Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Storesfabric department customer service


Eastport Plaza Shopping Center
3900 SE 82nd Ave #1000
Portland OR 97266
7/11/16 (Monday) @ 3:30pm
I like JoAnn. I can spend all day at the store just looking at all the cool stuff. But, after today’s experience with their customer service, I am not going back there anymore. My aunts and I were waiting at their Fabric department desk for fabric cutting. There were 2 girls assisting customers. It wasn’t a busy Monday afternoon; there were only 3 or 4 customers ahead of us. I overlooked the sign so I didn’t know they are using a ticket system. My aunts don’t read English. After 30 min wait, I finally got my turn. I laid the fabrics on the desk right in front of the girl who was supposed to help me next. All the sudden, a lady walked up to the desk and asked, “do I need to pick a number?” The girl responded, “yes, you do.” I started to get worried because I didn’t have a ticket so I kindly asked, “I didn’t know I have to pick a number but I’ve already been waiting here for half an hour, could you help me first? The girl said, “No, we have to go by the number. If you don’t have a number, I can’t help you, ” and she walked away. Seriously?! I was pissed. Three of my aunts were still talking to each other and waiting for me patiently. I picked a number and It was 95. I continued standing on the same spot looking at the girls; one was fixing something at the other end of the desk. Another one picked up the microphone and started calling, “91, 92, 93, 94.” No one respond to the first 3 numbers and those numbers never called out the whole time I was there. The lady with number 94 came up because she was the only one standing there. I decided to talk to the store manager to express my anger. Finally met with the store manager and told her everything I’ve experienced. Shockingly, she said nothing comforting but went on and on saying I have to pay attention to their ticket sign and have to pick a number. She also said the girls are doing the right thing and that they would not assist customers without tickets. She also explained it in another way, “the girls are working pretty much like robots, if they see a ticket they help you, if they don’t see a ticket, they won’t help you.” She continued, “we don’t have that many manpower here to help people that are not willing to wait.” Wow, I was shocked. I didn’t expect a store manager would communicate this way to a customer. I didn’t agree with her so we argued. Before I left the store, I said to her, “I am sorry to hear that your staff are working like robots and they’re not working like humans anymore”. She replied with an angry face, “oh, they don’t service YOU anymore”. I was extremely angry to the point that I felt my body was shaking. Feeling helpless, I took a deep breath and left the store. I do respect their ticket system if I knew it the first time. Next time if I walk in to a JoAnn store, I probably would grab a ticket ASAP just like I walk in to DMV, if I still go there again. I am posting and mailing this letter to everywhere I could. I am curious about how other people might react if they were in a similar situation like this.

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