Jet Airwaysregarding ghee not allowing in luggage

S Feb 25, 2018

I sudhakar singh I trevling through flight no 9w622, from kolkata to mumbai and reference number is xdhcwr. On date 26/07/2018. After entering inside at approx eleven pm on 25 th february night I went on your check in counter and asked your staff regarding allowance of ghee in flight then she said that ghee is allowed but you have to give it in luggage after checking. Then I went to your scanner and said that I am trevling with ghee then they said that ok and I kept my box in scanning after scanning they said that we cannot allow it due to it is about more than 1.5 kg if it was less than one kg I can allow you if it was kept in the big briefcase or bag with clothes. I can't understand that if it is allowed less than one kg then why not some approximate less tnan two kg. As per your security chief person who were sitting on that time that ghee isn't allowed but we clear security if it is kept inside the bag. Then I said that I had also a bag I will keep it inside my bag if you allow me to do the same. But he doesn't allowed me saying that it comes in flameable items and it will cost your and other passengers life and I totally agree with your security person but as a lay man less than two kilo ghee is flammable but about one kilogram kept in bags are not flammable. If it isn't allowed then it should not be allowed even one gram. And after some time a couple carrying same item in same flight your security person had allowed him because it was kept inside the briefcase and after security check I heard your security person said him that this item isn't allowed but you have kept it inside I am allowing you and that couple it sitting on 38 e f in same flight with me. I requested him to kindly ask your senior regarding this because including cisf person were also surprised that jet airways hadn't allowed ghee. So I think that they are allowing everyone except me becase I told your security person that I am carrying ghee and as per your check in counter instructions I went to book it in with luggage. Thanks for your passenger safety reasons my ghee wasn't allowed but in same flight restricted items kept in bag is allowed. After requesting many times that person called his senior officials they answered over mobile that if passenger seems littered then ask him to see on internet. And refuse to answer any questions regarding me. But when he allowed others then I requested mr gautam on check in counter that please arrange to meet me with his senior officers then he called someone and said me to wait for some time and then mr bhattacharya ji came and said same answer when I said him that how it is allowed if it it kept inside the bag and after scanning you are allowing it. Then where is passenger safety and security. I wills write same to aviation ministry and pmo also that restricted item kept in bag is allowed after security check of jet airways. I request you to please answer me. My fpp no is [protected]. So that in future I should not feel humiliated like this time and I cannot keep it inside the briefcase.

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