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Jetstar Airways — excessive fees

One of the most frustrating things about Jetstar is that they don't have a telephone number to lodge...


Jetstarstill no refund

I was scheduled to fly to Bangkok during the airport closure in early Dec 08. My flight from Singapore was cancelled, and I was left stranded at Changi. I eventually flew home to AU (not to BKK) via another airline. I still have not been refunded for the cancelled flight - it has been over 6 MONTHS!!! Everytime i call, i'm told it's "being processed" and i am to wait a couple of weeks. This has been going on for months now. I never get to speak to anyone in authority or with any control over the situation - i am just stuck with the call centre who are unable to do anything except tell me that the cheque is in the mail. I am SO FRUSTRATED at the shoddy service.

The worst part is i still have a ticket for BKK to MEL, that i was hoping to use some other time (i can't do anything with it other than postpone the departure date) but i'm so angry with Jetstar i don't want to fly with them - but they won't refund the ticket.

There has to be SOMETHING i can do about this, but i dont know what :(

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    • Bb
      bbb123456 Dec 01, 2009

      I am also having problems with them. I booked a flight and chose to pay by electronic bank transfer as i thought it would be a safer option than entering my credit card details. Stupidly (my mistake) i used reference 'jetstar airways' instead of my booking reference. I contacted them immediately & they said payment would bounce back within 3 business days because i didnt use a sufficient booking reference & that i would have to make another payment within 24 hrs (using correct reference) so my booking doesnt get cancelled. Two weeks has passed, no payment, i have spent MORE than 8hrs on the phone to them, have made OVER 30 phone calls to them (no joke either!) & have sent about 6 faxes to them with copies of my bank transactions/receipts. I was told many times that they didnt get my fax (big lie!) & that i would have to send again (which meant i had to drive to my parents house to send each fax all because they 'couldnt find it!). Last week i spoke to a very nice girl who finally found my fax & passed it on to the finance department. She said it would take 3 business days for the finance department to sort out. This was a week ago. I have contacted Jetstar each day for the last 3 days & they keep promising to return my call. And guess what... Nope they dont call me! Its not there money, its my money.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Jetstar — uncaring and incompetant

    I booked a flight home with my family to see my new nephew get christened but unfortunately my brother'...


    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Jetstarsuper lousy service

    On May 21, 2009 evening, I was on my way to airport after work. The weather was bad and thus caused the heavy traffic on the road. As I reached the airport, with no luck, the counter had closed since I was late for 8mins. However, it was still 32mins before the plane took off, I apologised to the officer and begged him to allow me to check in. The officer refused me on the spot and told me according to the rule, I need to check in 40 mins before departure and I was late. I explained my situation and I needed to urgently go back to my home, and since the aircraft was still around, if they allowed me to check in now, I would still have more than sufficient time to pass the security check and board the craft, without posting any delay on plane schedule. Surprisingly, the man insisted to reject and said they go by rules. I begged and begged for his mercy, at last, he threaten me that he will call the police if I continue to do so.

    This is how they run the business. Strictly follows the terms and condition on paper, if you violated the rules, sorry, no exception, regardless you are rushing to emergency or funeral. If you say any more words, let’s call the police. This makes me think of my old schooling time. (Opps, I believe some kind teacher will accept reasonable explanations, especially when it is your first time to break the rule, and, they won’t need police to manage a pity beggar) I have to admit that they have done nothing wrong. But under this business climate and competitive market, I am not sure how sustainable the business will be if we just neglect the human factor from the business model.

    I used to be their frequent traveler, but now for sure, I will not take their service anymore. Rather, I will go for the airline that saved me that day – Japan Airline that took off only 10mins later than my original plane and allowed me to immediate purchase and late check in with a polite and helpful attitude. Of course, they didn’t miss the valuable opportunity to educate me, which is through a gentle reminder to reach airport earlier next time.

    Guess which airline I am talking about? The Jetstar – a Singapore based airline. If you really want to go for this airline, I strongly suggest you to read every single word of their terms and condition and make sure you won’t cross the posted limitation. No, should not even be at their rules boundary. Otherwise, is not hard to imagine how you will end up to be.

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      • Tp
        tpp83 Jul 12, 2009

        Unfortunatley, many many passengers before you have destroyed any option of flexibility by Jetstar. It is a very firm condition of travel that check-in closes 40 minutes before an Internation Jetstar departure - all passengers have this very important piece of information presented to them many times during the booking and confirming of a reservation.

        The problem is - if the rules are going to be "bent" for passengers, what constitues a good enough reason to bend those rules. Death in the family, serious illness in the family, accident on the way to the airport, have to get to work tomorrow or else I'll be fired, have to get to work tomorrow or else Ill have too much work to catch up on. And then, what time must they absolutley stop accepting travellers for compassionate reasons?! If they let one passenger on, then out of fairness, they should be letting all on who are late.

        As you can see, its possibly a never ending merry-go-round. Jetstar have chosen to make this fair for ALL passengers by having the rule and strictly enforcing it. Its only fair on the other up to 300 odd passengers who have done the right thing and managed to check in on time, as requested.

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      • Ch
        Chris433901 Jun 23, 2010

        there is a website called www.dontflyjetstar.com that lists peoples jetstar complaints

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Jetstar — departure

      I am writing to report an incident that occurred during check-in for flight on 31/MAR/2009 between 9:00AM to...


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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Jetstarthey changed our departure and destination city!

      After deciding not to attend a friend's wedding, we found cheap flights on Jetstar which meant that my husband, daughter and I could fly return from Melbourne to Sydney for $320.

      The booking went through as above - I'm not stupid and so I KNOW I selected our departure to be Melbourne (bloody Avalon) and destination as Sydney with the return flights in reverse.

      We are due to travel this coming week and so I have just checked the itinerary to confirm what time we needed to be at the airport for departure - I knew we were leaving at the crack of dawn because that's when the cheap fares were available.

      I have just discovered that the departure and destination were reversed on the itinerary and because I have only just discovered this now, Jetstar will do SFA about it. Nothing, won't budge, refuse to be even decent and try and negotiate.

      I have discovered on another website that others have had similar experiences. Apparently, it has something to do with hitting the 'BACK' button when selecting flights (something I know I did as I was trying to get the best price). When the 'BACK' button is pressed, Jetstar computer systems, in their infinite wisdom, randomly change your departure city. In my case, our departure and destination cities were swapped.

      Yes, people can tell me that I should have checked the itinerary straight away (even though it took 2.5 hours for it to be sent through after I made the booking) and that Jetstar are clear in their policies on changes not being able to made without sending you broke. I know. I also know that Qantas would at least try to help make this situation a little better. We are all but broke. We shouldn't be taking this trip but we've been away from family and friends for a long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone. At $320 for 3 people, return, it was do-able. Now we've been left with the choice of either forfeiting the tickets (and therefore the money) or making a change which will cost us another $390! It would have been cheaper to just fly Qantas.

      We will NEVER be flying Jetstar again.

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        • Po
          polly. Oct 31, 2013

          I too have been given reversed travel itinerary.I booked Melbourne to Hamilton Island with return Hamilton Island to Melbourne.They said that because I paid it is my fault as I didn't correct the itinerary, the itinerary disappears after about 30 seconds, (not enough time to hook up to the printer), and I tried to save the page at that time, to no avail...There was no itinerary sent with the payment page, I was not even able to check the my account page, as itinerary isn't sent until payment is made!!!how can I check the itinerary before payment????Customer service say's they are sorry and understand my predicament BUT I have to pay or lose!!!Well, I refuse to pay for their mistake, and will take further action, even big companies have to admit when they make mistakes.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Jetstarmarketing scam

        Jetstar have sent an email stating keep an eye on emails to come re 5 cents seats. I was hoping to be able to book a cheap flight but the thing that has really got to me is I got the email this am at 8:02 and the sale ened last night at 11pm. I was on my computer and getting emails from others, last night at the same time the sale happened. Really handy getting the email after the sale has eneded is this false advertising. I would like to forward this email on to Jetstar so they can give me an explanation as this has happened twice now, to prove what is happening with the times the emails have been sent and the ended sale period.

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          • Ra
            rayvaday Aug 11, 2009

            This is common with Jetstar. It has happened to me and my complaint has fallen on deaf ears...good luck

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Jetstargaeton (staff member)

          Wanted to find out at booking desk if we could upgrade to business (Star class) on the return flight from thailand using frequent flyers points, as we were flying there star class. Was told by gaeton (Staff member) at desk that there was no possibility as frequent flyer members were the 'lowest of the low' - he was extremely rude and condescending - it was very tempting to jump the desk and have a quiet word with him, but I wanted to get to thailand. Approached him (Gaeton) 6 months later on a flight to bali - took his name for this complaint, and was again told nothing would happen to him as frequent flyers were still 'the lowest of the low'. The arrogance of the male person (And I use the word loosely) astounded me, and as an employer of over 20 staff, I would have had him fired on the spot - surely this could not have been the first complaint against him.

          Tony fields
          Frequent flyer and qantas club member since 1994. 0437155

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            • Tp
              tpp83 Jul 12, 2009


              Have you considered letting Jetstar know about the matter, either Head Office in Melbourne, or the Manager in Sydney? Addresses are below. Certainly seems more productive than naming the guy on a public website...

              Jetstar Airways Ltd
              Customer Relations
              GPO Box 4713
              MELBOURNE VIC 3001

              Jetstar Airways Ltd
              Airport Manager - Sydney Domestic
              T2 Domestic Terminal
              Sydney Domestic Terminal NSW 2020

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            • Ms
              Ms Moderator Aug 07, 2009

              PLEASE, Tony, for the sake of your fellow travellers, let the know via letter. Please don't email as it seems to carry less weight.

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            • Mr
              Mr CL Dec 21, 2009

              See the latest news regarding this staff member. Complaint seems very justified.


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            • Ch
              ChrisS. Dec 22, 2009

              Looks like the staff member has been stood down. Guess they picked on the wrong lady!

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Jetstardo not fly jetstar - jetstar lies to customers

            I had a flight booked with my wife to return to Melbourne from the GoldCoast on the 8th of April. Jetstar rang my wife and told her that all flights from the Gold Coast were canceled due to "service difficulties".
            She clarified this was not one flight but all flights for the day of the 8th. JEtstar were very adamant about this. Knowing i still had a flight, i rang seperately to confirm my flight still existed, after which they started to acknowledge the flights were overbooked and were offloading passengers.

            I accept flights are canceled and we have to reschedule. I do not accept that we were blatantly lied to by JetStar.

            After we found out the issue it took 4 hours on hold and 5 phone calls to resolve the issue..
            This included twice being hung up on purpose (they said they were going to do it). They also wanted to charge a change fee because the alternate flights where not within a 24 hour period.

            I eventually got a good supervisor who canceled my wife's flights and fixed mine (without an extra fee).

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              Valuair / Jetstar Asiadouble charged

              I booked a flight for my wife, infant son and I to Singapore (11/2/2009). Three quarters of the way through the booking and, sadly, after the payment screen, the internet connection went down. Living in Indonesia it took a while to get back on. While waiting to connect I ran Valuair and found the number listed to be incorrect. Directory services has no listing for either JetStar or Valuair in Indonesia.

              I checked with the bank and no charge had been levied so assumed the booking had not gone through. I went ahead and booked again...by now my wife had decided against going and I just booked for myself. I received email confirmation, as per normal, that my booking (ref E8B9TT) was successful...I never received the same for the earlier booking reference (which I later found via my credit card statementto be V3RDPV)

              I went ahead with my flight by myself.

              Checking my bank statement I found the two charges and rang JetStar in Australia (remember the Indonesian nubers do not work!).

              I was told that I was not entittled to a refund for the flight not taken, nor was I entittled to a credit to be used against further flights.

              OK- I have used ValuAir about 14 times over the last 16 months, as well as the parent airline QANTAS. I am a frequent flyer with the later. I am not a fraudster and I feel that I should not be blamed for internet failure in a country where this is the norm!!!

              The whole episode and the refusal to either give me a credit or refund (credit is FINE) has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I have been very positive about Valuair's service in the past, however this incident and a point blank refusal to listen to reason is beyond me.

              I will be for sure binning jetstars recent corporate traveller invite, as well as cancelling all my companies freight business with QANTAS. Apart from this I will be passing on word of mouth to the small expatriate community here in Jakarta just what a bunch of rotters JetStar are. Its a pity we own a cafe and a large number of expatriates pass through...they will all hear this story

              Alun Evans

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                • Va
                  Valerie Su Apr 04, 2009

                  Hello Alun,

                  I agree. i am having the same problem getting back my refund for a cancelled flight in Dec 08. I was told repeatedly that it will take 3 months. Its has been more then 3 months and still no refund. The flight I cancelled was a result of the Bangkok political incident in Dec and my flight was rescheduled to a later timing.

                  Customer service for Jetstar is really bad as there is no hotline to call except for reservations desk and they can only remind Finance (which I heard is located in KL) to expedite the matter. I have called at least 4-5 times to check if my refund is still in process.

                  What is worse, there is no email or notification to confirm any cancellation fro Jetstar.

                  I find the whole processes very inconsiderate towards their customers. And get this, I have to mail a letter to their Customer Relations just to get an answer!

                  Totally frustrated,

                  Valerie Su

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                • Fl
                  FLO1968 Jun 30, 2009

                  I have had a similar experience whereby I changed my flight to a new date and paid extra for the change. Jetstar subsenquently cancelled this flight. I could either accept another date at no charge or have a total refund. It has been 4 months and we are now been told by their customer relation that they will refund us an amount less the change fee and facilitation fee. (Even though they cancelled the flight we paid the fee to get).

                  I feel that the reservation staff are not trained correctly and are giving misleading information to their customers.

                  To be honest you have to build in these issues when you book cheap flights. When it goes wrong it will cost you money!!

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                • Ma
                  marleyrae Aug 10, 2010
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I had a similar experience too. The contact numbers they gave us is not working. I tried to send them e-mail but it's always failed.

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                • Ed
                  Edy Nuryanto Jan 02, 2014

                  Yth. Management Valuair
                  Anak saya Dedi Setiadi dan Sarah Jayne naik Valuair dari Surabaya ke Singapura (Changi) jam 13.00 WIB selasa tanggal 31 Desember 2013. Kehilangan salah satu barang bagasi berupa lampit (tikar rotan) seberat 8 kg. Di Singapura barang tidak ditemukan sehingga mereka meneruskan perjalanan ke O'hara Chicago Via Jepang. Harap dicarikan barang tersebut dan dikirim ke 643 Columbine Avenue Lisle Illinois 60532 (alamat Dedi & Sarah)

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                Jetstarunfair treatment

                this latest incident enhanced my utmost disrepect to JetStar after the last time, the pilot refused to accept me on board even though i was 1 minute past check-in time.

                just an hour ago, i tried to do a booking online via their website from SIN to KUL for a family of 10. while going through the procedures, i noticed the website response was getting slow. as i got to the payment page, my credit card was rejected. so i tried to book all over again. this time, i was still getting slow response from the web server. i did double check that i have booked the correct date and time. but however, after completing my payment and viewed my travel itinerary, my return time was wrong. immediately called them up to inform them of their technical glitch and thus, to request for a change but the customer service offer was very rude, kept interrupting. instead, they said they sincerely want to help us by giving us 2 options; either we pay the normal priced tickets or forfeit our SGD800 worth. what kinda help to us is that? really felt cheated.

                i plead to all not to patronize JetStar ever again. AirAsia is far more superior in service quality.

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                  • An
                    Ann Apr 09, 2009
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    i agreed with the comment "unfair treatment'' he was only 1 minuite past late and i was early one hour before my departure, phnom penh to singapore and pilot refuse to check me in, cos they start the engine to fly and my depart was at 0820am i was there 0730am! i make a complaint since my return from 16 march till now, ive no reply from them yet. Even CEO Ms Chong...dunno what pang the next next, she couldnt bother! The pilot can relay message to ground staff tell me that THIS IS NOT BUS INTERCHAGE!!!.. im not happy till now, they dont even have a proper website for feedback is lacking of this respect!. i cant tolerate everytime when i see jetstar new on my email i fel like to bring up to press!!.. What do u think?

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                  • An
                    Ann Apr 09, 2009
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    i agree with this unfair treatment. The singapore line was hopeless and been tru to australian airline and they were awesome rude! i understand flight depart at 0820am and was there 0730am..the plane already fly? that cheated. jeststar do cheated customer till now, the website slow, till now ive not yet recieve my refund news. ive just lodge complaint to case.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Jetstarflight jq479

                  Myself and a friend where booked on flight JQ479 departing Newcastle airport at 1905. On a tip off from a family friend we where told this flight had been delayed. On this tip off i rang jetstar and spoke to a David at 1743 who informed me that there wasnt a problem and that he had checked two web sites and that the plane would be going. Myself and my friend and two other people who where also on this flight were then driven from Batemans Bay to Newcastle airport. On arrival we could not only see on the screen but then where also told by your check in staff that the flight had been delayed because of a problem and would be departing at approx. 2200. I had personally chosen this flight because of other family comittments in Melbourne and was VERY ANGRY AND DISSAPPOINTED that i was misinformed by your staff. In my opinion this is very unsatisfactory service. At this stage i will NEVER fly with your airline again. You totally wrecked our weekend away and my daughters birthday sunday night at home. I know this isnt your concern but i arrived home at 2 am the following morning. From talking to other people while waiting all that time at Newcastle airport they where not happy either and would also be seeking another airline to travel with in the future as i will. A lousy 8 dollar meal does not compensate the love of a disappointed child on a birthday. Thanks for nothing jetstar

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                    • Tp
                      tpp83 Jul 12, 2009

                      If it was so super important that you got home for your child's birthday, why did you leave it till the last possible flight to make it? Delays happen - passengers don't show up delaying flights, mechanical issues occur without warning, weather ruins well laid plans. Its not your fault, but it's also not Jetstar's. They are not in the business of deliberatley delaying passengers just to get a kick out of it.

                      Yes, being told the flight was on time was annoying, however, at that stage it may well have been.

                      Have redundancies in your important plans, and take responsibility when you don't.

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                    Jetstarflight re-schedule without informing

                    Here is my complaint

                    Dear Sir/Mdm,

                    I am writing in to lodge a feed back case, it's regards to booking reference# NPSECD Registration# 200403570D. we had made an online booking with JetStar on 26-Nov-2008 a flight from Singapore to Thailand (BBK), the date of departure was on the SAT 07-Feb-2009 07:15 (GMT+8) and return on TUE 10-Feb-2009 21:15(GMT+7), we always think that JetStar is a trustworthy and reliable flight company to travel with, but we were very disappointed that it was ended up that we were advised by a JetStar agent at airport terminal 1 that the flight had already been re-scheduled, the date had revised to 06-Feb-2009 which is the day before due to the Bangkok protesting incident, it was a devastating, angry and the agent was totally rude and unproductive in fact it was disruptive, only told to call the customer service hotline if I wanted to complaint, me and 4 of my friends are all working adult, we had planned this holiday for a long time and hardly get a leave from our organization. It's really upset that we are unable to proceed as planned and we also had booked our hotel stay as scheduled for the 4 days, however i called up the call centre and was attended by one of their Customer Service Staff, name Mio at [protected] on 05:37AM that due to the system outage hence, they are unable to check the status of the flight even for the returning information and no resolution at the moment, she ensure that we will be able to get a total refund for the flight and but we need to call back on Monday, ultimately we manage to get a 2 ways ticket from Tiger airway to Bangkok at a high price of S$425 for each of us and waited for 4 hours until the next departure time as its already no alternative for us. The reason why we decided to book the flight more than 3 months in advance is because we want to enjoy the promotion rate and i sincerely hope that we will be able to get the full sum refund as we had paid more than expected for this short trip holiday, how can JetStar unilaterally confirmed the trip without seeking consent from the customer. This is definitely not acceptable and we had not been notified for any of the changes. Kindly contact us if you need to clarify on any of the information.

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                      • Sa
                        sam Feb 11, 2009
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Called them again, spoke to one of their agent and managed to get a refund after 3 months and it’s after escalated to their manager. Only can considerate myself unlucky for paying another ticket.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd. — poor customer service

                      I am Dissapointed with the way that Jetstar would not even look at my compaint over the phone. they could not...

                      Swan Hill

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                      We are FINALLY home!

                      Now I know a lot of performers have horror travel stories... perhaps none more than Paul Romhany as he flies from cruise ship to cruise ship every week... but our trip was a simple flight from Osaka to Melbourne via the Gold Coast.

                      Only problem was - it was on Jetstar.

                      DEPARTURE TIME

                      When I originally booked the flight, online at Jetstar.com, it was a 7pm departure from Osaka. Jetstar sent me several email notifications letting me know the flight times had changed to 8pm, then eventually to 8.55pm.

                      So we arrived at the stunning Kansai International Airport ready to check in at 6pm... and we noticed that people were leaving the check in counter with their luggage.

                      After about 20 minutes we reached a point in the line where there was a sign telling us that the departure time was delayed until 8.10am... the next morning.

                      REASON FOR DELAY

                      According to the sign, "Crew rotation". Apparently, the crew were not rested enough to fly until the next morning.

                      Most modern airlines use a technique called "planning" which involves things called "schedules". Hopefully Jetstar will introduce this innovative idea sometime in the near future... either that or maybe remote-control planes that don't need crews to fly them.


                      Thankfully the Japanese staff working for Jetstar were very apologetic and worked efficiently and politely to calm customers and put plan B into action.

                      In order to soothe us they offered:

                      * Free meal service on the flight from Osaka to the Gold Coast.

                      * Excess baggage was waived.

                      * Overnight accommodation in a nearby hotel.

                      * 2000 yen voucher for dinner.

                      * 1000 yen voucher for breakfast.

                      2000 yen is worth about $AUS33, and as the many restaurants at the Kansai International Airport charge regular prices (as opposed to "airport prices") we were able to enjoy a delicious dinner. Of course, as we had to catch a bus to the hotel we were a little rushed, but we enjoyed it as best we could.

                      THE HOTEL

                      As Jetstar had to billet 400 or so passengers we were sent off to different hotels. Sue-Anne and I stayed at the 51 story ANA Gateway. Very nice hotel. Room prices listed at around $AUS300 and, though in need of a freshen up, they were big by Japanese standards.

                      Unfortunately, ours was next to the elevators and the sound of a lift rushing up 50 floors is like a rocket going off... over and over again.

                      Later in the night, when use of the lift had stopped, I heard a weird squeaking... I think it was just because the hotel was so tall, but it sounded like the room was haunted by some demonic telegraph operator sending morse code all night.

                      I think I did manage to get an hour or two of sleep before waking at 4am to catch the bus back to the airport.

                      CHECKING IN AGAIN

                      The signs in the airport told us to check in at counters C18-22 - and there was already one family lined up there - so that's where we all went. We were really pleased to be second in line.

                      Unfortunately, when the staff arrived they decided to use different counters and the line ran, tail-end first, to the new check-in area.


                      We were checked in by 6.20am and ready to spend out 1000 yen each on breakfast... unfortunately, all but one of the airport restaurants were still closed and didn't open until 7.30pm (which is when we needed to board) and that restaurant was McDonald's. A fellow traveller told us he had a feast for 980 yen, but we opted for the healthier option of not eating.


                      The flight was uneventful as we were all very tired, and the crew was almost invisible as they had nothing to sell to the passengers. They made one pass just after we took off giving us all a croissant and a small yoghurt, then another pass just before we landed with a hot lunch for everyone (which was actually not too bad). It was at that point the announcer said "This is your last opportunity to request any food"... the passengers let out a sigh as one as we realised we could have been asking for our "free food" at any time during the flight... in true Jetstar fashion, they'd offered it (not when they served us the croissant, but in the letter we got the night before) we just had to ask.


                      The pilot announced, quite proudly, that he'd made up time and we'd arrive early at the Gold Coast International Airport, which we did. We had just over an hour to clear customs and check in to our Melbourne flight.

                      We all rushed down the stairs and onto the tarmac, we read the handwritten sign stuck on a witches hat and took the path along the barbed wire fence before entering the tunnel made of cargo containers and emerging in passport control.

                      Our bags finally arrived on the conveyor belt, we had nothing to declare and were directed down the left line where our bags were thoroughly searched.

                      We'd been first off the plane and now we watched, helplessly, as everyone rushed through to meet their connections while Customs officials went through every piece of our luggage. They flicked through our books several times, examined every credit card in my wallet, and stood there reading entries in Sue-Anne's diaries.

                      I told them that, because our flight was delayed by 12 hours, we'd been told that we had to find a Jetstar person to help us make our connection in time. They said "Good luck" and laughed. They said that Jetstar was always late.

                      OUR FINAL LEG

                      Sure enough, they were right. When we joined the end of the line at the Jetstar domestic check-in, I noticed that the 7.20pm to Melbourne was now leaving at 10.20pm. (Due to late arrival of the aircraft... which is weird, because if it was that late it means the plane hadn't even left Melbourne or Sydney yet).

                      There was an 8.20pm flight to Melbourne, and when I asked if we could be moved onto that, the check-in lady told us it was already overbooked by ten people. (Note, they filled that plane with people, like me, who were earlier in the line. How do they overbook it? Surely they could get a machine that tells them "Sorry, you've already sold that seat to someone else." Maybe one day they will.)

                      I told the lady at the counter how we'd already been delayed 12 hours and now we had to wait another three and she got her back up and told me not to "pay out" on her as she'd only just arrived at work. At least she was getting paid to be there, a lot of the other passengers were unable to arrive at work thanks to Jetstar's hopelessness.

                      I took another tack and asked her what she was going to give us as compensation and she quickly wrote out meal vouchers, worth $8, for both of us.

                      She was very combative and not once offered an apology for the delay. As we were told later by an airport staff member "That's how they're trained to be."

                      ANOTHER DINNER

                      When we went through security where the three food outlets where we met with another passenger who wasn't offered a voucher. He went back out to check-in and had to argue with a supervisor before he was finally given one.

                      I took my pad and paper with me and headed back to check-in (hey, I had nothing else to do and three hours to kill) and I asked the supervisor what the Jetstar policy was with meal vouchers. He asked me if I wanted one, and I explained that I had one because I'd asked, but other passengers didn't get them. He told me they would have been offered them... "they weren't a secret", I explained that they weren't offered them and perhaps he'd make an announcement on the PA for those who missed out.

                      He agreed.

                      A short time later the announcement was made. Unfortunately, most passengers had already bought food and those who were going to go back through security and get their coupons were told the kitchen's were closing in 5 minutes...

                      So what could you get for $8?

                      * Nachos? No - $13.50

                      * Burger, Fries & Drink - small? No - $10.95

                      * Chicken Roll? No - $8.95

                      You could get a croissant... $7.65.

                      Sue-Anne got a fruit drink for $7.60. I paid the extra $2.95 for the burger combo.


                      As we waited and watch the departure area slowly empty of people we chatted to some of the airport staff. Apparently Monday at Coolangatta Airport is always like this. Jetstar are constantly running late. (Not just Jetstar. As we waited we heard a Virgin 7pm flight to Canberra get delayed, and delayed until it was finally cancelled at 9.30pm)

                      This explains the lack of clocks in the departure area. We had to keep time by watching a departure monitor... until a security guard came around and switch it over so he could watch the tennis instead.

                      Finally we got on the plane and were told that, because one of the Jetstar fleet "became unserviceable" (ie: broke) it threw their whole national schedule out of whack and a "domino effect" took over making flights later and later... The attendant who told us this was very well trained as her announcement was gruff, to the point, and her apology insincere.

                      By this time, I just conked out and slept the entire way to Melbourne.

                      Touching down at Melbourne Airport at 1.45am we made our way to the baggage carousel and picked up our cases. As we headed out I noticed that the airport authorities have gone all out to stop "unlicensed taxi drivers" from soliciting rides by putting up 5ft tall signs at each exit. Standing right next to the sign was a man holding a crumpled sign reading SMITH who approached me and said "Do you need a taxi?"

                      We were home.

                      Was this a "nightmare flight"? No. As I've discovered with a quick google of JETSTAR, it's quite typical.

                      On behalf of Australian travellers everywhere, we'd like to award you


                      So bad, they even make Qantas look good! (Well, most Jetstar flights are code-share with Qantas anyway).

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                        • Tp
                          tpp83 Jul 12, 2009

                          I understand the need to vent, but come on...

                          The crew ran out of hours - they legally are not allowed to fly.
                          = CASA's fault.

                          They may have run out of hours for any multitude of reasons - weather, mechanical issues, late passengers, bomb scare, terminal evacuation...
                          = NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          Jetstar arranged accomodation and meals. Good on them.

                          Your hotel creaked in the wind, and you were next to a supersonic elevator.
                          =Hotels fault. NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          You didn't have earplugs, or the balls to ring reception and ask if it was possible to get some earplugs, or move rooms.
                          =Your fault. NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          The airport monitors directed you to checkin desks which were not the ones operated by Jetstar staff. Airport companies (in this case K.I.A.) operate the terminal wide flight departure and information systems. They also assign which check-in desks airlines are to use. If the two peices of information dont add up, then as annoying as it is...
                          =K.I.A's fault. NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          The people in the line behind you did not have the good manners to not queue jump, as they essentially did.
                          =NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          Airport restaurants were not open, and you had a gun to your head forcing you to eat McDonalds or not eat at all.
                          =The restraunt owners/McDonalds fault for not being open/being open. NOT Jetstars fault.

                          You sat on a plane for 9 odd hours waiting for written invitations to ask for food, instead of just using your big boy voice and asking.
                          =YOUR fault, NOT Jetstars.

                          Alternatively, if the hosteys had gone up and down the aisles trying to throw away food, no doubt you would have winged about not having a chance to sleep again, as I imagine you would've been very tired.

                          Gold Coast Airport was at the time a Construction Zone to say the least, as they were expanding the terminals. So, witches hat's were all over the place, there were even metal barricades, and bits of cord with those dangly reflectors on them. The airport company even very cleverly used recycled shipping containers to construct corridors, instead of spending a fortune more on building special corridors which would eventually be torn down. You were therefore subject to the horrors of being amongst such common facilitys.
                          =GCAL's fault for wanting to provide you with a better terminal. NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          You were given a voucher for refreshments. $8 outside of an airport can provide quite a substantial meal. However, inside an airport, greedy business operators love to cash in and take advantage of consumers who are forced to eat there.
                          =Greedy business operators fault. NOT Jetstars fault.

                          So, while you're drinking your overpriced juices and digesting burgers made of gold, you discover that contrary to popular belief, other airlines are not immune from suffering delays either! Wow! Amazing that... Weather, engineering issues, passengers late...
                          =### HAPPENS SOMETIMES. NOT Jetstar's fault.

                          So the one place that Jetstar was closest at fault, was when your flight was initially delayed, and they provided accomodation and meals until the problem could be rectified.

                          As for people not apologising, I'm hard pressed to believe that you were not apologised to. It was probably said on numerous occasions, and you either chose to ignore it or scoff it off, or be insulted by its delivery by a poor girl who would have said hello and goodbye to up to 700 passengers that day, all of whom had been late, a good percentage of them acting like misbehaving children at her, as if she personally had gone about delaying their flights, just for kicks.
                          If you expect staff to run around grovelling and kissing your feet and begging for your mercy non-stop, then pay first class rates on a full service airline, the price of which is all inclusive of the desired level of butt-kissing you seem to need.

                          I feel better now. :)

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                        • Ml
                          M.L.E Mar 11, 2010

                          Here i sit ready for my pick up to take me to the airport, my pick up is 3.00pm so i can get to the airport for my 4.45 flight. suddenly i receive a text message that my Jet Star flight is delayed to 7.20 this evening.

                          So i call Jet star to have some words and find out what is going on. I call them wait on hold for 15 minutes, then all of a sudden the phone goes engaged, i call back it says they are to busy to answer the call and to call back later, i do so several times with the same answer. then finally it starts to ring i press all the numbers to get to speak to a customer support agent, and wouldn't you believe it. Yes its goes engaged again like they have hung up on me after another 15 minute wait for them to answer.

                          Then i get a call from the pick up service, so sorry sir we understand that jet star is running late and we have to give your pick up to one of our compeditors... OMG the company i was and many others were giving business to has lost all their airport fairs because of the time difference.

                          I try Jet Star again. and the same things happens YES another 3 times they hang up on me...they just hang up after being on hold for another 15 minutes. Im really annoyed now espically after giving them my money.

                          Now im sitting at home fully packed and have to wait 2 hours for the pick up car, and obviously have to be at the airport an hour before take off. Ive missed my business meeting in Sydney, had to cancel dinner as I would also arrive too late for it. and I have to thank jetstar for all of it.

                          I dont dislike many things, but Jet Star is definately one of them..

                          They should be call crap star!

                          Quote “Jet Star you are seriously the worst airline in history, you suck”

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Jetstarrude staffs

                        Hi all, My family bought 03 tickets from Singapore to Manila on 10th Dec 2008 it was a 1045am flight.The two local malay staffs handling the check in baggage was totaly rude and unproductive infact it was disruptive.It was my first time flight with Jetstar and it left a bitter taste.Paying for the over baggage is a must but being told that even a family of three(two young kids)must carry a 20kg bag each only, makes no sense.They are after all FAMILY DUH..I hope that jetstar can talk to the two malay ladies that while it's budget airlines, we are not paying peanuts either.That customer service must be done professionaly.Maybe because the supervisor was not around that's why the ladies were acting like the company belongs to them.I have lost face to my wife and kids and I hope that jetstar will look into my complain on why"must a family of 3(1 adult and 2 kids)need to carry three 20 kg bags each".why can't they share thier luggage since they are mother and kids?or is it jetstar aren't family friendly.
                        My utmose thanks for a pinoy lady staff who was very gracious in passing out information needed.Firm and fair.
                        Hope justice is done and that they will treat all customer with a friendly customer approach.
                        Thank you.

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