Jetblue / change fee misinformation

New York, NY, United States

I called yesterday evening to make a small change to my Jetblue reservation. The cost of the original flight was $105. I was told that the change would cost me the difference in the price of the ticket, $20, plus a $50 change fee. I told them I would call back the next morning and make the booking. To my surprise, they now wanted to charge me a $100 change fee. My best guess is that someone put a note in my reservation file that I was certain to make the change...then when I called back, they gauged me. I spoke with Sarah the Supervisor (Employee id #09542) who had no sympathy and would not reduce the fee.

The change in my ticket cost me more than the original ticket. It was basically equivalent to buying a new ticket.

Apparently customer service is not their cup of tee.

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