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On 9/29/2019 I took a trip to Barbados. We (my wife and I) departed from Detroit to Boston and then had a connector flight from Boston to Barbados. While in Detroit, we were not handed our connector flight tickets from Boston to Barbados and went back to the counter to have that corrected. At that time, they also mentioned that they will correct our baggage tags so it will arrive with us. When we finally arrived in Barbados that Saturday afternoon, our baggage was not there. We were then told that our baggage did not make the flight from Boston (even though our layover was over 45 minutes) because it got to the plane late and they transferred it to FT Lauderdale and it would arrive in Barbados at 5 pm. They would have it transported to our hotel at that time. They would also call us and keep us updated. I missed their call around 3 pm which was about 30 minutes after we opened the report.

After waiting until around 8pm, we called back in and was told that they can see the luggage flew from Ft Lauderdale to Barbados, but it is likely that nobody was available at the airport because they get off work around 5pm. They should begin work around 3am on Sunday and they can check at that time and will likely get our luggage to us by 8am. Was also told to buy what is needed and they would reimburse the money.

The next morning I called back after not receiving a call from then around 7am. I was told that they are unsure where my luggage was and that there was no way to tell if it made the flight from Ft Lauderdale. They also could not call the airport directly and have anyone visually verify if my luggage was there. They also could not transfer me to a supervisor because none were available and was told again to buy what is needed and we would be reimbursed. They would also call us to update us and again but it appears that the luggage would not arrive until after 5pm from Ft Lauderdale.

So now after our first day there was spent sitting and waiting, we now had to spend our 2nd day there trying to find clothing and toiletries instead of doing activities we had planned for our 1st and 2nd day. This was compounded by the fact that most locations did not have clothing that would fit me. Besides finding a single shirt and underwear, I could only find a pair of sandals 2 sizes small and no swimming trunks or shorts would fit me. This is after the 1st main location the locals said to go to ended up being closed for remodeling.

We finally received our luggage that Sunday evening around 8pm but still nobody called us until the next day around 11am.

So to summarize, this entire experience was more than unacceptable. Not only did it take well over 24 hours to get our luggage, but we were constantly lied to about being updated as the only calls that I received were 30 minutes after I opened the report and 15 hours after I actually received my luggage. We were also lied too about where our luggage was. I would think that luggage is scanned before and after each destination. If you can not tell where the luggage is by the scans then you should not be lying to your customers about its whereabouts. I also find it ridiculous that your company(or any company for that matter) can not call its locations and actually speak to someone on site to check. Even more ridiculous is that no Supervisors were available to handle concerns when there was an issue.

Oct 05, 2019

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