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Did not receive a "courtesy call" before 5pm the day before - as they told me when I purchased the sofa. I ended up calling them at 5pm and they said that the 5 hr window would be from 12-5pm. So I said ok, that reduces the original 12 hr expected window (8am-8pm) down to 6 hrs really. The next day I went on errands in the morning, only to find that they tried to deliver at 9:30am. I called the delivery guy - he said he couldn't come back. I called the Manhattan Jennifer Convertible branch that I purchased from - and they were not helpful, saying that I would have to reschedule. The next possible day being a week later (which was not possible for me) and the next one after that in 2 more weeks.

As a result - my sofa won't come before the July 4th holiday when I wanted to have people over. I'm on call as a physician on certain days so I specifically went out of my way to get it delivered, and it was not delivered. The true delivery date is now up in the air.

I should have done more research before purchasing from them - it's bad when you Google "Jennifer Convertibles" and find that the first few links already has 4 sites pointing to customer complaints.


  • Sh
    Sharon JJ Nov 08, 2014

    Our complaint is not even about the condition of the "leather" or workmanship of the furniture. We never received the pieces that we ordered. We were given a 6-8 week time frame for delivery. When 8 weeks came, we contacted the company and were told it had not come in yet, but was expected a few days later. Again, no call from the store, we called them. "Yes, the furniture is in, but we've been very busy so we haven't had time to call". When asked about delivery they said that the truck was full going to our area. We needed the furniture for tenants who were moving in to a "furnished rental". Also, we were leaving town and would not be available to receive and inspect shipment after Oct. 4. This company could not find a truck to deliver the furniture from the time we learned it had arrived in the warehouse, September 19 and October 4 when we were going out of town.
    After contacting the company to request a refund and stipulating that we should get the entire amount paid to them because it was due to Jennifer's inability to deliver that caused the refund request, they refunded only a partial amount. I agree, this company is a ripoff. I wish I had read all these reviews before stepping through their door. Needless to say, they will never get my hard earned money again! They know the defects in their products, customer service and "important information" and write that into their warranty to cover themselves from what they know will be coming once the product is delivered or not delivered because of their negligence.

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  • Te
    Terri Vermilyea Aug 01, 2014

    We lost most of our house and three cars to Superstorm Sandy. I ordered a sofa bed from Jennifer Convertibles in Carle Place, NY. After a few weeks, I was notified that the color I had chosen was discontinued and to come in and chose another color. If I was advised of this initially, I wouldn't have ordered the sofa in the first place, but we waited so long already, and I needed a sofa. Upon delivery, the back of the sofa was torn. The seat cushions were adequate, but there was leather only on the top - material on the bottom. The back cushions were all sunken in. It was not that way when I chose same from the store. I wanted to return it immediately, but they refused to permit me to. I was apprised that they will do whatever is necessary to fix the issue. Twice new stuffing was delivered to my home. The repairman told me that re-stuffing it over and over again with the same material will not help the issue. I went back to the store to look at the sofa again. It was not the sofa that was delivered to my home. This has been going on for a long, long time. I took the 5 year warranty, and now, they are telling me that the issue is not covered, although it is the same issue as it was upon delivery. I am very frustrated and angry. I spent a lot of money on the sofa, and it really looks horrible.

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  • Mi
    miss port au prince Haiti Mar 11, 2012

    About Jennifer Convertibles. I bought a sofa and loveseat for $1, 800 and was told to purchase extra insurance to protect the furniture for future damages; the insurance will cover blood, chocolate, juice, gum, oil, urine, coffee, water etc… the insurance cost me $300.00. also the manager informed that the insurance if for LIFE TIME. As long as I own my furniture, I’m covered; also the manager specific told me if the company runs out of the fabric, I will get a new sofa and love seat. It also stated that in the insurance. Okay! Everything was fine until I reported some chocolate stains. The technician came he removed the stain, but on the loveseat the stain was tough, he could not remove it so he ordered a new replacement fabric. Everything was fine until the company runs out of fabrics. They don’t carry the fabric that matches the sofa and loveseat. I called I reported a blood stain on the sofa and loveseat. The technician came and could not remove neither stains. So he gave me this attitude, “the stains have been here for so long” “they have been here for more than 7 days” I said no the stains have been on the couch for a week. He said no, “I can tell they have been here for a long time” I knew what he was getting into. He knew from the start the company doesn’t carry the fabric anymore he tries to pull this scam on me. so he left with an attitude saying I’ll let the company know what happened. So few days later I received a call from one of the representatives from Jennifer Convertibles, she said, hi, “we understand that the technician came to your place and was unable to remove the stains on your sofa and loveseat” she said, unfortunately the company doesn’t carry this fabric anymore, and the stains on your sofa were old, they are more than 7 days, the insurance policy covers stains reported in 7 days” she went on “ the insurance DOES NOT COVER BLOOD” I said who that idiot thinks she’s talking to. The insurance I purchased for $300.00 clearly stated that it covers BLOOD. She said sorry! I wish I can help you further she hung up. Well I took this to court. I file a complaint against Jennifer Convertibles. I sued them for $2000.00. this was NOT an easy lawsuit, but everything went well. Before the court date I received a phone call from the corporate manager named Wes. He said he understands that I’m suing the company. I said YES SIR, I’M SUING JENNIFER CONVERTIBLES. NOW WHAT? he said you don’t want to do that because the court is going to rule in my favor. I said “is that right” Wes said, “to prevent this from happening, I am offering you twenty dollars (20) for both sofa and loveseat. Lucky he was on the phone saying that. I would have slapped him in the mouth and knock his yellow teeth out his mouth. You guys should hear his voice on the phone. Well spoken, sweet clear voice, extremely knowledgeable, smart… I also recognize the voice a thief. I went to court, Wes was a no show. That’s a lost right there. The judge asked me for proof of insurance, and proof of purchase. she read the insurance policy carefully. she asked me for some pictures, I showed her couple of pictures of the stains. She read the insure covers for blood stain, she said you won the case go down stairs and collect your $2000.00. Jennifer Convertibles LOST the case I WON and got my money back from Jennifer Convertibles. You guys don’t be afraid to take them to court, make sure you keep all of your receipts, proof of insurance, make sure the kind of stains you have on your couch match the insurance policy, take pictures, keep your furniture cleaned, you will win… Jennifer convertible is a big SCAM


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  • Ri
    Riverdale Nov 07, 2011

    I need to provide info for the delivery of my sofa but the line is constantly busy all morning and afternoon. What kind of business is it, if you can't get through and provide the necessary information? Are they so busy or just left the phone off the hook? Very disappointing!!!

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  • Al
    A L Jul 15, 2010

    July 14, 2010

    Chairman, CEO and Director Harley J. Greenfield
    COO and CFO Rami Abada
    419 Crossways Park Dr.
    Woodbury, NY 11797

    Dear Chairman, CEO and Director Greenfield and President, COO and CFO Abada;

    I would like to inform you of a current bad experience I am having with your company, caused by the nightmare of your delivery system. I feel you should know about it.

    I was encouraged to purchase a sofa from Jennifer by my wife, who had a good experience with Jennifer some 20 years ago. However, I am shocked by your inefficiency in delivering the couch and an armchair I bought from Jennifer.

    I purchased the furniture on May 31, 2010. Upon purchase, I informed the saleslady, Aneta, who was really great sales person and deserves many thanks, that we had a building restriction. She noted on the delivery order that the furniture must be delivered between 9 am and 4 p.m. I paid an exorbitant fee of $160 for delivery and then waited more than 3 weeks before you could schedule my delivery

    So far I have not received my furniture even though, I have waited two whole days for my delivery: the first time on July 7 and the second time on July 14.

    Please consider improvements to your delivery system as follow:
    1. Give customers a two hour delivery window instead of as current, practically a whole
    2. The price you charge for delivery is unacceptably high. Other companies sometimes offer free deliveries or can cost between $30 to $80. I find that $160 unacceptably high.
    3. You need to improve the management of your delivery department.
    A)Retrain your staff to be pleasant and helpful.
    B) Provide a contact phone number to keep customers updated.
    C) Finally you need a customer service department that works and is available to handle problems in timely manner.

    Following is my story:

    1. July 7, 2010

    Jennifer Store scheduled delivery from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. I waited all day. I had no direct contact number for the delivery firm. Written clearly on the order by Aneta was the building policy that after 5 p.m. deliveries are prohibited.

    The delivery arrived after 5.10 p.m. The building did not let them deliver. I spoke to the super, and he said if they would pay a fine of $50 they can deliver. Having already paid $160 for the delivery, I asked them to pay the fine, but they refused.

    The delivery people were very rude and they told me that it was my fault, which is absurd as I explained above. Their was no one I could turn to resolve the problem. I desperately called the Jennifer store where I purchased the sofa at least 10 times but the phone was busy from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. I called company headquarters but the manager had already left for the day and was told to leave a message. I left two messages for Mr. Dennis Aquirre and I filed a complaint with the office. I never heard back from him even though he stated on his tape that he would get back to me.

    2. July 14, 2010

    Again, Aneta scheduled a delivery from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and notified them that the building will not accept deliveries after 5 p.m. Again, I waited all day. Again, I had no direct contact number for the delivery firm. Again, I informed the stores that after 5 p.m. deliveries are prohibited.

    At 2.45 p.m. I was informed that the truck had a minor accident. When I asked if they will deliver the furniture, they did not know. I asked if they could call me back to clarify if I should wait. Again I informed them that must deliver before 5 p.m. Since I never heard from the delivery people I waited till 5.30 p.m. They did not show up nor could I reach them since no contact number was provided. I could not reach the store since the phone was constantly busy. I did not bother to call the customer service in the head office since they did not help me last time.

    At 6.15 p.m. the deliveryman called me on my cell that they wanted to deliver the furniture. I had already left the apartment at 5:30 p.m. Even if I had been in the apartment, the building management would not permit a delivery except if a $50 fine was paid. They had already previously refused to pay the fine.

    The deliveryman was so rude and accused me that I was lying about the building policy. Finally, I have had enough of your delivery service. So I am writing to inform you of the poor delivery policy at Jennifer and to complain about the poor treatment I received twice in a row. How can you treat your customers in this manner? I have never experienced such rudeness and lack of customer service.

    Best regards


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  • To
    Towson, MD Jul 22, 2009

    In Maryland - I agree with this comment, most of the other complaints i've seen here and judging by the company's recent admission of fraud with the State of New York's Attorney General, you get a good sense of the type of company Jennifer Convertibles is. They just committed a "fake delivery" with me; where i already paid $99 for delivery and now for them to ACTUALLY deliver they want another $99. Its similar to scams on eBay where you can sell one couch to a hundred people as long as you never deliver, just collect delivery fees. So far I have no couch, they will not refund my $99 delivery fee and want a restocking/sucker fee of $30. what a headache and all i wanted was a couch. that company has no future.

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  • Ka
    KatieBrew Jul 16, 2009

    First of all... the word is springs. S.P.R.I.N.G.S. Second, go on the website and e-mail customer care if no one is answering the phone... duh!

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  • Pe
    Penelope Watkins Mar 02, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The furniture I recieve broke down in the frist year.The frame broke in the middle of the sofa.The springs of the other part of the sectional is coming out the thread of the pillow is coming out.I believe it has a defect. I have the worry free guarantee but the company dont answer the phone.Upholstery Shield

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  • An
    anonymous Nov 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in the process of working with Consumer Affairs. Jennifer Convertibles sent a so called techinician to fix a little nick in my leather couch purchased from them and he ruined the couch with permanent damage! I wish I never called Jennifer Convertibles for the little nick I had, but, I had a warranty that I paid for and thought I should use it of course. Who would have thought the man they send to fix the problem would ruin it? I had a little nick but, the leather was still there. After he touched it the leather and the color is missing in three spots. Plus there are stains! As a consumer, I trusted that the person that is sent by the company who sold me the couch would be someone who would treat the couch with care and fix the problem and you would think he was a good professional if the company sent him. This was misplaced trust in this case. Jennifer Convertibles needs to compensate me for the couch. It is damaged due to the person they sent. They need to take responsibility for him and what he did. Instead, I am getting the run around! Can you believe it? It is ridiculous! I didn't ruin the couch, they did in effect, because their technician did! I hope the VP of the company sees his and his company's responsbility for this. I have been to a professional leather repairman and he told me that whatever the technician did is permanent damage! I know I am entitled to my money back. As a consumer, I know I have rights. No one who gives another money for a product deserves to be treated like this. In fact, as consumers, we should be paid for the aggravation we go through with them. They are the ones who should go through the trouble of resolving any matters, including mine, quickly and effeciently as a paying customer deserves to be treated. Do they have any conscience at all? Even so, I know what I deserve and I know they are responsible as it is their respresentative, employee that did this!

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  • Wi
    Will Holmes Sep 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree I use 2 work 4 the company and the boss was a crook and he told us 2 do what ever it took 2 finish the job as a delivery man 2 delivery the furniture.

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  • Ha
    Hakan Aug 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bough a leather sofa set from Jennifer Convertibles. The leather sofa set start to lose its color in first 3 month. I was not even using the sofa set. The leather start to have remarks... They sent their repair guy 3 times.. No solution.. I contacted BBB to complain about them, They found me right but Jennifer Convertibles did not solve the problem and stayed quite. They have a lot of complains about they, They do not mind adding one more..
    My sofa set start to lose one layer ...
    I figured out today that the leather sofa set they sold me is not leather.. It is a human made leather imitation.. I will take action on this.. They sold me this set as LEATHER BUT IT IS NOT!
    Do Not Buy From Jennifer Convertibles!

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  • Mi
    Michele Jun 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I purchased a set from Jennifer convertable 12/06. We had a tear in the material after a few months. Service did come out but it did take a long time to have some one look at it then order the part. My husband did point out that the cushion looked worn. We were under the impression service would also fix the cushion but they only replaced the material. I called the service department and was told we would need another ticket but no one ever called back. I also paid for the extended stain protection and was told we would be able to just wipe off stains. To date I have not been able to just wipe off one stain. The service department does not respond. I feel like I have been mislead and very disappointed. I will never purchase another thing from this store.

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  • Jo
    joseph krochak Jan 10, 2008
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    Verified customer

    bought couch at jennifer in boca raton ,fl.
    recieved couch and men unwrapped outside
    asked if they would take garbage and gave them good tip
    they said no problem
    severaldays later i had occasion to walk to side of house
    found all garbage stuffed on side of air conditioner
    very reliable delivery service (ha ha)

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  • Ma
    Madelyn UniondaleNy Nov 20, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Jennifer convertibles is a crooked business, they have a so called lifetime warranty that is bogus. I had a scratch on my couch and asked for them to honor my warranty. After several phone calls to their customer service office, they finally sent a so called "technician" to come by to assess the problem. I received a letter a month later stating that the warranty does not cover scratches if it was "intentionally done", it is only covered if it was an accident. This fake warranty is based on their personal opinion, it is a scam to get consumers to buy in to this warranty ($300.00 in my case). I sent a complaint to the NYS attorney General's office, and the Vice president @ Jennifer convertibles agreed to pay me back for the warranty (why would he do this if it was a legitimate warranty?). The catch was if I send a letter in writing requesting this refund. I played their game and sent my written request via certified mail receipt. After one month I still did not hear from them, so I sent another letter to the attorney generals office indicating that the so called "Vice-President" committed knowingly lied on his statement to reimburse me. I immediately received a check within 3 days after the Attorney General's office contacted them again. This whole process took a total of 4 months. Do not waste time contacting the better bureau department, if your state has an Attorney General's Consumer Fraud unit file your complaint to them. Check the New York State Better business bureau web-site about Jennifer convertibles, they were fined a few years of over $200, 000 by the state for misconduct to consumers. Something needs to be done about them, someone needs to publicize their unscrupulous business practices to the press!!!

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