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Why in hell would you put corn syrup in sausage? I do not eat sugar or corn syrup of any form but those naturally in fruits. You make it so I can't buy your sausage by putting that poison in it. Meat doesn't need sweetener so I'm not sure why in hell you'd think this would sell more meat. If you stopped jamming unnatural crap in your food, you might sell more of it.


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    Carolina Moon Jan 06, 2019
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    B careful folks when u buy korean style bbq glazed beef and pork meatballs from the jewel on cumberland has bone fragments in it that will crack your teeth, i know cause the bone fragments cracked my tooth exposing the nerve and had to b pulled by oral surgeon, who after seeing my routine xrays two months b4 eating these meatballs sold by jewel and the company says oh were sorry and we aopologize but we have state of the art quality control, so we are not responsible for the damage to your tooth, and this is okay with jewel to sell products from this company that causes dental damage to the customer and this is okay with doesntjewel?? and their insurance company travelors says " we are sorry but were not responsible" so i guess its my fault for buying this proiduct from jewel and its okay because jewel doesnt care what damage its products cuase o to the customer, do u jewel??

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