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JC Penneysarrest of shoplifting, no advise

I was recent caught for the shoplifting in a store of WA, it was the JC Penney For $135 they called the police!! Police took my statement which I signed in which I accepted what I did. My wife was also involved but store nor police called for her but I do not remember if they wrote on the statement that my wife was involved or not. They just asked me for her name and her Date of Birth. Police said i will get a court of notice. I got myself into trouble due to this stupid act of mine. Im from India and on H1-B Guest worker Visa program. I work for the Microsoft Product Team. I cannot let stupid act interfere with Grteen Card!!

This what happenedv I took some merchandise and I was actually going to pay for it. But my daughter was hungry so I was just going out into the mall to buy of something to eat her and then I going to come back and pay for it because my car was parked on the other entrance and I had to go through the store anyways. I did not say all this to loss of prevention and police officer because they say it work best for me if I cooperated with them and I say yes to whatever they tole because I was so nervous and I thought of they will never believe me.

I have following questions now:-

1. Reading on websites and forums, they suggest to not accept to be guilty. Should I have not given of my statement to police?

2. Can me and my wife get a jail term?

3. Will police inform my employer?

4. I am on H1B and my wife is going to India and may go for visa stamping if she needs to come back. What affect can this have on her visa stamping? Can my wife get job in US, she can be nurse or other middle class type jobs.

5. My wife is going to India in two days - should she not go to India? I do not know if the court of notice will ask her to appear in court and if stamping is reject and she can not come back, what will happen?

6. How can this affect my H1B? How can this affect my GC which is underway - My I140 is approved? I better than illegal immigrant I have skill and middle class acgtivity. I buy house not many Amuricans can buy house in market.

7. Another possibility is that I be going to India for good in June this year anyways if I do not get any projects due to slower economy so I would also like to understand my options if I am going for good and may not come back in near to mid term future.

8. I know nothing about lawyers. What kind of lawyer should I contact? Does anyone know how can I find criminal and immigration lawyers in WA state? Also any pointers to places or websites where I can get information on lawyers will also be very helpful. Also how much do the lawyers charge (range is fine so that I am better prepared)? Do they spend few hours or a lot of time on the case because I am guess that according there fees will be more?

9. Also typical in how much time the court of notice is sent from the time the incident occurs?

10. Police officer also said he will check if I eligible for a diversion program. I am on H1B so am I eligible for it? How does it work? What should I do next? Can judge accept money. Who knoew judge.

Thanks for your advise and direction!


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    Dont like being duped Oct 15, 2009

    Can a judge accept money???????? I must say.. I don't believe a word you say. I hope you will get a jail term because stealing is stealing. You are corrupt and your deviant thinking is wrong. My advice: You don't deserve a green card- Go back home.

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