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CB Department Stores JC Penney Deceptive practices and horrible customer service
JC Penney

JC Penney review: Deceptive practices and horrible customer service

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I currently have an open complaint with the Ohio Attorney General. I have been working with Penny’s corporate customer service. We agreed that my complaint would not / could not be resolved.

I was making a purchase online several weeks ago using a coupon that was 50% off. When getting ready to check out a pop up advertisement came on the screen to save 30% off when opening a credit card. Thinking that this is a common practice in stores I decided to apply, only for the discount. No where does it state, not valid with any other offer. From what I have been told you can not use it with another coupon. online only. However, it does not state that on the pop up coupon. As a customer you have to look on their site for the Fine Print. My issue is you entice the customer to get a credit card with full knowledge that they will not be able to use it on their current purchase.

I am requesting that Jenny’s change their advertisement to state not valid with any other offer. Which is not going to happen.

My issue with customer service is,

The first time I called they basically stated to bad. You loss out of the 50% off coupon. But we will be glad to give you the 30% off. Then tells me I only have 24 or 48 hours to use that coupon.

On another occasion, I spoke to corporate who offered the 50% coupon on my purchase that I canceled. I have talked to corporate and then they left 2 messages.. I was able to return their call but somehow got into the loop of a regular customer service associate. To my surprise she couldn’t help but I for, Ed me I need to answer the phone when Penny’s calls. After that I finally spoke to Corporate and we agreed they were not going to be able to satisfy my request.

But keep in mind I purchased a mattress several months prior and the delivery was a living nightmare. Again I tried to work with customer service and again they did not or would not rectify the situation.

Overall I will not shop at any Penny’s and I will continue to share my dissatisfaction on social media. I may be one person to your millions of customers but it only takes one unhappy customer to continue to share with many others that you are being deceptive and false advertising.

Desired outcome: Change coupon wording or change policy on online coupon

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