Jetstar Airwaysmy flight has been cancelled by ex partner

K Aug 15, 2018

I have just been informed today Wednesday 15th August that my flight has been cancelled due to bereavement. This was cancelled by my ex partner and not due to bereavement and not by me!!!
I contacted Jetstar approximately 4 weeks ago and changed my reference number and also explained the situation and that this may happen. I was assured by changing my reference number and a note being placed on the Jetstar system that this would not occur, as I was sure she would do anything she can to cancel this reservation.
I do not understand how this can happen and I was told by the duty manager (Robby ID: XRGA03) that I can not be refunded and placed on this flight.
I also do not understand how this person can pretend to be me with the security questions you ask. I am sure one of the security questions would be the reference number as she would know all of my other details except the new reference number and a password. Maybe a password needs to be placed on all bookings to avoid these situations.
My old reference number was ZEBCVC and the new KIFQFD.
I was sent my new details on 12th of July as I separated the bookings so she was still to have hers and I was to have a new one to avoid any problems.
Due to this cancellation being out of my control and no bereavement occurred I feel I should be refunded in full and booked back on this flight.
I was booked to go away with a group of friends and this should still be available to me. I cannot afford to pay for another flight as I have also paid for 2 weeks accommodation that is non-refundable.
Could you please explain to me what note was placed on the system to avoid this from happening? As clearly this system failed.
I expect a prompt response as I was due to fly out on the 31st of August.

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