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Christopher made verbal advances to my fiance while delivering our food. Christopher was the driver and the manager at the time was Joseph. The Jimmy John location was in Edwardsville, IL . The commentary made to my fiance included, "Your voice sounded nice on the phone but I didn't expect you to look this nice person." After my fiance dismissed the comment, Christopher took a bow and said, "Thank you madam" as she handed him the signed receipt. As he was walking back to the car and Kendra was grabbing the cat to bring in, Christopher stated, "If I didn't have any more deliveries to make, I'd love to take you out." At this point, my fiance stated that she is engaged and returned inside. Why would you as a delivery driver make someone feel uncomfortable at their own residence. Second of all, what an unprofessional impression that leaves on Jimmy John's. After calling the manager, Joseph, nothing was vocalized to me about what he was going to do about it. Extremely disappointed.


  • SubSquirrel Sep 25, 2017

    He flirted with her He was polite, not rude, and didn't hang around. Flirting gets you bigger tips. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

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  • Ya
    Yayayaknow Jan 05, 2020

    @SubSquirrel "If I didn't have any more deliveries to make, I'd love to take you out." That's supposed to get you future tips? If anything, it'll get you a slap in the face.

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  • SubSquirrel Jan 05, 2020

    @Yayayaknow It wasn’t appropriate but he wasn’t rude in language.

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