JC Penney Salonjc penney salon manager (sue)


I enthusiastically started my new job as a stylist at JC Penney Salon in Whitehall PA in the Lehigh Valley Mall, although mu hours where not great, i enjoyed working there and had fun. Shortly after i started working there a new manager was hired. She made it clear at staff meetings she would have never hired new graduates from beauty school, there where a few new grads hired at that time. Without giving anyone an opportunity to prove themselves and show there skill, she fired each and every one from the salon, i was the last to be fired. Her excuses where numerous, "i did not charge someone for services properly, I recieved several complaints from other stylist about you. etc... SHE GAVE NO ONE A CHANCE. I WASTED ALL THAT TIME AT THE JC PENNEY SALON. Sue the manager was a mean and heartless person. My last day at the salon she yelled at my in front of customers and belittled in fron of coworkers. Is this the management type that JC Penny Hires. Is this the new direction that JC penny is going under there new CEO. Hire ruthless managers. I would not recommed employment at JC Penney Salon or in the store, no one cared and no one listened.

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