Jetbluetravel bank credit

I had a $328.60 credit in my travel bank and it has been taking away. I need to know why I was never informed of any time frame in which in had to use my credit that is why I left in my account and now its has been taken away. II had a $328.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NY60 credit in my jetBlue travel bank and it has somehow gone, no longer in my account need to know why anyone informed me of the time frame which I had to use my credit? They have all my information, phone number and email address, anyone could have contacted me but instead they decided to take my $ 328.60 and bank as if it was their own. I need my $328.60 return to me, PLEASE! My email address is [protected] or [protected] contact# is [protected].

May 04, 2017

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