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We have applied for a Jetstar Credit Card so that we can received a $100 flight Voucher. And the only condition was we made a purchase and then they will email it us within 60 days. But until now, we still haven't received anything!!! Called them three weeks ago and still haven't got the answer! What a joke and giving fault information to the customer!!! Don't apply and trust their credit card!!!

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Jetstar Airwaysdid'nt recived e-ticket

    Urgent !!!

    I booked jetstar airways ticket from the official website for trip singapore-surabaya and i have error message when i finished doing payment using credit card.
    I was asking my bank and they told me that the payment is succeed but i did'nt recieved e-ticket in my email.

    I was trying to contact call centre in other country (singapore. Now i am in malaysia) but no body talk to me. Only the machine played some advertising all the time.

    Today is 4 days before my flying date.

    Please help me !!!

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Jetstarcredit card fees

      I recently booked flights from Newcastle to Brisbane and return for a friends wedding. Jetstar had the hide to charge me a $14 credit card fee. Apparently you are charged $3.50 per person plus you are charged $3.50 each flight. It's highway robbery to be able to charge that amount especially when there is only 1 booking & a standard fee should be charged regardless of how many people are flying. What if you were booking flights for 20 people, then bloody Jetstar get and extra $70 from each of those people plus an extra $70 if they have return flights with them. I think that's very disgusting & amounts to theft as far as I'm concerned. They should be only allowed to charge 1 flat fee for credit card processing. I notice they don't charge any fees if you sign up for one of their stupid credit cards. Like there's any chance of that happening! THIEVES THAT WHO JETSTAR ARE!

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        Jetstar — the jetstar customer care team

        Please allow at least 15 business days for a response from one of our Customer Care analysts ?????? Dear Ah...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Jetstarwhere is my refund???

        Called again today july 26 @ 1.00pm [protected] no one pick up the call, 1.00pm

        I'm waiting 12 minutes to listen the ###ing jetstar advertisement and still no one pick up the call

        ----- original message -----
        To: customer.[protected]@jetstar.com ; [protected]@jetstar.com ; [protected]@jetstar.com
        Sent: saturday, july 24, 2010 9:12 am
        Subject: where is my refund??????????????????????????????

        Dear jetstar,

        What is the problem with your customer phone number [protected]????
        I'm wasting rm20 call this number and keep me hearing your stupid machine advertisment, none of one real person pick up the call!!! i have been call up this number since june until today, where is all your person going??????? can find someone pick up the call!!!

        I called may 20, 2010 (thursday) @ 14:53pm spoke to a gentlement name joe about jetstar have wrongly charge me rm275.00 for invalid transaction number 74544150119090000xxxxx. i been told by this gentlement the money will be refund to me on my next month credit card statement. i already received two months credit card statement since i complaint!! not a zero cent is refund to my credit card

        I want my money back!

        I'm very... not satisfield with the service your have

        From unsatisfy customer

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          • Fr
            frustrated flyer Dec 14, 2010

            refunds, what a load of $%^&^, i called jetstar to cancell a return flight from mackay to brisbane, even though i am not due to fly for another week and the seat can be easily booked by someone else, i called their number 131538 only to get a call centre in malaysis, a lot of good that is for me, the person i tried to talk to was the most rudest person i have ever spoken to, when i asked to speak to his supervisor i simply got cut off, so looks like jetstar are making money from people who need to cancell due to issues beyond their control, this is simply double dipping, if i could cet through to jetstars office here in australia i might have a chance of a refund, unfortunately their Melbourne office number simply diverts to a call centre overseas, what happened to the fair trading act,

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Jetstarrude and unprofessional check-in counter staff

          I would like to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities of Changi Airport terminal one regarding an unpleasant incident that took place on Tuesday, 6 July 2010, at Jetstar check-in counter Row 10 at approximately 2:10pm. The counter staff, Nasihah was extremely rude and unprofessional. As soon as she walked to the counter, she put on a sulky face and even ignored me when I greeted her. She refused to look at me when speaking and treated me as if I was dirt. I honestly was taken aback by her standoffish mannerism and extremely bad manners. I have never encountered such rude behaviour from any Jetstar staff in any of my trips abroad. Jetstar is my preferred airline when I travel to Singapore twice a year and I have always been very impressed by the excellent service of their counter an in-flight staff, so this was a real shock to me. I have also never experienced this form of rudeness from any staff at Changi Airport which is so well known for great customer service. I know that Mr Lee Kuan Yew is a great advocate of courtesy as I grew up in Singapore under his leadership. Hence, I hope that the relevant authorities take a serious view of my complaint and conduct an investigation into the matter. I strongly feel that one irresponsible staff member should not be allowed to bring down the good name of the airline as well as Changi Airport. A feedback form has been lodged at the airport on the day of the incident. I look forward to hearing from the authorities concerned on the outcome of my complaint via email. Thank you and regards, Jennifer Vasavan

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            • Jv
              jvasavan Jul 24, 2010

              The Jetstar staff (her name is Nasihah) walked to the counter at around 2:10pm on the day with a moody face. When I greeted her 'good afternoon' she totally ignored me. Although she did that, I waited patiently until she completed whatever was necessary for me to check-in n then moved on to get a feedback form n complained directly in writing on her bad mannerism for no reason at all. Nasihah was very unfriendly n curt n treated me as if I was dirt. For a front line counter staff I think that is unacceptable behaviour. I have since received a response from the airport assistant manager who assured me that she would be referring my complaint to Changi International Airport Services as the staff was a ground staff of that section.

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            • Wt
              wtsy Jan 24, 2012
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              this incident was 2010 mine was 2011 i am not sure if we are talking about the same person but read my experience with this horrible airlines!!!

              A horrible experience with Jetstar
              by Wilmarie Sy on Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 9:09am

              On November 24th, my husband and I flew with my daughters to the Philippines for a month and a half long vacation to visit relatives and on December 28th 2011, I flew to Singapore via Jetstar with my 2 daughters, ages 5 and 3, my husband stayed in the Philippines to attain to his side of the family. It was our first time in Singapore and we immediately fell inlove with the cleanliness and the diversity of people. It was our vacation from our vacation and I couldn’t have asked for more, little did I know that this was to be short lived. On December 31st at12:15 am, we were scheduled to head back to Manila via Jetstar airlines, this was supposedly the case!
              The trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare. We arrived at Changi airport at 5:30 p.m., hoping we'd be able to check-in early, we were told to come back at 10:30 that night. At 9:30 p.m. the counter opened and we lined up. After I presented our passport to the lady at the counter, Nursharida, she had asked for our return ticket from Manila to Toronto, the country we originated from, without telling me why she needed it. I told her that I didn’t have the ticket since I left it in Manila, It seemed meaningless since it was not a transfer ticket from Singapore to Toronto and the tickets were purchased separately. She made me go to Cathay Pacific to obtain a copy of our ticket which showed our scheduled flight from Manila to Toronto on January 2nd, 2012. I was very tired and already upset. After I had given her the print out, she scrutinized our travel documents and told me my 3 year old daughter's passport is not valid since it is expiring within 6 months, not yet expiring, or expired, or will it be upon arrival to Toronto, but will be within 6 months!
              Nursharida refused to let me and my daughters board the flight due to my daughter's passport “validity”. At this point, my 5 year-old daughter was crying as she understood what was going on. I asked to speak to a manager and she gave me the phone with someone whom was apparently was Robert Lim, the manager. He refused to listen to what I had to say, nor let me have a word in edgewise! Point black, he said that we cannot board the plane.
              What I don’t understand is why was my daughter given a visa to go to Singapore, and be able to go through Singapore Immigration upon arrival? Why were we allowed to leave Jetstar from Manila to go to Singapore? The 2 days between the dates from when we arrived to our departure could NOT have made an impact on the validity of my daughter’s passport. And if that was the case, why was it not inspected boarding Jetstar in the Philippines, or questioned even?
              Every single employee of Jetstar in Singapore that night was not helpful at all. They did not do anything to help, instead they kept saying, “We are just protecting our job”. They didn’t want the airlines to have to pay a penalty if immigration were to fine them because of my daughter's passport validity, which would have been the case had my daughter’s passport actually been not valid. I begged and cried, but there no sympathy from the Jetstar employees that night. My daughters were crying, tired and exhausted, but nothing. I had no family or friends in Singapore, it was just a country I knew because of geography, I had no money and to sum it all up, we were helpless.
              Nursharida, Jetstar employee, Robert Lim, 3k Asmidar, Thank you for leaving me a distasteful experience of Singapore!
              I need an explanation why Singapore immigration budget terminal had told me today that Jetstar shouldn’t have done what they did, and that I should have been allowed in the plane since I was cleared when I left Manila, and that Singapore Immigration already knew the case of my daughter's passport.
              This is not a threat but I just want to let people know that I will make sure everyone I know knows of what Jetstar did to me and my kids. 3k Asmidar and Robert Lim were apparently aware of the situation I was having. Nursharida insisted that I stay in Singapore until I renewed my daughter's passport. Embassy is closed until Tuesday. We fly back to Toronto on January 2nd. My daughter's passport is STILL not expired!
              Thank to friends and family in the Philippines, we were able to take another airline back to Manila today via Cebu Pacific, they were aware of my daughter's passport situation and they were fine with it since I have a return ticket back to Toronto. My daughter is not a flight risk, nor a job risk!

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Jetstarflight booking

            I booked a flight on the Jetstar website flying to Sydney for the weekend, with my lovely girlfriend. My booking was processed and I was given reference details. I paid via internet banking and handed over my details and in good faith, left the matter to be sorted. It informed me..like all internet banking, it may not occur immediately, and may take several days. The matter was left at that.
            I then attempted to e-check in 50 odd hours after the booking had been made, and my reference number was "invalid". My order hadnt been processed. I called Jetstar, and was rudely treated. The blame was placed entirely on me, and they informed me I should have contacted them within 24hours... even though their site informed me internet banking transfers may take 48 hours!
            They then proceeded to charge me $80 more for the flights I had purchased. To make matters worse, they used EXACTLY the same reference details.
            It's pathetic these airlines use and abuse customers, and take advantage of us.
            Their argument was I should have contacted them when I didnt receive a confirmation email...
            I responded:
            a) I was told it may take up to 48 hours to process
            b) if the transaction had failed...why couldnt they email me to inform me!!
            Instead, they put you through hours of stress, with no remuneration and charge you more for exactly the same flight!

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              • Ex
                extra $1500 Jun 30, 2011

                Had a similar situation. We had seet numbers and everything, but got our money returned A WEEK LATER with no communication at all. They appear to have poor processes in place... i.e. if they can send you an email to CONFIRM your booking, why cna't they just send an email to tell you it bombed out? ended up costing us an extra $1500 for our family holiday! Plan to write to the CEO

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Jetstar — staff approach

              Flight JQ 935, from Cairns to Brisbane. my mum, dad and wife and I flew from Cairns to Brisbane on 19th Jan...


              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Jetstarpoor service standards from jetstar - is the best jetstar can offer?‏

              I am writing in to share a very unhappy experience in customer service standards at Jetstar.
              Despite strong advertising and quality assurances from their website, I found that the customer service at the call center still has a long way to go. Is it Jetstar's policy to impose unfair procedures and poor service standards upon good money-paying consumers?

              My wife and I has been looking forward to our holiday in Bangkok in May which we had spent the last 6 months planning for.
              However, the recent developments and the escalating violence in Bangkok has derailed our holiday plans.

              This has been a disappointment to us, but it was not the most frustrating event.
              We had chosen to fly via Jetstar, and it has been one of the worse decisions made so far.
              It has totally destroyed my mood for the holiday.

              Jetstar had not been helpful with the updates given only five days before the flight date on flight arrangements since the instability in Bangkok.
              My wife had called in on late-April 2010, and was informed that no changes in itinerary or flight dates can be made for our flight on 20 May 2010, and that there will be no refund. We left our feedback with regards to our concerns.

              Kane reverted with a phone call, and when he was asked what could be done, he replied nothing and cited company policy as his reply, and that information will only be given five days before the flight. When informed of our inconveniences and our wish of not incurring unfair costs, and that Jetstar should give a satisfactory answer to consumers' concerns, he shouted that it is the company policy and that it was our problem, not his.

              Imagine our shock at receiving such a reply!
              Does Jetstar not place any concern on the customers' well-being? Being in the travel industry, Jetstar should know and understand the costs involved in hotel cancellation and last-minute flight booking fees. Are we to be placed at Jetstar's convenience, and thus, incur such unnecessary costs?
              Is it the company's policy to disregard inconveniences to the customers when we have to make travel plans amendments at late notice?
              The performance of the service staff, Kane leaves much to be desired as well. Does Jetstar not send the service staff for quality training?

              On 16 May 2010, at around 12am, I made another call to Jetstar to check on the status of the flight booking. This time round, I was informed that we are able to choose from three alternatives. I was assured that customers can choose to either change the itinerary, flight dates or get a full refund, and that what was conveyed to me will be uniform throughout the company.

              A few hours later at around 2.45am, I called in to cancel the flight and to obtain a refund as our travel plans will be changed.
              I was received by Mike. Mike contradicts what his earlier colleague had informed me by saying no refund is allowed. He empasizes greatly on company policy not allowing a refund on our flight, and repeatedly interrupts me when I tried to speak.
              Mike is clearly not capable of assisting me. Even so, he outrightly rejects my request to be referred to his superior or a higher authority, claiming that he has every right to do so.

              What irks me is that there is no consistency in what is being conveyed to the customers, and that the customer service provided is totally different from what was publicised on their website. Mike has shown me that does not understand and is not capable of quality customer service. He blatantly displays a major disregard for the customers in his display of poor work attitude and unprofessionalism during our conversation. These actions further cement my opinions on the Jetstar experience being significantly in contrast from their assurances online.

              There is an obvious lack of hospitality - be it Australian or Asian, and as much as the staff may enjoy being a member of the Jetstar team, I am sure I will definitely not have a travel experience that is refreshing and enjoyable. Judging by how pre-travel has turned out, that is.

              What is further appalling is that both Mike and Kane are of a Customer Service Manager-level. What statement is Jetstar telling the public with such customer relations personnel?
              We have made calls in to check on Jetstar's developments from April, but were halted by their procedures. Our efforts at being proactively responsible for our own holidays were not appreciated by the service provider.

              Alternatives now proposed to us includes itinerary changes in which we have to top-up to current day prices. This is unfair as we had expected this scenario and our efforts to avoid it way back in April 2010 were disregarded by Kane and Mike, both representatives of Jetstar.

              Changes to flight dates are available, but the dates are only till 30 June 2010. We have already made arrangements at our work, and this short period of available dates is very unreasonable.

              There are many serious considerations which seems that Jetstar has not given due attention to - from the quality management to the actions taken for contingency plans. Even though I understand that the calls were routed to Jetstar's Melbourne's office and we were received by the Melbourne's staff, it does not mean that such service lapses should be allowed.

              Our request for a refund were made after taking into consideration the advice given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the shortcomings of the remaining two alternatives proposed. The other reason being a huge disappointment in Jetstar, and that I wish to bring any current and future business of mine away from the company. The company has failed to give me any options for an everyday low-fare travel based on the high overall costs to my preferred destinations, nor does experiences to date show that I will be enjoying a refreshing travel experience.

              From experience shared by my peers, customer-care actions in the handling of flights to Bangkok in the relevant period by other budget airlines, i.e. Tiger Airways were more considerate of their customers' needs and concerns.

              Singapore has already established herself as a country with applaudable service standards, I sincerely hope that such service lapses will not affect us.

              I will definitely think twice when choosing Jetstar, personally feeling that they have established themselves as an organisation with no relevant concern for their customers, and will strongly advise all other potential travellers to consider their choices wisely.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Jetstarlack of customer service

                I have many problems with this airline and hyere are the letteres I have sent to the with stil no outcome. Please help.

                Ref: BNE JQ 826 06 JAN 10 / V1V46L

                Dear Jetstar Customer Relations,

                I am writing to now make an official complaint regarding the way that I have been treated, spoken too, messed about, lied too and had costing made to me in an unacceptable way by your airline that advertises as ‘an airline that likes to save you money’.

                The bullet points below summarise what has happened:

                * I booked a flight from Sydney to Brisbane whilst in the UK, I called the service centre at a later date to add baggage allowance. After an hour on the line and not getting to speak to anyone, I gave up as it was costing me so much money, I tried a number of times to do this.

                * On the 6th Jan I checked in for my flight at Sydney airport to be charged $110 for baggage allowance, I explained the situation that I had tried to call and arrange for it to be added to my booking as it was cheaper, but I was told I would have to pay the amount or not allowed to take the baggage.

                * Around the 8th Jan I called the customer care centre to wait over an hour to speak to someone who then told me I would have to write in and gave me the address to do so. Around this time I sent a letter to you at this address to explain what had happened.

                * A member of your team called me to resolve the issue, and stated that there would be a $50 voucher issued to me via email within 5 days and when I book another flight the voucher could be used.
                I was happy with this outcome.

                * Over 2 weeks later the voucher had not arrived so I called you ounce again to see what was going on and I was told ‘we are very sorry the voucher was not sent and we will send it again’. I was told it would arrive within 48 hours via email.

                * Funny enough 2 weeks later the voucher had not arrived! Once again having to call your ‘service’ centre to once again see what was going on! On this occasion I was told that a member of the customer relations team would be contacting me within 48 hours!

                * A member of your customer relations team (Adam) contacted me and said that there was a mistake made, apologised and said that he would increase the value of the voucher to $100 and this would be issued within 48 hours and that he was also passing this onto supervisor to see if anything else could be done. I was not happy with this as the previous phone calls had already cost me $80 so the problem from the beginning with the baggage charge had not been resolved. This was around the 15th Feb.

                * Then guess what? 4 days later I still had no voucher! (Eric) in customer service (yes I had to call again) said that he would get a call back within 48 hours from customer relations….. 48 hours later…SO did (Rob) in customer service…. As I had to call again as no call back was given.
                In-between all this I have sent 2 emails to which guess what? I have had no reply.

                * I booked a flight to Sydney to leave on the 25th Feb. I paid full price for this flight.
                The $100 voucher arrived the day before the flight. As you can imagine, I found this very useful or not as I had just paid full fare for a new flight, a very good way to save your customers money indeed.
                The day before my flight to Sydney, I went to the check in desk 2 hours early to speak to someone about the problem I was having, I went to the check in desk as obviously there was no customer service desk.

                After nearly 2 hours a member of staff at the airport in Brisbane managed to get one sector refunded for me at a value of $89, this would have covered the cost of my Phone calls and then the voucher that was sent would have resolved the issue at the beginning. I then thought that I would not have to speak to anyone else from Jetstar again! How wrong could I be.

                * When I returned from Sydney, I went to book a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne for a date in May, using the voucher that I have waited nearly 2 months for, to find the voucher was invalid and could not be used.

                I called ‘customer service’ and once again waited 45 minutes to get through to then be accused of using the voucher already and how dare I call. Apparently I had used it for a flight to Sydney on the 25th Feb, Which works out the refund that was issued was given instead of the voucher, which was not the agreement. I was disgusted at this attitude, lack of respect and rudeness by your customer ‘service‘ agent. But there again what can I expect from such a badly ran company.

                I requested a call back from the customer relations team to find out what was going on. This was on the 14th March. Funnily enough it is now the 19th and I have had no call back.

                I have no idea why you have a customer service centre that has no idea how to provide a service and a customer relations department that have no idea how to build good relations with customers?!

                What I want from this is to resolve this issue with a written apology, the voucher returned to me at a higher amount and within a time frame that is kept too and to be at least treated with respect as a customer.

                I want to make you aware that I will not be contacting you via telephone, email or letter again, I will be going direct to a newspaper, news company and use the internet to publicise your extremely bad and ignorant way that you think you can treat customers that spend money with you.

                For an airline that advertises ‘An airline that likes to save you money’ I find this to be a total lie, and from recent events that are already on the news I think others agree.

                I look forward to your reply very soon, and I hope not to be waiting another 2 months for this, also I do not wish to be left voicemail to call you back as like I have stated already I will not do so.

                I then sent a letter to The CEO of jetstar with stil no reply...

                Dear Bruce Buchanan of Jetstar Airlines,

                I write to you in reference to my previously sent letter which is attached and which your company emailed me stating that they had received.

                After waiting 3 weeks for Jetstar to reply I have no option but to do what I stated in the previous letter unless we resolve this matter immediately.

                I will commence distribution of this complaint along with witness statements and call records over to the news agencies, reporters and various websites around the world if I do not have a reply within 5 days.

                I will be doing this with the support of, witnesses who have been present when I have called Jetstar time and time again, call records that I have gained from my telephone network company and the help of Robert Heath Solicitors, Brisbane.

                I see Jetstar as a company that has total disregard for customers. So much so that your complaints team can’t seem to deal with complaints in a time frame that is set by themselves.
                As for a call handling agent, answering a telephone call in a decent manner, is unheard of and a waiting time for them to do that is a disgrace and if you are lucky to get in contact with one of these rude agents you normally get ‘cut off’ as they don’t seem to be trained to be able to transfer a call in a correct manner, all of which I have proof of.

                I hope to get a reply from you to resolve this issue.


                Jay Williams

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Jetstarrude customer service

                  I write in to complain on Jetstar customer service officer. They are very rude and not professional at all. They do not have basic manner and not helpful at all. According to them, the main head quarter is at KL. I still need to send my requests to KL in order to get it. This type of service is not efficient at all.
                  Then don't provide the number [protected] since the customer service is not at singapore. Wasting customer time to call up but they did not provide the correct service.

                  I am really very disappointed with the service.

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                    Jetstarpathetic jetstar management and contingency plans

                    I had been planning a trip to go and visit my girlfriends home town near Hiroshima for about a year. I thought I would fly the cheapest airline and Jetstar was the obvious choice, I even splurged a bit and paid for starclass to japan but economy back (starclass was not really worth it unless you have over 20kg of baggage). The flight to Japan went smoothly but problems occurred on the flight back.

                    The flight from Osaka back to Australia was originally scheduled to depart at 8:05pm but about a 2 days before the departure date I received an email from jetstar saying that the flight time had been changed to 8:20pm, this was not a problem as it was only 20 minutes later. I arrived at the airport about 2 hours before the new departure time and checked my baggage and had a walk around before going to wait at the gate. The plane arrived about an hour late, not really a problem as I was just happy it was there. All the passengers boarded the plane and it began to taxi out onto the runway. After moving about 10 meters the plane stopped and the captain came onto the speaker saying that there was a problem. We just sat there for about half an hour until the captain said that there was a problem with the front wheel of the plane and that we all had to get off until they fixed the problem.

                    After getting off the plane I headed straight for the beer vending machine and then to the smoking room where I met Yuki, a Japanese girl and Leighton, a guy from New Zealand. We spent most of the next few hours there chatting and debating whether we were actually going to fly until about 1am in the morning there was an announcement that the flight had been canceled and everyone would be put up in a hotel for what remained of the night. All the passengers then went back through security to collect their bags and wait for about another hour to be assigned a taxi to take us to a hotel. While waiting in the line a woman went around asking if people had any duty free items. She would then take the items and give you a small bit of paper with a barcode (more on this later). When we got to the hotel we were each given a room and headed straight for a little convenience store inside the hotel as we were all starving hungry. We spent the next hour and a half chatting over a couple of drinks before going to bed.

                    The next morning I woke about 9:30 and went to see if Yuki or Leighton had heard anything. They both had received phone calls from Jetstar informing them that they had to go to Tokyo to get a flight that night. I waited about 20 minutes for my phone call from Jetstar but no call came, so I rang Jetstar. I was told that I could wait another 2 days for a flight out of Osaka or make my way to Tokyo to get a flight which departed at 7pm that night. I was obviously not happy with these options but chose to go to Tokyo. Luckily Yuki also had to go to Tokyo to get her flight and could help me (as I don't speak Japanese).

                    We had to take a total of 4 trains to get from the hotel in Osaka to Narita airport in Tokyo. Navigating Japanese train stations was a nightmare with heavy luggage, but we finally got to Narita airport just in time to check in for each of our flights, Yuki had to run to her gate. The trip from Osaka to Narita airport took neally 7 hours and cost me 16, 460 yen (just over $200 australian)

                    The upgrade debarcle
                    As I had bought a starclass seat to Japan and an economy seat back, I thought that if I had enough yen left and had over the economy luggage limit that I would upgrade my return flight to starclass. When checking in at Gold Coast airport for my flight to Japan I asked the receptionist what the process was to upgrade. I was told that if I called jetstar within 24 hours of my return flight that I would be able to upgrade. So, The morning of my flight I phoned jetstar and asked if I could upgrade to starclass, the person on the other end of the phone told me that there were plenty of starclass seats still available and in order to upgrade I had to do it when checking in for my flight, no worries I thought. But when I went to check in for my return flight and asked to upgrade to starclass, I was then told that while there were starclass seats available, jetstar no longer allowed people to upgrade. Why the hell wasn't I told this before?

                    Duty free... not with jetstar
                    While waiting for the original plane to come home from Osaka, I thought I would buy a carton of smoke as they were so cheap (about A$20 for a carton of 10 packs). But when waiting in line to go to the hotel that night after the flight was canceled, the jetstar staff went around asking if anyone had and duty free and if so it was taken off you and you were given a piece of paper with a barcode on. (I am assuming this is because you are not allowed to go outside the airport with the duty free).
                    The next day when I checked in at the airport in Tokyo for my new flight, I asked about my duty free. The receptionist did not have a clue, so spoke with her manager who went and made a phone call and then came back to me and told me that I would be able to pick it up when I arrived at the Gold Coast.
                    When my horrific journey was finally over and I had arrived at the Gold Coast I went to the jetstar baggage counter to collect my duty free cigs. The receptionist there told me that she had no clue about the duty free or the piece of paper with barcode on which I was given in Osaka and that the duty free might be on the plane but would be unloaded last, so I had to wait.
                    I waited about an hour until the receptionist said that it wasn't on the plane and that she had no idea where it was. She then took my name and number and a description of the duty free and said I would get a call when it arrived (she also did this with a few other people who were in the same situation).
                    Two weeks went be when I finally recieved a call about the duty free, It was a woman from customs and she said that my goods were available to be picked up from customs at the Gold Coast airport. This wasn't really a problem as I had to go and pick my girlfriend up a couple of days later anyway. When I went to pick up my duty free, I was in for a surprise, I had to pay A$57.84 in Tax...WTF. After telling my story to the customs officer, she said she could not believe what jetstar had done but that there was nothing she could do and that I should take the matter up with jetstar. I just paid the tax and got the hell outa there.

                    After being back in Australia a couple of days I thought it would be a good idea to phone jetstar to express my complaints and try to get a refund for the train trip from Osaka to Tokyo (which I had been told I was entitled to by jetstar staff). This in itself was not a pleasant experience. After searching the jetstar site for a while, it seemed that jetstar only had one number that they can be contacted on, so I rang that number. When I rang the number I was presented with a few automated options, the standard for a large company these days I suppose. As no other options related to my call, I chose the last option which was to speak to a representative. This then diverted me back to the same options again, hmm I thought, I'll try again. This then took me back to the same options once again, What the hell? Even there phone options are broken. After selecting the option to book a flight I eventually got on to a sales rep. who was obviously based in India. After explaining the situation to the rep. I was told that someone would phone me back in the next 72 hours.

                    The next day I received a call from a jetstar employee and I proceeded to explain the situation to him. He gave me the standard spiel on how he understood my situation and that he would help me, he also told me that I could get a refund for the train from Osaka to Tokyo. I told him that I did not really think this was enough and he then offered me a $100 or $200 (I can't remember) voucher to fly on jetstar but that the voucher had to be used on a flight that was booked within 3 months and departed within the next 12 months. This voucher was of no real use to me as I had no plans to fly within the next 12 months, and even if I did I wouldn't be booking within 3 months. I explained this to him but was told that this was all he could do. I then asked to speak to his manager but was told there was no one above him that would speak to me on the phone and that if I wanted to take the matter further I would have to put it in writing and send it to them (he then gave me an address). The call ended there, I was not really satisfied but was happy that at least I would get a refund on the train.

                    Just under two weeks went by and I still had not send the information to jetstar for a refund on the train trip. I had just returned from collecting my duty free (outlined above) and thought I should phone jetstar again to explain the duty free situation. When I phoned jetstar I once again got into the stupid phone message loop but finally got on to someone who once again told me I would get a call back within 72 hours. I got a call back a couple of days later and explained the duty free situation to the rep. She told me that it was a matter I would have to take up with customs and I then told her that customs had said I had to take it up with jetstar. I also explained that I believed it was because of jetstar that any duty had to be paid at all because it was jetstar who had taken the good off me in Osaka and had failed to return them before I arrived back in Australia. She then told me that there was nothing that she could do and that if I wanted to take the matter further I would have to put it in writing and send it to jetstar at the same address given to me the first time I called. This is where the call ended.

                    As you can see from my long post, I am not happy. My complaint is not really at the jetstar employees, they always seemed to help me and do what they had the power to do. My problem is really with the whole management and seeming lack of communication within jetstar, even trying to make a complaint is an overly complicated process, which is no doubt intentional.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Jetstar — refused me to fly

                      I have just been delivered the most traumatic experience of my life by Jetstar and face a huge bill, which I...


                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Jetstar — lousy service provided/hidden charges

                      I wanna voice out on this very recent incident which i think is totally unagreeable as a comsumer. I had just...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Jetstar Airlinespoor service and value for money

                      I just recently flew to Sydney from Singapore (via Darwin as they don't fly direct). When I booked it the difference was about $250 between Qantas. But when you look at all the extras it actually ends up costing more. Because it was not direct so therefore if I wanted a meal package I had to pay $30 per flight, so there is another $120 for the trip. If I wanted to watch their movies it was $10 per flight to hire the portable TV, so add another $40. And then add on say one drink per flight and we are up another $40...
                      Then let's look at the service, it took ages to check in because the staff didn't know what was going on... then the flight was delayed an hour out of Singapore, . We arrived in Darwin around 5am for a 7.15 connection to Sydney. It also was an hour late leaving. There were no announcements nor information as to when the flight was scheduled to leave. Then to finally top it off as we were boarding the plane one hour after we were scheduled to leave, the flight crew announced over the PA system to make our way to our seats quickly so we could get away on time... So does that mean 1 hour late is "on time" for Jetstar...
                      Then on the way home when we boarded the flight from Darwin to Singapore we boarded about 10 minutes late, only to be told once everyone was seated, that they were doing some "regular maintainence" before we leave so we will have to wait another 20 mins (on the plane) before we left...

                      Jetstar advertises cheap airfares all the time, but as they say "You get want you pay for"... so unless the difference between a full service fare and Jetstar is not more than 50%, and your willing to fly on an unprofessional airline... don't do it...

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                        • Le
                          Levina Dixon Oct 10, 2011

                          My 16 year old son was booked on a flight from Sydney to Cairns on Sunday 9th October. I had rang Jetstar to let them know that he had lost his wallet with his identification in, as he had travelled from Dubbo NSW the previous night on the XPT. I rang to let Jetstar know what had happened, and they said that they would be able to ask him some security questions and that they didnt think it would be a problem for him to board. Especially because we were going to be at the Cairns Airport to pick him up. I also stated that my son has a learning disability and that it is very important that he travels today as the cost of the one way ticket was expensive. It just so happened that when he presented at the Jetstar terminal in sydney, he was turned away, even though there were notes on his ticket stating that i had rang and explained to them what had happened. He is a minor and he was turned away by Jetstar, the security which is in place is for adults that fly with Jetstar as not all minors have photo ID, my son does not go to school therefore did not have id. I would like for someone to contact me in regards to my complaint asap, as i would like to get to the bottom of this horrible event... Minors should be asked security questions not show photo ID at boarding.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Jetstar — luggage handling/claim

                        I am writing as a very disappointed customer as my claim with went in early October 2017 . As you see it i...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Jetstarbad services

                        I was supposed to fly to Bangkok from Singapore for holiday along with my 9 other family members via Jetstar airline on 23/12/09 07:15am (Flight 3K511). 
                        Unfortunately my mom passport expiry date is less than 6 months (by 1 day different), thus the counter officer rejected to check us in.
                        We seek for Jetstar advise on this matter, but the officer turned  us down by saying the manager on-duty was busy.
                        We insisted to wait until she's available to advise us. After waiting for quite some time, the manager on-duty approached us.

                        She reluctantly entertained us by saying passport with less validity period is not allowed and told us to go embassy to renew the passport.
                        (Yes, I know this but I was asking if there's other alternatives or better advise). She was then advise us to try another airline since she said "we are short of staff today and I've been very busy since morning".
                        I'm very much disappointed that instead of assisting us, she's complaining about the working condition in Jetstar. There's no professionalism at all in her response.

                        I advised her that they should also improved the ticket purchasing system by not allowing the customer to make the purchase if the passport expiry date is not valid. And again instead of taking the feedback, she told us that it's passenger's responsibility to ensure this.
                        I do not disagree with her but again I'm disappointed with the response, because she told us there were 10 same cases of passport validity issue for past 2 months! (and not even single action or warning to the customer given by jetstar airline)

                        At the same time, another group of passenger approached another officer with the same issue.
                        They were advised to go to ICA to get the letter of extension and the officer actually refused to tell them the subsequent available Jetstar timing since they are too busy.
                        We told the local group the next available time would be at 19:25 and we headed back to check-in counter asking to hold 3 of the tickets and let the other family members to go ahead. (The manager on duty said we can reschedule our departure time to 19:25 with charge of SGD80/person)

                        After so much hassle and due to some reason, in the afternoon we decided to reschedule the 2 tickets and cancel my mom's trip only.
                        I called the Customer Service to arrange the changes.
                        The guy on the phone told me that no changes are allowed for our tickets as they have been marked as NO SHOW. If we still want to go to Bangkok, we need to purchase new tickets again.

                        Another thing I found that any enquiry that requires answer has to be done via post mail (cannot be done online). 
                        Is this method done by Jetstar to discourage customers to feedback ???
                        I fully understand that Jetstar is a budget airline, but does it mean the way the staff response and the service given by the airline should be far below the other airline's standard ??

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                          • Please keep in mind that the agent assisting you on the phone may not be fully aware of what happened at the airport. You should head back to the airport where the agents will remember you and hopefully allow you to travel as promised...

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Jetstarcabin crew - bianca

                          Bianca is a cabin crew member on the Sydney to Byron Bay route during the last week of October 2009.

                          I haven't met a more rude, obnoxious and racist cabin crew member. We had an altercation with her when she attempted to treat the boarding call as a classroom, and yelled at us for pushing in while trying to line up in the cramped Byron Bay gate area.
                          For some reason these cabin crew people have such a huge head cos they think they can stop people from getting on planes!
                          YOU"RE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE PPL!! get over yourselves - you are known worldwide to be one of the worst airlines, with the work cabin crew.

                          Bianca - you need a life if you get your ya-yas from threatening to not let passengers on planes, when you are the immature idiot!

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                            • Mi
                              miss0783 Dec 28, 2009

                              You're not a herd of cattle that needs to rush out the door because the hay may disappear in 2 min. Why is it so, so hard for some people to line up in an orderly manner and get on the plane like the rest of us? It's 20 meters from the gate lounge, you're already there, it's not going anywhere without you!!!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Jetstar2 minutes late

                            After driving 3+ hours to catch a flight to a conference I arrived 2 minutes late. After explaining that I had driven 300klms I received no sympathy at all. 30 minutes prior to takeoff is the absolute cutoff no exceptions, " 100% sir, you are not getting on that flight" were her words.

                            What a pathetic excuse for customer service, it simply does not exist at Deathstar and it's simply not good enough. I am in retail and if I treated my customers like that I would be out of business quick smart. Why wouldn't this be a great answer to my predicament. "Sorry you're late sir but lets see if we can't get your bags check in and get you on that plane".

                            DEATHSTAR, I hope you go completeley broke, you'll never see me again, and from what I hear a lot of other people also.

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                              • Li
                                lilvixen69 Sep 22, 2009

                                Rules are rules. If you don't arrive on time, you don't get on the plane. What is so damn difficult to understand about that?

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                              • Mi
                                miss0783 Dec 28, 2009

                                So those other 180 people on that flight made it and you didn't? So they should all sit there and wait until they check you in, open the undercarriage and load your bags in, fix all the paperwork, request a new take off time (as by this stage they've lost their spot due to the ridiculously busy air traffic at syd airport), possibly change their flight plan to avoid other aircrafts on their way out of the syd area and eventually make not only those people on your flight, but also the passengers on every other flight that plane will do afterwards, very, very late. And why, BECAUSE YOU WERE JUST TWO MINUTES LATE??!!!

                                How about you follow and obey the rules like everyone else for once??!!! Do you think that the train or the bus would wait for you? NO!!! Well, the plane also happens to be just that, a form of transport for everyone, not just you!!

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                              • Co
                                constar11 Feb 06, 2010

                                The point of this complaint is that Jetstar dont stick to their own rules. ive arrived with 5 minutes to go and still got on, but that was an empty flight. On full Jetstar flights they will sell your ticket at the 30 minute mark and double their number of bought tickets. but this only happens on full flights.

                                If Jetstar consistently prevented latecomers getting on flights they'd be out of business but at least they'd be consistent. But they dont stick to thier own rules, so why should anyone else.

                                the above 2 comments sound suspiciously like Jetstar employees.

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Jetstar Airlinesbeware jetstar - what a ripoff

                              In July 2009 I booked a Jetstar flight departing Melbourne at 1pm on 9 November 2009. This time would enable us to disembark from an international flight & have plenty of time to clear customs & immigration, collect baggage etc. jetstar have now changed the flight to 11.35am, which is too tight a connection. I requested a refund & they have refused on the grounds that they can alternatively offer us a 4pm flight, which is 3 hours or less from our original booking.
                              Beware of jetstar - they deliberately offer a large menu of flights less than 3 hours apart, which they have no intention of flying. This will induce you to book at a convenient time & they will then force you on to a different flight by refusing a refund. Somewhere buried in their terms & conditions it says you are obliged to accept a flight within 3 hours of the original booking.

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                                • Ch
                                  chris walker Sep 09, 2009

                                  I booked a return flight on JETSTAR and they had me flying out of a differnt city. When I tried to ask them to fix their Mistake they wanted to charge me $230. I had to speak to 5 people over 2 days to get the correct booking and even when the manager of the customer service centre agreeded it was impossible for me to only have one booking reference number and fly out of a different city he still wanted to charge me to make the change. This is happening all the time, jet star are not fixing their mistakes and are making the consumer pay for them.
                                  This is what I sent to Jet Star today.

                                  Case ID: - -

                                  I am just informing JETSTAR that I have make contact with Department of Fair Trading and lodged a complaint regarding online booking issues that I feel go un resolved as the consumer is paying for JETSTAR mistakes.
                                  I will be taking this further in any way I can.
                                  You resolved my case because I argued that with only 1 customer reference number it is impossible for me to book two flights departing from different cities. I was made to feel I was the person in the wrong and asked repeatly to pay more than $200 to fix JETSTAR booking mistake.
                                  I am sure this is happening every day. I have now spoken to many other consumers who have simalar "Bad" experiences with JETSTAR. We all fly Virgin now as they are much more friendly and don't make such basic mistakes as to mess up a simply return flight booked on line.

                                  Fix this issue and make a public statement regarding it being fixed. This is a criminal case of Fraud. If I doubed myself I would have had to pay to get home for work on monday. I wonder how many people are Conned every day?

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                                • Ka
                                  karen wise Mar 14, 2011

                                  complaints as to to way a hostess treated my 89 year old mother and gave her a bruise on her right arm and pulled her up out of plane seat at the launceston airport on the 7.45pm flight from melbourne to launceston on the 7th march 2011

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                                • Du
                                  DUJ Oct 20, 2012
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  I needed a flight from Singapore to Bangkok and looked up flights on the interent. I booked a flight on their webpage. They try to sell you everything in the world on their booking. Even charge customers a $5.00 seat charge. As I got in line to check my 3 bags the lady told me $200 extra for baggage. I said how can these bags be more than a person. I had paid $150 to fly. I stood there and couldn't believe what I heard. I asked to speak with a manager.
                                  They said there was no manager just floor people and no one was in charge. Then the worst lady ever came over and told me to repack my heavy items in my carry on computer bag. I did so and returned to hear that the original lady had made a mistake and now it's $400 extra to fly. I told her that's OK please refund my money and I'll go somewhere else. The rude lady laughed at me and told me NO REFUNDS! I turned around and kept my cool and walked away. My bank then took the charge off my card. Thank God for credit cards. I then walked down to Air Asia and got a ticket including luggage for $222.00 for the same 2 hour flight.
                                  I would never use this airline. I would tell customers to stay away because they are going to rip you off. I plan on filing a criminal fraud case so other customers on vacation don't have this happen to them.

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