr on Oct 18, 2017
My nieghbor is an elderly woman. She got a call from a so called certified Microsoft repair man claiming he was responding to her computer issues. She recently did call someone about it but it just wasn't this person . She believed that is was so she allowed him to access her computer...

JP Morgan Chase / unauthorized debit card charge

Sylvia Mul on Oct 17, 2017
Hi there, I was stunt when saw my checking account history was overdrawn $1135 on 08/21/17, purchased a laptop thru Ebay using paypal link to bank account, I never purchased laptop thru Ebay, and filed disputed to bank, notify Ebay and Paypal. Bank (Chase) gave me temporary credit. Few day...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase bank at industrial park branch, syracuse, new york

marie scottie on Oct 16, 2017
I have had my business account at Chase Bank since 1988 and really have not been happy for many years. The Minoa branch was terrible to deal with so I switched to the Oneida Branch. When I moved into the Eastwood area about 10 years ago I switched to the Industrial Park Branch. For many...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / mortgage reporting to credit bureau

Dave Wilcox Jr. on Oct 14, 2017
I held a residential mortgage starting in July 1995 for my home at 99 Cornwall Lane, Guilford, CT 06437. Originated with Chemical Bank on that date and then merged with Chase in march 1996. Chase has not accurately reported my credit history back to the origination of the loan to July 1995...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase visa cards being declined nationwide today!!!

Dennis Kipnis on Oct 13, 2017
Chase Business Debit VISA cards are being declined. Sarai Martinez in Business Banking said there IS an issue with VISA. I asked for notification to when the issue is resolved. Told the only thing I can do is try using the card later today. It is an embarrassment for a good standing Chase customer...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / merchant business account

Valentyn Kulbaka on Oct 12, 2017
TO: Customer Service Merchant Service JPMorgan Chase FROM: Valentyn Kulbaka, President Green Wall Construction 3261 Phillips Hwy. Jacksonville, FL 32207 Merchant ID: 720000450290 I consider it is my duty to inform you about the unpleasant experience that I had with Chase Bank Merchant...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / estate planning

R.Ros on Oct 12, 2017
In October 2017, I received a check as a result of a Chase employee's gross negligence. I was wrongly removed from a joint account and denied access to the funds. The primary account holder has passed and as joint accoutn holder and executor of his will, I contacted the bank. They...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / hold of money

Karthik Kumar Rajendran on Oct 11, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is karthik kumar Rajendran and I am pursuing my higher studies in USA. I expecting a return of wire transfer from India to my bank Federal Credit Union through you (JP morgan chase bank) as an intermediate bank. The wire has returned on 21-sep-2017 from my bank...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / quick pay

Ms. Forrest on Oct 9, 2017
Sent $36 to my son on Oct 6, 2017 transaction failed but funds came out my account 4X. Called Customer Service. Said it will credit back at end of business day. 3 days later I still don't have my money. Everyday someone is saying it's going to credit back in morning. I've waited 3days.. I...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / claims department

Anca1221 on Oct 8, 2017
Your claims department is a joke! The managers are extremely rude and incompetent!!! You need to do some serious work on this! I am taking my money out of your bank and closing my account tomorrow! And letting everyone I know to do the same! You will never had reassurance that chase bank will...

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