Jimmy John'sarea manager being absolutely ridiculous

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I worked at Jimmy Johns, I was the first, I tried calling out of work the next day because I was sick and throwing up constantly, I couldn't call so I texted my area manger that I couldn't work the next day because I was sick I can't make it in and I don't know who to find to cover my shift. First He Said to talk to my gm & my gm said he wasn't going to work tomorrow & that I was trying to force him to work witch I was not. Instead of him helping me find someone to cover me he just Insisted on my having to work regardless and tried using my "track records" has something to force me into working still. Honestly that's ridiculous and I shouldn't of had to put up with that. I guess be careful eating at a jimmy johns because there employees might me sick because there being forced to work anyways. I was certified too and I felt bad for quitting because of all that money spent on me for it to and my area manger pissed all that money away on his owe I'm not gonna work for a company that's gonna force you to work sick especially around food. Disgusting!


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    Tina Schmid Jan 10, 2019

    This is Very True, I was a GM for Jimmy John's and a 1st Assistant. It's very hard to find coverage if your sick and they pretty much force you to work even when you are sick. I always helped my employees find someone to cover them.

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