Jewel-Oscopepsi/coke special


We live in Chicago, IL (COOK COUNTY). Since the "soda tax" went into effect, I would have my husband pick up our soda when he would have meetings outside of the county. We've been doing this all summer and soon it's coming to an end December 1st. We have always said "we're doing two transactions" or three and nobody has ever said a word. Yes, I know there's a limit but it's NEVER been enforced before. Why wouldn't you just take the sale and not worry about it? We tell the cashiers that we've come from the city, how ridiculous the tax is, etc. Today the cashier said, "oh, I don't know if we can do that" and calls the manager (Kevin Mull) over the phone/speaker and he said "no". "Come back tomorrow". My husband offered to go out to the car and come back in. He offered to return after his meeting. Kevin could have been a little bit flexible. He could have said "I'll make an exception in this case but just so you know..." or something along those lines instead of angering everyone involved and losing the sale! Money is money. The customer wants to buy more soda. Just let him!! Yes, I know it's the rule but when NOBODY follows it (except Kevin) you can see where the customers are going to get miffed. My husband said he got loud because it was so stupid. He felt bad for the cashiers. There are "rules", there's common sense (more money for the company if I turn a blind eye to a stupid rule like everyone else does), and there's going along to get along...why rile everyone up by saying "no" when, if you just let it go, everyone is happy?


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