Jetstarlong delays with refunds despite the cancellation being caused by jetstar's rescheduling

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Refund still not received 2 months after a cancellation made due to a change of Jetstar's schedule.

Timeline of my dealings with Jetstar

11/9/2008 - booked a flight on Jetstar Asia online
26/9/2008 - received email notification that the flight time had been moved from 16:35 to 21:20 resulting in me being unable to make a connecting flight on Qantas.
26/9/2008 - rang Jetstar Melbourne and cancelled the flight as they had no other alternatives that would allow me to make my connecting flight. Asked for a refund. Advised the refund would take 8-12 weeks
17/11/2008 - rang Jetstar in Melbourne to follow up and they agreed to fast track the refund and promised a refund within 7 days.
24/11/2008 - rang Jetstar in Melbourne only to find that no refund had been made or requested. Advised they had submitted another fast track.
26/11/2008 - rang Jetstar in Melbourne to double check that the fast track promised had been processed. Jetstar advised for the first time that I would need to speak to Jetstar in Singapore as they processed all refunds.
26/11/2008 - rang Jetstar in Singapore who advised that the refund would take 8-12 weeks from the time I made this call as all previous correspondence had been with Jetstar in Melbourne who failed to pass any information on to Singapore. Jetstar agreed to process the refund within 6 weeks.


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    deecee Apr 19, 2009
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    Verified customer

    this is not unusual - am having the same problem with 3 out of 4 flgiths booked June 2008 cancelled in December Jan 2008_9, and the fouth shifted, so that all were useless. Jetstar assured no problem with repayments, but then three months later no money forthcoming - it's a long and tedious story -runarounds, 'contact our Singapore division' after three other communications with Aus Jetstar - next stop Business Affairs and the Ombudsman. Wish us luck! $1000 for a year plus interest!

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    Frequent Traveller Jun 09, 2009

    Same problem. Jetstar changed flight schedule Syd-Hobart meaning one of 4 persons booked could not travel. Agreed to refund for the person affected. Six weeks later received notice "adjustment note" from Jetstar dated a week earlier. One week later (7 weeks after refund promised), phoned Jetstar and refund had not been processed. Also had omitted credit card fee ($6 ). Promised to 'fast track' so would be processed in 5 days. If that happens will have taken 8 weeks.

    Is there not some regulatory body which can control this. It is outrageous that an airline can take money for a fare, then not deliver the product, agree to refund and have not actioned this for 7 weeks. I assume there is a substantial amount of cash tied up in this process which is inappropriately being used by Jetstar over this extended period. And I wonder what the rate of non claimed refunds is there as I'm sure there are a number of people who simply give up.

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    rayvaday Aug 11, 2009

    I am in a similar predicament except I am taking the matter to Dept of Fair Trading.
    Refund from Jetstar has been given to another person according to their records therefore its my job to follow up ...except they wont give me details on the person they refunded my funds to and I have serious doubts whether I will get my funds back.

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    Jetstar-rage Aug 29, 2010

    I have a similar refund problem with Jetstar. I paid Jetstar a higher priced fare so that I would have the flexibility to cancel a flight from Honolulu if required. When I cancelled the flight they then told me it would take 14 working days for them to pay the $1000 refund. When I complained about the 14 working day delay, the Jetstar guy failed to give any explanation as to why Jetstar needed to hold my money for almost 3 weeks. Jetstar is a rort. Jetstar has a system to take our money instantly, but they seem to struggle to return customers' money. What on earth could take 3 weeks? Jetstar are thieves holding my $1000 for so long. I guess their theft will earn them interest for 3 weeks, but they just lost a truckload of goodwill, and a customer. Jetstar were just ranked Australia's worst Airline. I wonder if they are really Australian. Australians don't treat customers like that. Jetstar are star gougers!

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    SelleV Sep 13, 2011

    This is true. I have the same problem with jetstar. They are very annoying in terms of refund. They make it so hard like they don't want to give our money back. I want to share some timelines I had been calling up with jetstar:
    10 March 2011 - Called up Jetstar for the refund of around $464.14
    5 April 2011 - Called up Jetstar and refund was approved. (They said it would take around 5-7 business days.
    23 May 2011- Called up Jetstar why I had not received the REFUND. They claimed that refund has been processed.
    From that moment on, I kept calling the bank for followup.
    17 August 2011 - Called up Jetstar to inform that the bank never received any money/refund from jetstar. So I requested a document for the refund but they didnt give any. Instead they just gave me a PAYMENT ID # to show the bank.
    18 August 2011 - Bank claimed they didn't receive anything from Jetstar. Jetstar asked to check the Bank statement of APRIL
    24 August 2011 - Called up Jetstar (They said that they will investigate the problem
    will take around 5-7 for clearing up)
    1 September 2011 - Called up Jetstar and was advised to fax the bank statement of april and will take another 5-7 business days after I fax the Bank statement.
    9 September 2011 - Faxed the Bank statement from April.

    This has been going on for long now and I'm still continuing to go over it. Will continue to update more about this.

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